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Product Reviews

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  1.  Best Management Game


    I love this game, it is realistic because it is far from easy to beat Man U away with Norwich unlike other games!
    Best game out at the moment in my view!

  2.  Love This Game!


    This is such a good version and very fun, you can choose from a wide range of boards and tokens!
    Just like the real one or you can choose own options,

    Highly recomend,

  3.  Wide Range To Play!


    There must be about 50 different games you can play on here, but I don't like it.
    Like on the roulette table you can bet once, you can't bet like 5 different seperate numbers like you would do in real life.
    A real diserpointment, hense while I have played it once and now selling!

  4.  So Incredibly Good!


    I can't get over how much better they make this phone!
    Go about 20 times louder and clearer at the same time!
    Great price aswell!

  5.  Incredible!


    The lowest I could find it was £99, until I found Play.com, I have over 300 MP3's and have only used up 1/8!
    Well worth the money, A*

  6.  Can't Make My Mind Up


    Well to start it is great but on the PS2 they have left good bits out, like free roaming, shops (like clothes) bikes, motorbikes, ferrari and lamboguinies but the graphics and gameplay is exerlent.

    Yea so overall I would recomend getting!

  7.  Very Impressed


    Bought and first thought, o dear wont fit in my hand, but i am getting used to it and prefering it!

  8.  Simple - Best Football Game Yet!


    I have tried fifa 08 and pro evolution 7 and both ok, but then I bought this and what a game!

    Yea the graphics arnt as good but still who cares when it's this realistic!

    You can't run with your defender round all 11 players then do a overhead kick into the net, oh no, it's almost impossible to score outside the area against a good team on world class,

    I highly recomend


  9.  What A Great Game


    Such a wide range of events to choose from, all that go on in the olympics to my mind!

    I love each and every event apart from gym and swimming, but still very realistic!


  10.  My Favourite rally Game!


    This is one of the best ever rally games to be bought out in the UK!

    I have spent ours on end playing and trying to become a master,

    But as it is so realstic, one slightest wrong move could send you toppling!