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  1.  truly compelling


    I was determined to read the book before I saw the film and i'm glad that I did. This was one of the best books i've ever read; McEwan's effortlessness is unprecedented and his ability to add depth to each character and emphasise the significance of certain place and objects was what made me unable to put it down. I was also very impressed with the film, I thought that it was pretty much identical in most parts, but still, the book was better. I recommend anyone read it because of it's elegant complexity, compelling story and page-turning unpredictability.

  2.  Love It!


    I bought this shortly after I saw the film at the cinema, because I just loved the music, it made the whole film. Now, six months on I can safely say it's lost none of it's charm, I strongly reccomend this to anyone, even if you're not a Harry Potter fan, because it's just lovely to listen to.

  3.  Great new stuff for Xmas 07


    I'm a keen collector of all things Potter and I was impressed with the new wands being released soon, can't wait to collect Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange and The Weasley Twins. The packaging is interesting, a deviation from the usual Ollivander's style wand boxes, but nonetheless impressive, although they might damage more as a result. I've loved collecting the Harry Potter Noble wands, the attention to detail is really great and I'm excited to collect all of them in time. Hope Noble Collection keeps making more, they're a real must have for any devotee of the boy wizard.

  4.  really cool


    i haven't bought this yet but it looks really cool and the presentation is really nice. obviously being a massive potter fan, i'd love to get it but i don't think that there's much point in getting it with only the first five films, when two more are coming out. ultimately, if they release a similar kind of thing when all seven films are out, that will probably be much better to buy, so lets keep our fingers crossed. the price is surprisingly good as well, seeing as they're all two disc editions, because it is hard to get philosophers stone and chamber of secrets in two disc now. i really do hope they make a cool boxset like this with all the films in because i'd love to get that.

  5.  fantsastic


    i have to say i was extremely happy when i got this (so happy, in fact i bought hermione's as well!) but i do agree that the attention to detail isn't as good as the others, but as it is Harry's wand i think we can overlook that, it certainly is a must-have for all those who regard themselves as completely obsessed harry potter maniacs (and yes i do consider myself to be in that number). I was really happy and i can't wait to collect them all!