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  1.  Mind Blowing, Adrenaline pumpin' game.


    I must say the beta was an impressive experience. The graphics were intense, one aspect of this game which caught my eye was the fact that its so realistic, you can hide in the grass and not be seen. You can hear the bullets flying past your head when your running if your being shot at. Another aspect which is quite amazing is the fact that only 2-3 bullets kill you which sounds bad, but is in fact very fun and realistic.

    Ranks are positively marked (no deductions due to bad play). Higher ranks bring better 'perks' which are great to play for. I can only comment on the first 16 ranks due to only playing the beta for that period in which it got to rank 16. At that level you unlock many 'perks' such as an Uzi which is a powerful weapon in the game.

    This game actually includes the British SAS for once. I've never seen a game where this has happened.

  2.  Excellent Game, a must buy.


    I was one of those people who wasn't a fan of halo at all, after buying it this week i was quite suprised, after all the bad reviews about the campaign, it is quite small but non-repetitive and isn't actually that small, there may only be a few levels but they're actually quite long and can take hours to complete one of them. I for one enjoy completing tasks with friends and i found the halo 4-player campaign quite cool, You can earn achievements together and the legendary mode is relatively easy if your playing with others, worth alot of Gamerscore too ;)

    So anyway, a break down..
    1. Long campaign levels.
    2. Non-Repetative gaming during campaign
    3. Co-op campaign
    4. Xbox Live Matchmaking Ranks (sergent, ect.) which is fun to achieve.
    5. Unlock new armour

    So afterall, this is an impressive game, a must buy!