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  1.  Breathtaking


    Having waited over two years for this to be released in cinemas, I had high expectations. I was not let down. This film is beautifully scripted, directed and filmed and the acting is faultless. Michelle Williams is captivating as Ms Monroe, and surely deserves an Oscar for her performance. She obviously spent a lot of time researching this role. The supporting actors are brilliant too. To hardcore Marilyn fans, this is a delight. To those who do not know so much about her life and work, this film serves as an overview at a particular time in Marilyn's life and hints at other aspects of her professional and personal life at the time. Despite what may have become a melancholy film, there is humour throughout for good measure. A must have.

  2.  A mysterious thriller


    I was surprised that a movie with three big names didn't get to the cinemas. Didn't really know what to expect from this one. The story begins with a young teachers' (Ricci) untimely demise. She wakes up to discover herself on the slab in a funeral directors home, convinced that she's not dead. The funeral director (Neeson) has a gift of being able to talk to the dead... The script is good, acting as well. The story becomes a little sloppy in places, but is ultimately worth watching - but don't expect a gore horror. Its a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing from start to finish. The twist is easy to spot if you know what to look for, but still manages to catch you out at the end. A good film, if you don't take it too seriously.

  3.  Highly recommended


    I wasn't sure what angle the director would go with this one: the original Halloween is probably one of the most iconic horrors ever made, so this was never going to be an easy task. But I really enjoyed it! It's like a prequel and sequel of the original. You learn more about Michaels character and motivations. Its a new twist on the first one - hardened movie critics will probably dislike Rob Zombies' take on things, but for most people, its an enjoyable slasher movie with plenty of guts, gore and girls. Worth a watch.

  4.  Creepy!


    One of Roberts' lesser known films, but a cracker all the same. She plays Laura, a woman whose every move, thought and action are controlled by her dominating husband. So she takes matters into her own hands, builds herself a new life... until he comes looking for her and her new life starts to unravel. A good, tense thriller. Worth buying.

  5.  A wasted story


    This should have been a fantastic blockbuster because in theory, the story sounds great. But mediocre acting, poor direction and confusing dialogue make for a bad movie. Kate Bekinsale does her best to hold it together but doesn't quite manage to pull the story together. I was left feeling confused and rather deflated after watching this movie. One for the car boot sale me thinks.

  6.  The perfect thriller


    Obsessed follows the story of a typical husband and wife who's lives are seemingly perfect until a new temp starts working at the husbands offices. Beyonce and Ali Larter are spectacular in their roles. A gripping movie with a fantastic plot, lots of drama and tense moments to keep you glued. Unfortunately this movie didn't receive lots of attention, but it should have done!

  7.  Blood! Sweat! Tears!


    Its had mediocre reviews from the critics, but if your a fan of the first two in the series you'll love this one. Not as good as the first, but just as good as the second. A group of convicts versus hilbilly cannibals. Need I say more? Well worth a watch.

  8.  Not great but not terrible either


    An average horror by Clive Barker that follows a group of people strugggling to survive in a world where children come back with a vengance! Its not great, but it won't hurt you to watch it anyway. Those who appreciate classic horror will probably approve. There are several jumpy moments, but these are let down by mediocre acting and unspecial special effects. Worth a watch but don't have your hopes up too high.

  9.  Page turning


    Finished this in one sitting - I only intended to read the first couple of chapters before bed! A very honest account of what makes a wife and mum turn to escorting to earn a living. It must have been a difficult to write so honestly about the sex trade, but empathy is displayed throughout. A fantastic page-turner.

  10.  Simply beautiful


    All the songs from the movie. I was not disappointed. This fab CD brings the images to life in your mind. In fact, I've picked a couple of the songs on this cd for my wedding! Its a lovely addition to the movie and well worth getting if you enjoyed what you saw on screen!