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  1.  huh


    the guy in the other review needs to get a room with his polo

  2.  very good quality once you fix it.


    My picoo z flew into a wall and broke its main rotor by cracking it so i bought a replacement but it was so hard to do i had to pass it over to my dad who spent 45 mins prising the helicopter open and replacing the rotor inside of my picoo and with no clear instructions if any he worked it out and he fixed it and now it fly's a dream .

  3.  superb film!


    Heath ledger has an outstanding part in this film he gives a fantastic performance and is funnier every time you see it!
    Great actor shame he wont be doing any more

  4.  Hole in one!


    this is an absolutely superb film and is a mixture of hilarious comedy with a gr8 story line.this is a classic of adam sandler and one of the best he has ever made this is a definate buy in my eyes and wos a superb watch.

  5.  o behave Austin!


    this boxset is absolutely gr8 all of the films are just fantastic and all for 13 quid wot a bargain if u have any sense u will buy this product!all of the jokes in the film are hilariuos and if u like just sittin down watchin a light hearted funny film u should buy this boxset now!

  6.  wot a game


    pretty much amazing, u want loads of shooting and stuf then buy this, just buy it mate!

  7.  good for the wii mote with it but game aint gr8!


    buy this product if u r gonna get a wii mote but the game reli aint that good and u can find the wii mote for 20 quid if u look hard enough so just look and u will provail!

  8.  good but not superb!


    this game is a good 1 but the game gets a bit borin after a while but the 3 mini games wot r 2 player only r realy good especially the football 1 but if u cant reli get used to the sterin just sit down and play it for 30 mins an ull be fine
    still a descent buy if u like the chaos of monster trucks on a track!
    still a descent buy if u like drivin games!

  9.  extremely good for the style of game it is!


    this game i heard from mi m8s that is werent all dat when i was just bout to buy it but they were wrong it is a very descent game with descent graphics and a good story line but it is much better on the computer dat is y it is a 4 out of 5! but still i would buy this game for the fun value and the extremely good value for it!

  10.  A good watch


    the film is a decent 1 but i couldnt play it on all mi dvd players round the house but if u do have a dvd player wot u can play it on it is a good funny watch!