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  1.  Oh Yes !!


    This is a great CD but you have to play it through a few times to get into it. At first the songs don't seem catchy but eventually they are. The album seems heavier and noiser than the old stuff and there are no slow ballads on here. The sound quality sadly isn't that brilliant and I suspect the new compress to play louder method has been used again. This knocks off a star as i'd prefer better quality sound than louder.

  2.  Great compilation with some nice but rude videos too !!


    The cd has all the group's greatest hits which we all will never forget but now this package comes with 2 great dvd's too.

    The dvds have 21 videos to watch straight away and also some secret versions/interviews too. We now have the uncensored girls on film video which is awesome and the 12" video of wild boys (hidden).

    My only complaint is the hidden videos take some finding unless you look on the internet for clues how to access them.

    Some of the videos are not suitable for children to watch (nudity) so beware! It doesn't have an 18 certificate for nothing!

  3.  Another amazing album from the Goth Gods !!


    I always liked the older 'Sisters' albums and wondered what this album would be like. I was relieved to find out it was brilliant. All the tracks seem more upbeat and more cheerful than the older stuff. Some tracks sound more commercial which may upset a number of fans. Vision Thing, Doctor Jeep and I was wrong are my favourite tracks, but the others aren't far away.

    The bonus tracks are remixed, extended or live versions of the normal track listing with 'You Could Be The One' being the only different track.

    The sound quality of this remaster is 'Top Notch' and sounds great. The vocals especially stand out well.

    A brilliant album worth it's bargain price !!

  4.  A timeless album from the masters of Goth !!


    This in my opinion is the best album from Leeds greatest bands. I always liked this group in my youth and never realised it would still sound this fresh in 2008. Not many bands can achieve this!

    Most of the tracks are pure genius like Dominion, Lucretia My Refelction and This Corrosion. These tracks alone justify the purhase of the album.

    The bonus tracks are great, but a slight con!
    Torch and Colours were both released as normal tracks on the original CD and therefore are not Bonus tracks.

    Never Land (full lenght) is amazing and Emma (Hot Chocolate classic) is a nice added track.

    The best thing about this remaster is the sound quality.

    It has been much improved and I honesty thought it had been re-recorded again in 2008. The vocals sound much clearer and really jump out of your speakers!

    This is a must album to have and at a bargain price!

  5.  Is this a must buy for the fans ??


    I am a devoted fan of Jarre and couldn't wait to get my hands on this new CD/DVD of Oxygene.

    Was I disappointed? Well, yes and no.

    I had heard the CD was a re-recording of the 30 year old original and expected a massive improvement in sound on my hifi. I was sadenned to realise it just sounded a bit clearer in the higher frequencies department and only by comparing it with the original do you realise the difference.

    The CD is mastered in high definition 24 bits/96khz so maybe on a top hifi the difference is more noticable.

    The 5.1 stereo DVD was a bit disappointing for myself.

    Here Jarre and his 3 chums dust off the old original analogue synthesizers and perform Oxygene Live in supposidly one take.

    I expected Oxgene to be played note-for-note perfect, but sadly it's not! The sound effects have been altered and sound worse, to even sounding amaterish in parts.

    The tracks also have been slowed down/lenghtened which I feel also spoils it, as it take ages to get going in parts.

    To make matters worse, extra tracks have been added in between the orignal ones which are very dull and uninspiring and not memorable at all... why ??

    I hate to have to diss the DVD, but it's my honest opinion and I was very disappointed with the end result. I suppose the only 'positive' side is it's FREE with the CD.

    Overal, if you have the original and want an improvment in sound, don't waste your money unless you have a top-spec 24bit hifi as you will barely notice a difference.

    If you want the the album to see Oxygene performed live, then I guess it's worth buying, but don't get your hopes too high.

    The overal feel of this release is just a 'cash-in' and no doubt Equinoxe will be the next LIVE performance to add to Jarre's bank.



    This was the first time I had heard of this group and was recommended by a friend to buy it. When I loaded it into my player I was blown away! The first track is a belter and is named Slipstream. This is one of the most catchy metal songs I have ever heard and the chorus just rings in my head all day. Pilot In The Sky runs at a massive 9.44 minutes long and is beautiful and uplifting.
    The other tracks are brilliant, but the two mentioned seem just that bit better in my opinion.

    So basically if you love tuneful progressive metal you will love this album. I certainly rate it as my favourite album this year.



    I don't want to bore you with a lenghty review, but all I can say is if you like the main guy that was in Marillion a few years ago, you will love this album to bits. Disc 1 is named Balladeer and has the slow romantic songs like 'A Gentleman's Excuse me' and 'Lady Let It Be' and disc 2 is named Rocketeer and obviously is more rock orientated. On this disc you have classics like 'Big Wedge' and 'Goldfish and Clowns'
    Both discs are amazing and have the best tracks off many of his solo albums. Also as a treat are a few Marillion tracks thrown in like 'Kaleigh' and 'Lavender'.

    The album is definately worth it's price tag so get it now!!



    I always loved HJ back in the 80's but sadly forgot about him until I bought an 80's compilation. Whilst listening to it, the track 'What is Love' came on and all my memories flooded back how good this album was. Every track on the album is a cracker and still sounds fresh even now. What Is Love is an extended version and is amazing as is Conditioning and Pearl In The Shell. The other amazing fact is the recording quailty of this album. The sound is very clear and punchy and rivals even modern albums in that department.

    Don't mess about, buy the album !!!

  9. Zoolook


    Jean-Michel Jarre - CD

    Available  used  from  £26.79

     A great album, but VERY strange!!


    When I purchsed the album many years ago I was slightly disappointed with it unitl I played it more and then apprecitated it. This was Jarre's first digitally recorded album and carried the DDD rating instead of ADD. Jarre also seemed to sample more sounds on this album especially human voices. This is used nearly on every track and I get the impression he thought it was very cool back then. Ethnicolor is a belting track and very cleverly composed and stands out the best track by far. Zoolook and Zoolookologie both are simple tunes by Jarre's standards but are very catchy and memorible. The other tracks are not too bad but aren't very interesting. If you are willing to listen to this album with an open mind you will eventually appreciate it.

  10.  Another cracking Jarre album !!


    This album is very different to Oxygene and Equinoxe. The difference is the album sounds more industrial than spacey. This isn't a bad thing, but some old fans may be disappointed with the change.
    Industrial Revolutions part 1 - 4 are my favourite tracks, but also like Hank Marvin's effort on London Kid. Not every track is amazing, but the album generally is consistant and after many listens you realise the album is beautiful in it's own right.