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  1.  Excelent top


    i had a tour version of this shirt that i got from a KSE concert but grew out of it. This is just as good exactly the same good quality print and fitting only difference is i had tour place names on the back this is just a standard KSE shirt not the tour version


  2.  Great purchase


    An excelent gamming head set with amming sound quality with all sound card and systems especially with a creative X-fi Sound Blaster Xtrem Gaming sound card. This The sound is both crisp and detailed. the bass is strong but not destorted and speach is clear and clean. The mic is an great peice of equipment with a boots on and off button you can use it close up or sitting on your desk with still great sound and speak quality for teh listener on eth other side.the headset is both comfortable and supportin.

    Well worth your money

  3.  What a CD


    This is a must buy CD. Great Excelent what more can i say all songs are non repetative and unique but can hold your attention for hours. Great for metal fan or pople into screamo or just want a change

  4.  Excelent gripping, emotional, twisted thriller


    Great movie slow at first but snowballs into a excelent middel and ending that will have you silent with emotion and thinkign.

    I have to say i have rely never watched a film that has rely got me going in the emotion area but i juts could not look away from this. Heart Jerking

  5.  Hardcore Gaming RAM


    If you are looking to upgrade your pc for gaming this RAM is Up three with some onf teh best dule channel RAM you can buy.

    The hole point of gaming ram is teh differance in teh clock speed and 1066MHZ it does not come much better than that. If you are considering upgrading the RAm on your PC if it si for general use get a RAM stick with a speed of 667 or lower but if gaming that you will be best off with a 800MHZ or higher.

    Hope this coudl help

  6.  good but.


    great game Graphicly speaking .

    story line is a little slow and strange.

    Great fun to play.

  7.  Odd


    This game apears good but after maybe 10 seconds of play you notice that it does not live up to teh hypes. The graphics altho good are odd in the way that tehy are presented. ie great attention to detail in the rain and surrounding area. but teh people and guns appear to be round and fat.

    The game paly is is not average and not intense. It is a game were there is no skill involved with aiming rate of fire. It is just shoot as many bullets into a bot until he dies

    Save your money but CRYSIS much better

  8.  Great Game To Short 1st Player


    Excelent folow up gaem pitty about the lenght of teh 1st player.
    Excelent non the less a must have for all true PC gamers

  9.  Great Product major Vista Problems Stay away


    This product has great gaming potential but all 8800 Nvidia GeForce cards have major driver incompatibilities with Vista at then moment . This means that games will not run and your windows Vista will struggle to remain stable and stop from blue screening. I know i have this product in my PC.

    I recommend getting a GeForce 8600 series until Nvidia have resolved these driver issues with a patch. Around June 2008. You say June 2008 yep no joke that is how far Nvidia are lagging behind in this area as were ATI has mainly resolved their driver issues.


  10.  Good standard phone


    this phone works well looks great and has all the standard components you would want a new phone

    only concern is in the screen and how it is held onto the phone seem to be slightly loose fresh out the box and worried that i might drop it not a phone to the thrown about