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  1.  Good, but slightly disappointing


    To be fair, the Resistance is a good but is in my opinion the weakest album by Muse so far. I am a big Muse fan and I prefer Absolution and Origin of Symmetry much to this. There aren't any songs that particularly stood out to me as being great, whereas in Black Holes and Revelations there were some brilliant songs like 'Starlight' and 'Knights of Cydonia'. I don't know what other people thought but in my opinion the second half of the album was much better than the first.
    Muse's sound has changed lot in this album, which isn't for the better in my opinion, and there aren't the same experimental guitar riffs as there were in songs like Stockholm Syndrome and Plug in Baby and the songs aren't as exciting and dramatic as they used to be.
    If you are a real Muse fan you will probably prefer the earlier stuff to The Resistance but if you have not listened a lot to Muse before then you will probably enjoy this a lot more than most Muse fans. It is quite hard to give this album a general rating because there will be a number of mixed opinions. Although I think this album will make Muse more commercial and well known and they may finally get the recognition that they truly deserve.

  2.  Good console but lacking in some features


    The wii is a great family console and has many great games such as Mario Kart, Bully Scholarship Edition and Super Smash Bros Brawl. It is easy to set up and has many channels where you can access things like the news, weather, photos and download additional content for your wii. Contains wii sports which is very addictive and will last you for ages. however controllers are expensive, it has a very small memory, the online is quite basic and there are not many titles for core gamers. Overall worth getting if you are willing to fork out for controllers, have people to play with and you are not too bothered about hardcore gaming or online play too much.

  3.  Pegg and Frost are geniuses


    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have done it again! Hot Fuzz is a hilarious, brilliantly written and down right stupid film that is another film from Pegg and Frost's newly created drama. Hours of special features in addition to an incredible film. A must buy for comedy lovers!

  4.  Brilliant... just as good as resi 4


    After almost endless delays the stupidly hyped Resident Evil 5 has come knocking on our doors! Was it worth it? Honestly... Of course it was, no matter how many growing numbers preceed the title this franchise is always going to have a huge following. Not because we're all jumping on the wagon like a dog missing it's masters leg, but because Resident Evil is a great game and hopefully it always will be though there are a few things that I'm going to be brutally honest about as it isn't all good news and I'm a devote fan!

    Be prepared to grind your teeth with frustration at the irritating aiming system, I think it's safe to say we're all getting fed up with having to be glued to the spot whilst lifting a gun! Why on earth the developers thought a gun toting statue would enhance gameplay is beyond me, what's wrong with being able to fire off the hip? you cant even walk backwards and fire! I know many are going to hate me for saying all this and sure side-stepping and hip shooting are really for FPS's but come on guys you must agree a little? Then we come to your NPC ally 'Sheva', I don't think it would be possible to have a more useless and annoying aid as she somehow manages to get in the way almost constantly and has a habit of absorbing fatal blows in Boss battles meaning all your careful work had gone to waste, however! The new character interface is brilliant to use, very simple, fast and efficient and although NPC backup is an occasional pain it is a great change to gameplay creating a new formula of strategy to the many, many confrontations that lie before you! For all the moans I have, connect to XboxLive and the co-op experience is re-defined in an instant and my mouth is forever glued shut, I promise! Without a doubt one of the best titles for cooperative gaming to date and being able to share such an in-depth game with a friend is fantastic fun and provides a much more enjoyable experience. I would advise first time gamers to play with other first time gamers as to avoid the online clans habit of telling you the story before you know it yourself, you have been warned!

    Don't misunderstand me, I still love every aspect of Res5 but I wish it wouldn't be so afraid of change, Res4 was massively different and was a global phenomenon and there's opportunity for that here though these small complaints may hold it back a touch!

    Enough of complaining though as I don't like slating a game that is awesome in it's own right! The visuals are beautifully crisp and gameplay is fluid, furious and very, very violent, exactly what us Res fans want from Capcom, many thanks guys! Sound effects are terrific (massively so on 5:1!), from the all out gun fights to simply creeping around a dark corridor and hearing your own footsteps... or something else's?! As always, Resident Evil's immersion factor is off the chart! After the first 5 minutes of play you won't want to turn off your console in anticipation of what lies ahead.

    So to sum up, firstly to Res fans out there who may be plotting to rip the skin off my back for a few negative comments, Sorry but I'm a critic!... Resident Evil 5 though is a fabulous title that fans are going to salivate over and newcomers be made converted to the franchise! Capcom's brainchild is still going from Strength to Strength and this is the penultimate icing on the series so far. Once again, lights off, surround sound up high and charge the battery packs for a hideously graphic and mammothly enjoyable thrill ride! Go for it, everyone!

  5.  Not as good as 2008 edition


    This is a brilliant guide to gaming but fails to live up to the brilliance and originality of the 2008 edition. They have called it Guiness World Records but there isn't actually many records in there; just about different genres of gaming mainly. With both the 2008 and 2009 edition I don't know if they will have enough information to create another one next year...

  6.  Facinating and utterly compelling


    This award winning drama beat Slumdog Millionaire to best british film at the baftas which is quite an achievement. The film tells the tale of Phillipe Petit, a wire- walker, who's dream is to walk a tightrope across the twin towers. With incredible cinematography; a wonderful soundtrack and great descriptions of the events by the people who helped Phillipe achieve his dream Man on Wire is a must buy for people of all ages.

  7.  Overrated


    After everybody says this is brilliant and gives it 5 stars I decided to read it. Quite interesting but completely overrated and very slow paced but I think some people would like it. The film is quite good, though...

  8.  Brilliant but not worth it for only 40 mins of entertainment


    Brilliant voice acting from the likes of Sally Lindsay (Shelley in Coronation Street) and great plot and directing from Nick Park. A lot of humour but in my opinion you should wait for the price tag to come down a bit as the actual episode only lasts about 40 mins (probably with extras as well) but I presume there will be die hard W+G fans out there who want to buy it as soon as the dvd comes out.

  9.  No way near as good as Casino Royale


    Although there is more action scenes in Quantum of Solace and Daniel Craig acts better; it dosen't live up to the excitement and storyline of Casino Royale. There isn't any real storyline although to understand the general plot you have to watch Casino Royale. Overall a bit disappointing and I hope the next film is better.

  10.  Dr who as it's best


    Series 1 was great but this series 2 is absolutely brilliant! Great performances from David Tennant and Billie Piper. Doomsday is very sad!!! Shame that series 3 and 4 don't live up to this...