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  1.  what has happend


    being a big PoP fan i was looking forward to this game, however after playing it i feel like ive been robbed. the acrobatics are fun but after a while they get boring as its simply rinse an repeat really, the puzzels arnt really that impressive and the fighting is pathetic at best, seriously its fun being surronded by hordes of enemies, if there were actually any combos to use, if there were any decent powers to use and more importantly if the enemies actually make you think seriously even the boss fights are simple just find out how it works and nothing changes.

    the ending is horrible and to be honest the story is a massive let own, with no real originality in it and from the first few minutes you can tell what is going to happen. the game takes about 5 hours to finish (if you dont struggle).

    all in all there hasnt been a great PoP since WW, but if your a fan you will still enjoy this game, but you should rent it instead.

  2.  demo review


    I have been looking forward to this for ages an when i first played it i was very unimpressed, because there is alot that you have to do straight away and your not sure what to do, but after playing a few times i got hooked the graphics are top notch and the gameplay is fast and addictive, i would give it 5 stars but im saving that for the real game where you can customize your army and upgrade them

  3.  Excellent


    this game is without a shadow of doubt the best game on the ps3 yet and the only game that lives up to its hype. this game concludes the mgs series and it does it perfectly. now on to the game the graphics are great and the gameplay amazing although it does take awhile if your not used to the controls. the updated cqc moves makes fighting more fun, being able to customise your weapons is a great feature and the amount of detail put into not only your surrondings but also the characters background stories. this game is a must for any mgs fan, but if you habe never played an mgs game before i would stay away because you wont have a clue of whats going on in the story and you wont have the same feeling you get when you go back to well im not going to say for people who havent got there but its amazing going back.

  4.  RB6 2


    well i bought this game when it first came out and i found the graphics a bit disapointing but they do the job, the game is basiclly an extension of the first (but that is the point), although you dont really feel like you are in vegas, you know you are you just dont feel it. the story mode is average but good for a few hours, and since they fixed the online play, the game online is great, yes we know its not as fast as COD but its not supposed to be its a tactical game not a war game.

    if you enjoyed the first one you will enjoy this.

  5.  great


    this is with out a doubt one of the best bands out today. i heard the remix to im so sick on the resident evil soundtrack. the album is amazing it has everything from sad songs to great rock songs, the lyrics are amazing,

    this cd is a must buy.

  6.  nearly a five star


    well i played this game with ny friend and found it extremely fun, the graphics are good, the customisation is fun and the game has a decent storyline, but online the game is terrible because it lags way too much, there arnt enough guns and playing one player is very boring, but if you have someone to play this game with then you should get it.

  7.  :(


    ive always been a fan of the conflict series and when i downloaded this demo i was really looking forward to it but i was really dissapointed, the graphics are shocking the guns look terrible, the controls are messed up and the movement is so bad. im really dissapointed in this game. im rather going to wait for army of two.

  8.  boring


    i played the demo and was not impresssed, the games graphics are decent but their detail on the dinousaures are awful, simply stay away.

  9.  OMG


    so where do i start lets go with graphics they are amazing and the gameplay while different becuse you use nero it is still the same as its always been. this is going to be one of if not the best of the series.

  10.  DMC forever


    i played the demo and well it is great the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is so smooth. playing as nero is wierd because he doesent have the duel guns but his arm makes up for that. playing against the boss makes the demo. cant wait for the game