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  1.  Terrible


    Don't know which band is playing on this album but it ain't the Linkin Park that I know! sounds nothing like anything they have released before and it just doesn't work. Half the songs are not even full songs, I pre-ordered this as I love LP and seen them live several times but I can honestly say this album is now gathering dust on the shelf. No more of this please !



    Got this the other day and I think it's great. Graphics are spot on and the missions have a bit of variety (unlike Hawx). It's great to get a flight sim that is close to a PC version instead of it having some crappy cartoon story line (like Hawx). You actually get to land the bloomin plane which makes a change from the usual console flight sims. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is due to the harder difficulty levels just being a bit too tricky. The plane just stalls and forget about trying to pull it out of a spin! Don't get me wrong I might master it but I think it will take some doing. Arcade mode is good fun and the game is well worth £29.99.

  3.  Great graphics, but too easy


    Couldn't wait for this to come out and pre ordered it. Quite enjoyed it but it's just too easy, started it on normal but had to move it up to hard after I completed the first couple of missions on my first go. Good for a console flight sim due to the lack of controls available. I would wait for it to get a bit cheaper.

  4.  There will be blood


    Well if you think Star Wars was only film franchise to make more than one good sequel well you are so wrong. People you thought were dead, were'nt. If you thought they must have run out of idea's for traps, they have'nt. This is brilliant in every way. The way the other films have been mixed into this is just superb. Just as good if not better than the first 3. Bring on Saw 5!

  5.  Metallica back doing what they do best


    Got this on Monday (15/09/08) and it's not been off since. By far the best Metallica album since The Black Album. I liked Load and Reload but St Anger was rank! Thrash metal at it's best. Only two of the songs less than 7 minutes long along with the good old minute and a half intro's. Shows all these alleged "Rock Stars" of today how to put an album together. Even the album cover is great. This brings back the best days of Puppets and Justice. Get it ordered! Lets hope they don't leave it another five years for the next album!



    If you don't like this type of film then why go and see it? Don't watch films that require a bit of imagination if you don't have one! Far better than the first one and in my opinion the way the original should have been. Action pretty much from the word go and continues to the end. These type of films never win any awards and the critics always say they are poor. As far as i'm concerned if you listen to film critics you would never watch anything apart from Brokeback Mountain or The Piano!

  7. I-Empire


    Angels & Airwaves - CD

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    I am a huge Blink fan and therefore after the split have become a fan of both Angels and Airwaves and +44. I loved we don't need to whisper so ordered I Empire as soon as i saw it available for pre order. I can honestly say there is not a bad song on this album. A lot of people keep going on about how AVA are not Blink 182 and the simple reason for that is they are not Blink 182! Tom is not 21 anymore and probably doesn't want to be jumping around a stage acting the goat. I do however agree with the other reviews about Tom's strange comments about changing the world etc. I have no idea what he is on about but it's not the first time that a performer has come out with something a bit strange so i say let him crack on. As long as he continues to bring out album's like this i'll continue to buy them regardless of what stupid comments he comes out with. If you like the previous album or are a blink / +44 / Box car Racer fan, then get this ordered. It's quality.



    The previous review sums this up, Quality through and through. Alien and Aliens, fantastic. Alien 3, don't bother watching the cinema version it's rubbish, stick with the way it should have been version (sorry meant to say the special edition). Number 4 is pretty poor in either format but it's in there so watch it anyway. The special editions are the ones to watch on all four films, more so with Aliens and Alien 3. I bought this a few years ago when it was £50 so now it's a steal! No better boxed set on the market.

  9.  Guns, killing and zombies, what more do you want from a film


    I have read some of the other reviews for this film and yes i agree that the film does not really follow the game however if you like a good shoot-em-up then add this to your film collection. I have got loads and loads of DVD's and still watch this film to this day. I personally like the 2nd film better than this one as it's got a bit more action. So if you want to escape from reality and enjoy a nice straight forward shoot to kill film, then buy this. It's probably £5 by now so what have you got to lose. P.S. The third film is rank rotten, they should have left it with just the 2, but hey ho, same with the Alien films!.

  10.  Don't switch off the lights!


    Simply one of the best British films, let alone one of the best British horror films in a long time. The story is original, the dark setting and the creatures just scare the pants off you. 1000 times better than the American version "The Cave" which came out at a very similar time. The cave was just too over the top where as this film is class. If you don't like scary films then don't buy this, if you do and you have not seen this then get it ordered, it's the best £5 you'll spend.