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  1.  Tested with benchmarks


    Firstly, tested through to ensure no bad sectors, tested as 32GB and formatted as 29.8GB so all fine there.

    Speed wise using HwTest2 and Crystal Diskmark, writes at 11.1MB/s and reads at 18.5MB/s through usb 2.0 and the enclosed card reader. This means it's a definite class 10 and as HD video is 1080p at 3.5MB/s then playback etc. will be fine.

    remember that smaller files are never written as quickly as larger files using flash memory so MP3's pictures and HD movies will be fine but tiny 4k files will seem very slow. I have had other cards that aren't as slow as this for small files but they weren't as fast at larger files. most of what this will be used for is larger files.
    At 32gb sizes, class 10 is really a minimum reuqirement simply due to the amount of time it would otherwise take to load onto the card.

    Works perfectly in my Xperia play, and the pinch point is usually the handset rather than the card when this quick.

    There are faster cards but for what this is going to be used for (carrying games, picures, and recording video on) this is fine.

    very impressed for the price, and mymemory were ok despite being a bit rude about their claimed 10% paypal discount not being honoured, but that's mymemory, not the card itself!

  2.  Ronseal - Does what it says on the tin!


    Does what it says on the tin.

    The t-shirt is inexpensive, plain, fits and is not too short. Been through the wash and doesnt' apepar to be bobbled so time will tell regarding durability but bought as a plain working v neck and v is quite high but looks fine.

    Would buy another and skateslime (vendor) was very prompt at delivering the item so can't complain there either!

  3.  Does this work with the Xperia Play then?


    couldn't figure out another way to ask original reviewer if he'd used it successully or not? and would it work on a XP with a case?

  4.  Class '9' not really class 10!


    Second time reviewing as it was deleted when i reviewed it for spelling mistakes!

    Tested fully, 29.7GB formatted as Fat32. (due to the way memory figures are given. )

    (remember that memory deals better with bigger files than smaller ones and most digital camreas save Jpegs as files of over 2MB now if it's halfway decent!)

    1MB files read 12MB/s Write 8.9MB/s
    2MB and upwards file sizes Read 17.2 MB/s Write 12.3MB/s

    My Sony HX9v records 1080p50 at 3.5MB/s so this is easily fast enough for that. (28Mbps = 3.5MBps) Blu Ray is 36Mbps!

    All in all a bargain, and arrived within 2 days of ordering, so very impresed, Play's customer services seem to have been excellent lately!

    The main difference between very expensive SD and cheapr ones is the consistency of the wafers of memory printed i.e sandisk get the best of the wafer, as they pay most etc. and generics get 'ordinary' quality ones. Provided you make backups to your HD etc these cards are very very good value and I've had a play card in my phone for a year without data loss, which ismore than i could say for a prior SONY branded M2 memory stick micro!

  5.  Very good for what it is, Does it's job!


    Don't buy this expecting a set of floor standing speakers!

    Do buy this if you want t small, well made, reasonably loud (FOR IT's SIZE!) speaker. Remember it will give you stereo through one source, but it will fill a room with sound at a decent level from an mp3 player, far louder and clearer than my ipod touch internal speaker, which does fine for games and holding next to me, but wouldn't on it's own entertain a room of people.

    Bought for my girlfriend for a holiday, and will probably be coming camping with us too if it lasts through spain!

    N.B, the expansion looks a gimmic but does make a notable audible difference, don't know about frequency response, it's rated at 100hz and up, but for normal music, it's loud enough, punchy, and clear.

    A complete step away from the portable speakers of 10 years ago.

    I'd give it 5 stars, FOR WHAT IT IS. If you expect something different, you'll be disappointed, if you expect decent sound from a small package, you'll be well chuffed!

  6.  Excellent Micro MP3 Player with Expansions Capability


    Returned a Sony NWZB-143B which was more expensive as the issues with the USB cover slipping off and it not being rated as Mac compatible (it did work, not well), Made me return this.

    This was bought by me (Ipod Touch Owner) for my girlfriend to use to learn Spanish and listen to music whilst on holiday, and I chose it for the following features:

    The expansion, this means that a 9.99 MicroSD of 8gb size will give you 12gb music.

    Data transfer rates seem fine.

    it really is small, the size of the shuffle but with: Screen, Expansion, Equalizer, controls, excellent build quality. Box also states a two year warranty, which is very good.

    For the price, it's untouchable, the sound is as good as the previously acclaimed Sony sound, although I'd as always bin the headset for something like Sennheisers. That said, the menu means that YOU can organise the folders the way YOU want via drag and drop, and then use the p[layer to play your folders, rather than HAVING to use playlists etc.

    Works fine with Win7 AND Snow Leopard, ALTHOUGH!!!


    The devcie supports MSC and MTP, this means that Win7 will default 1 and Mac will default another. Change between them to remove the tracks that come on it, and then change back as it's easier unless you're using WMP11 to make playlists, to the format MSC for both Mac and PC. This is because in different formats, the pc and mac show almost seperate devices, very confusing at first!

    EQ is great, customisable and very effective at rounding sound, at least as good as the touch through decent headphones.


    battery life is ok, especially for a device this size! BUT there are, in the setting menu, 2! sound levels, It was defaulted on mine to normal, which meant that it seemed quiet through the X-mini 2 I also bought her!. It was ok, but not the 'earth shaking' that I'd been lead to believe the X-mini 2 was capable of. If you change this to loud, it WILL hurt your ears at top whack through headphones, and also, the X-mini 2 will jump around at top whack from the bass and power! Will fill a room above talking volume around 4m x 4m easily, great for bedroom/holiday listening!.

    I would say it has all the MUSIC functionality of my Ipod Touch, but in a simple, smooth (Slightly faster than Clip mark 1) user friendly interface. Able to listen to tracks within 30 seconds of turning it on as a new user, and able to do my own thing on it after USB charging. The USB cable is short, so good for charging and data withou metres of cable. The clip seems strong, and it's solidly built, no cover for USB or MicroSD slot but at less than an ounce weight clip it to your lapel and go!

    Yes, I'd buy it again, Actually, I might buy a second one anyway as a backup for the gym when I don't want the weight of a touch in my pocket, and haven't remembered my normal Sony 2gb headphone MP3 player (NWZ-can't remember!)

    + FM Radio
    +build quality and ease of use
    +reasonable volume, good sound
    +Expansion Slot
    +Standard Connector (microUSB)
    +2 year warranty
    + screen
    +Voice recorder function AND will record from radio too! great if you hear a song you like on radio and want it until you can get home to buy it!

    - 'only' does music!

    Verdict = buy 1, hope that helps!

  7.  Another 4 star review!


    The sound is good, a year or more on and they're still working fine.

    The seal they make is good, and the fact that the lead comes in a short piece with an extension, as well as 3 different sized inners for different ears, also good.

    What isn't so good is the trade-off between a good seal and nice sound, and the transmission of sound along the speaker wire to your ears! When listening and walking, these cathing on clothes or zips DO transmit noise to the ear, so I guesss best for more stationary listening, but I am happy enough I bought them and yes, I would again if there was nothing bettter out there.

    That said, My father received free with his Sony MP3 (NWZ S639 I believe) the 'free' sony headphones, which sound as good as these ones! Probably just as sony's mid range stuff is very good, but the fact they were included makes that very good value.

  8.  This is now my regular handset!


    Updated! -battery life WAS appalling, so I've fixed it by moving the settings from 3g (dual mode) to GSM mode. This is the same for all handsets, as the enriched data streams of 3g demand more processor time and reduce battery life. 2-3 days of use has now gone to 5! Not bad for a symbian handset!

    Original Review - Well, after trying several handsets, I've finally (for now!) settled into using this, and I'll tell you why...! (read on!)

    Well done nokia for including...a 1gb SD card (should be bigger nowadays but not bad) a TV out lead and a a charger as well as a USB cable and the manual in paper!

    The handset DOES creak a little, that's true, so nokia take note for future builds, this isn't good, you're not some cheap knockoff corporation, and you'll lose credibility as a quality manufacturer if new handsets creak to much!. That said, it's a candy bar, so there's no slides or flips to come loose. Very easy to use, very straightforwards, very lightweight etc..

    Now, the features.

    GPS - This catches a signal faster than my E90 ever did, and it's a good one at that! Runs google maps as well as Nokia Maps 3.0 (Same internals more or less as the Nokia N85 (processor etc.) So quick Enough!

    Texting - Very easy to text on keypad

    Calling - Calls are clear and signal strength seems to be very clear.

    External Speakers are slightly tinny, BUT very loud and perfect for handsfree or ring tones.

    Camera, At LEAST as good as the N85, but with a XENON flash unit, so, yes, you've guessed it, no good as a flashlight but great as a camera!

    Video - Also seemingly very good.

    Gaming - Not an 'N-Gage' Platform, but I have an ipod touch for games, which kicks phone gaming into touch ('scuse the pun!)

    Generally, a very light and easy to use handset, I'd recommend it as the menu's and buttons appear to be fully customiseable, battery life is as good as my previous 'regular' phone, lasting around 2-3 days of light usage between charges (Charging is lightning fast)

    Music Playback - NAUGHTY NOKIA! 2.5mm Jack? you missed a trick here! (maybe deliberately!). Get an adaptor and bobs your uncle, as included headphones haven't even been tried out, gone straight to Sennheisers!

    Data (wired) This may just be my Imac rather than a (urgh) Vista PC, but Data transfers at around the 2-3Mb mark, very good for a phone.

    But it if:
    You want t light fully featured phone that WILL cope as a sat nav and media player (albeit with a 2.5mm Adaptor) and a prefectly passable camera too, then buy it.

    Don't buy it if:
    You have to have something slinky in brushed steel, then, still but the 6500 slide, and do without some of the gadgets! (or buy an 8xxx series, and a porsche!)

  9.  The best gadget I have ever owned..so far!


    I got one of these a few months ago and so have had plenty of time to play arouund with it and see what it does well (or badly)

    If you have an iphone, you won't need one of these, however, as a standalone device, there IS still a place for this, amongst it's many functions are:

    As an MP3 player at the gym, expecially if I want to train and not get called!)
    As a storage device (great for movies whilst donating blood!)
    As a gaming device, well, It doesn't cost much to buy somme very good and addictive games for this (I'm playing galaxy on fire as I write this!)

    Emailing device
    Facebook updating - Again, a very handy utility
    Ebaying! - Also very good, my wireless internet runs at about 3.5Mbps on my ipod touch
    General internetting - very good, but WHY does nothing support flash?!?!?!

    Touch =It IS the best touch interface ever made, got to hand it to Apple there!

    - is propritary connector and also non-replaceable battery!

    Also, up and coming is cut and paste and, mor importantly, BLUETOOTH! so wireless headsets and GPS modules await you!

  10.  Almost, but not quite!


    Received this a couple of weeks ago (yes, the day it came out).

    OK, so I was looking forwards to this, after having used a D900i for about a year. Now, the D900i does nothing well, but also nothing bad, so it's a phone you can live with.

    This one isn't. Let me explain.

    The two most important features on a MOBILE PHONE are the ability to make a call and write a text message. Both of these features are not as good as my existing D900i.

    +Added value is very good, the camera is probably as good as a 1 year old standalone camera, and the high quality 720 movie mode at 30fps is very VERY good.

    +The touchscreen is not as good as an iphone (what is?) but does work well with vibrating feedback

    -The lack of a directional button is frustrating.

    -Design flaw: why when the camera is screen activated must you slide the phone open to use the camera? take a cue from nokia here folks!

    -Widgets: no facebook ebay or man widgets = not much use and mainly a novelty.

    -T9 on samsungs is the same as the D900i = not very good (can't go back to highlight a whole word and change it, very poor compared to Nokia's) Samsung could fix this easily but chose not to.

    -GPS = there is not a Sat Nav function at time of writing whatever you've read (I have emailed samsung and they have said they will 'look into it' for me?!?!?!) This was disappointing.

    +Music player is good, but the proprietary port limits options, although a bluetooth stereo headset eliminates this problem.

    Summary: A beautifully designed an engineered device, but one that fundamentally won't make a great phone. Buy it for the great build quality and camera and wow factor, but accept that you'll compromise on the two features you WILL use most, calling and texting.