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  1.  Classic films - if only in stock


    I love all these movies, 'Toy Story' is the best followed by 'Finding Nemo. I would buy this boxset if it was in stock so please 'play' get this boxset then i will buy n alot of other people would to.

  2.  Amazing


    I just watched this movie and it left me speechless i am lost for words how good this movie is. It appeals to lots of different people with the spectacular battles, science and super acting this is an amazing film and it is quite cheap so buy it. Another amazing Tim Burton movie. Best director ever.

  3.  Incredible


    The stop motion is perfect. Ok this isnt as good as Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas but it is very close, the songs are perfect on both films but what is good about this movie is the comedy it is an incredible movie its a classic. The reason it is not as good as Nightmare before Christmas is beacause the story is unique and totally tim burton. Corpse Bride is brought to life with Helena Bornham Carter and Johhny depp who are amazing in this film and bring the puppets to life also Albert finney is hilarous in this movie he is perfect. I love both movies.

  4.  Starts good then falls apart TRASH


    This movie starts off good and i was just getting into it then it was ruined by punks. They eat people beacuse they have no more supplies beacuse they have been cut off from the rest of the world. The question comes to your head, where did they get there petrol from??? This is an awful movie, dont waste your time watching this thing i only give it 1 star because i hadnt to.

  5.  Get your teeth into this neck of a movie


    Will choose Vampire or lycan?, two tribes at war. A war which has lasted over a 1000 years. Once you watch this film, Vampires are never the same and at 5.00 it's a must buy.

  6.  super hero fan


    When i watched x men 3 for the first time a couple of years ago it didnt insterst me at all, it was just a movie. I recently watched it again and was stunned by the effects, the acting and above all hugh jackman he gives his life and soul to this movie

  7.  Amazing unconventional Fairy Tale


    This is Tim burton at his best, the story is so unique and like his other films (edward scissorhands, Sweeney Todd) has the same style but without Depp. This is an amazing film and not to be missed. I think Tim burton is the best director ever. The plot is werid and strange but that is what makes this film so original and does not follow the traditional rule of a fairy tale. When you are watching one of Tim burtons flim, Strange and werid is a welcome you must greet. I love this movie and the speacial feautues are amazing a quiz and character profiles and of course commentray by Tim Burton. A must buy.

  8.  Best batman


    With Dark Knight coming out i thought i would watch the other batman films and i was stunned by Tim Burtons dark film. I loved Micheal keaton playing batman and of course Jack Nicholson as the joker he is amzaing in batman. A must buy for any movie fan.