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  1.  Terrible service


    Absolutely terrible service. I ordered the HDD on the 1st of Jan cos I found my other HDD was duff the day before, what a start to the new year. Anyway, the money was taken from my account on the 3rd so I assumed that the order had been dispatched although I did not get any email telling me so. After a week, I emailed the seller, they never answered so the day after I emailed Play. Play contacted the seller, I waited another three days, still no contact with the seller so Play then refunded me. So in all I am pleased that Play gave me my money back but disgusted at the seller. After reading other negative reviews, it sounds like my order could arrive 2-3 weeks after I originally ordered but I will not attempt to use it, it would fall apart in my hand or blow up or something. I wouldn't trust it.

  2.  All gold.


    I haven't actually played a lot of this game because I am more engrossed in some other video games at the moment but what I have played, I do like. I like the cartoon-like graphics. The main reason I bought this pack is because you get a wii remote plus with it and not just the standard white colour either but a gold one... that makes all the difference... I guess. When I first saw the remote with the game on the webpage, I assumed that the whole control was gold including the buttons and by the looks of it, there was no protective sleeve for the remote either. Upon receiving the game, I then found that the buttons were white and I thought the white was quite bold. It would have been better if the buttons were gold as well. On the plus side, there is a protective sleeve covering the remote but it is your regular, standard clear sleeve. I would have liked it more if the sleeve was tinted gold as well but that is just me. I have had a second look at the remote on the website and they weren't wrong, the buttons really are white as well but the remote looks better on the website for some reason. Only thing is, the picture on the box shows no sleeve which is a little deceiving in some ways. So because of this, this is why I am scoring a 3 out of 5.

  3.  Tis OK I guess


    This game is better for 2 players really but not for 1. You get computer characters that have different difficulty levels which I guess is good for a challenge but I find that the harder the opponent is, the more they tend to use abnormal words that you haven't even heard of. I prefer to play against a family member by DS download play. Also, I would enjoy this game a whole lot more if it was much like the online version of Scrabble on facebook.com. Not because you get to talk to the other person playing but because you can also use a dictionary. Sure you could buy your own hand held dictionary but chances are it doesn't have the words you're looking for in it.

  4.  I HATE critics


    I cannot stand critics. Film critics, video game critics, musical critics etc. I say this because they are just too critical. I know that sounds a bit corny and I do know that it is just an opinion at the end of the day but I read a review before Wii sports resort came out and they were basically slagging it off. They were saying how the controls aren't good and things like that and how swordplay was expected to be the best game on there when in actual fact it was the worst game on there. They are talking out of there behinds aren't they. Swordplay isn't the worst gamne on there at all. You get to hold your own sword in the style you would like and you get to wave it around manically where it gets you hot and sweaty. This is what people want don't they? (Well it is everything I wanted anyway). If there was a worst game OR games on Wii sports resort I would say it was the power cruising, wakeboarding or the ski diving one forgot what it was actually called now, see that is why I don't like it that much because I don't play on it and also those games don't exactly show off what the Wii motion plus is capable of, whereas swordplay, frisbee, archery, table tennis, golf and bowling do. OK, the newly sensor enhanced abilities aren't perfect but are very good. I assume that every Wii owner has played on the bowling, this time bowling has gone up in the ranks a bit I think. Although I loved the bowling on the original Wii sports I like this version of bowling just a little bit more. In the original, I might want to curl the ball to the right and it would end up curling left!! In this version, that has happened once or twice and I would find it a little frustrtating but for some reason I don't mind it so much. Curling to the right is a lot lot easier now than the original. My fave games on there are the swordplay, basketball, frisbee and archey.

  5.  Shear brilliance


    This is the game I have been waiting for. When the Wii first came out I thought, this sounds excellent because you are going to be able to play video games while exercising at the same time. One out of two isn't so bad I guess. You could very well play video games but you couldn't exactly exercise were you would shed off a few pounds. So I thought then, I'll leave it a bit and maybe in time the Wii will get a lot better and maybe you will be able to play games and exercise, PROPERLY, at the same time. I was right in thinking that. The Wii brought out Wii fit which is a very good game as well, it isn't very accurate and I find it useful for playing the balance games as I have had a brain injury and therefore my balance is poor. The thing with Wii fit though is you do your exercising, you sweat like hell, you weigh yourself and you are still overweight!! This is why it isn't very accurate. It weighs the fat alone, it doesn't think about the weight or your skeleton and the weight of your muscles. Anyway, enough of Wii fit because I am reviewing EA sports: Active. In this game, you don't actually weigh yourself (at least, I don't think you do) I haven't looked around at the whole game yet but I am definitely impressed as the game is more accurate and monitors you burning calories. I am doing a 30 day work out so far, it gives you set exercises for you and after you do that you can do even more exercises on the custom workouts. You can choose which exercises you like doing. There are loads of different exercises to do like squat, running, walking, basketball and so on, each with different difficulties too. I think if you want to lose weight such as I then get this game. I haven't really lost much weight at the moment but I am pretty sure that I will notice in a couple of weeks.