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  1.  Acting masterclass 101


    A great little movie with a career-defining performance from Anthony LaPaglia. A psychological drama featuring ensemble work at its finest.

  2.  Awful!


    From the re-used CG shots to the unintentionally laughable performances, MSvGO is bad movie-making.

    The film gained a LOT of coverage online in the run up to it's DVD release. Without it, it would have simply disappeared to the bottom of the bargain bin like all the other DTV movies.

    That said... with a bunch of mates & some beers, it might (emphasis on *might*) be entertaining!

    Simply put: really not very good. At all.

  3.  Van Dammage!


    From an impressive single-shot opening sequence to a heartfelt piece to camera, JCVD succeeds on many levels and is without doubt, for me at least, Van Damme's most memorable performance.

  4.  Great fun!


    Another recent addition to the horror genre which, whilst not really offering anything particularly new, is still a hugely enjoyable film.



    Comparing this movie to Shaun of the Dead is perhaps too easy. It's not as good as Shaun, but definitely worth seeing.

    A few truly classic moments - the banjo scene, "Come help me move the couch...", and probably my favourite cameo of all time.

  6.  A surprise gem


    Went in with fairly low expectations and surprisingly was rewarded with a great little psychological thriller. Think 'The Shining' crossed with 'Memento' and you're getting close.

  7.  An all-time classic


    Henry Fonda cast against type, Charles Bronson at his squintiest best, a beardy Jason Robards, and the delightful Claudia Cardinale all under the watchful eye of Sergio Leone & accompanied by some of Morricone's finest work.

    The quintessential Western with a cast to die for. If you're looking for an introduction to the genre, you're in the right place.

  8.  Caine at his best


    Harrowing, brutal and disturbingly realistic, it has an inspirational core cemented firmly in Michael Caine's performance.

    One of the finest pieces of British cinema in the last 10 years.

  9.  Not so bad after all!


    So here we are again - another addition to what surely must be the fastest-growing mainstream franchise! And you know what? Saw VI is... I can't believe I'm about to say this... it's actually pretty watchable.

    It avoids the route taken in the previous sequels of trying to be uber-clever & intricately weave itself tightly into the plot from the first couple, which to be honest, I have completely forgotten about. Yes there are flashbacks to remind us of past events but it's easier to follow this time round.

    The opening kill is good, and the final 10 minutes are pretty brutal. The kills through the rest of the film however are fairly mediocre and sometimes the lower-budget production value really detracts from the whole experience. BUT, this is a promising sign that maybe, just *maybe*, we're past the worst of the sequels.

  10.  Oustanding


    This album is for those Prodigy fans, myself included, who *liked* but didn't *love* 'Always Outnumbered...'

    It's a real reminder of the power that the band had back in the early 90s and will make you love them all over again.