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  1.  top film based on amazing books


    New moon is a great film and the story strongly follows the book.
    if you liked either the TWILIGHT movie or any of the books its a great one to watch.

    special features are also great too.

  2.  classic single player RPG a must buy


    this game dont have the Graphics of its new brother Oblivion but the game including its add ons (included in the G.o.t.y edition) are great fun and levels are large and varied.

    brilliant game let yourself be the character you made and the world by your escape from reality and you will find yourself loving this game.

  3.  Mad World : equals Vicious fun


    This game was a cheap buy so i was not expecting much for my money but i found myself falling in love with the way it plays.

    the bosses are over the top and crazy and its a bit hard to see the bad guys when every thing is in black and white.

    but as you get into it and start killing in as many twisted ways as you can find you will find yourself losing track of time.

    and it does actually have a great story if you can keep up with it as you get that addicted to the killing you seem to forget about plot.


  4.  BUY THIS


    The official remote that comes with it is nearly this price alone so dig out your spare change to get some fun games too.

    The games them self are basic but will really learn you how to use the remote in other games i mean it takes you trough all aspects of standard remote movement.

    Shooting game is *** fun game
    Spot mii ** can get annoying when you cant see a
    Table tennis ***fun but too easy
    Fishing * i played it once its not entertaining enough
    Pose mii ** ok makes you get used to rotating remote
    And also speeds up your reflexes
    Laser hocky ****great fun with multiplayer but time limit
    Should be loner
    Billards(pool) *** intresting idea but you dont feel its real and
    With out real depth to it can be annoying
    Tanks *****really enjoyed this one as it seems fun
    I not played it two player but would say it would
    Work well.
    Charge *****best game on it its simply a short race to
    Finish knocking down scare crows and
    Jumping fences but unique controls make it

  5.  Good game


    Red steel a really nice game little bit annoying with the comic book story boarding to mood set but game feels good to play and the gun play is second to non as how you position your hand is how you hold your gun.

    Sword bits can get annoying as it slows game to nothing and you just been shooting loads of enemys and one comes out with a sword i just wanted to put a bullet in hi head and move on

    But i did find myself going for respect points by not killing them odd.

    Its cheap and game it self is a good buy

  6.  Game is erm ok


    Game is cheap here on play and if you can fight past the annoying controls and less then ps2 graphics you could enjoy it.

    I mean you do get used to controls but will take you a while so if your just wanting to grab it straight from box and drive around(like i wanted to you will be dissapointed as well controlls seem reall awkward having to put nunchuck hand down and forward for acceleration and holding a button to make the car even move.

    I mean it has intressting ideas but could have been a million times better alot of wii games seem to make this mistake of trying to include wii remote as main controls and they take away all the fun away from the game as your frustrated at swinging arms around trying to do a simple task.

  7.  2 for price of one


    Great game feels like your back in your local arcade,

    Get friends around and play together makes it so much better

    Graphics are looking dated but for a game thats been out for so many years what can you expect but the game play is still there an d you really just want to get through to end of both games.

    There is two full games and for the price you cant say no to that.

    Keep killing those zombies

    Note: It can be gory so if your thinking its ok for kids i would reconsider unless you know them to be ok with the cartoonie voilance.

  8.  Iron man erm ....movie titles normally suck


    When i first saw other reviews i was really thinking about missing it out but at a low price and for a laugh i bought it.

    The game looks good and plays well the only thing which truely lets it down is unlike spiderman,hulk,superman games your not able to roam freely around level meaning you feel pinned in.

    They could have easily made the game more open as it would have increased players wanting to come back for more *eg included hidden items in an open city scape for you to find fly n search for each one unlocking more things like art and movie clips and so on .

    Goodish game that could have been great

  9.  Zelda back to show others how to make a story work


    I have been a massive fan of zelda from its first creation and fell maddly im love with ocarina of time so much so i have my n64 with that game and still downloaded it on the wii.

    But when i started this one it had same feel magical and still fishing and some of the other little side quests keep you entertained for ages.

    The story here is great too.

  10.  Marvel do it again


    Brilliant simply brilliant hulk looks and seems more alive then ever the battle in the campus and in new york look amazing.

    Massive great monsters that move so well its a true master piece

    And i bought double disc addition the special features are great as well and the mental case seems so fitting for the hulk.