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  1.  BUY IT


    However much this costs, you must buy it as soon as it comes out, it is the greatest comedy out there and a quality job by the BBC to put it on the telly. This second series can even hold up to the first, the show is just that good.

    Rob Brydon singing James Blunt is just too irresistable to miss.

  2.  'I'm Not Gonna lie To You...'


    Ow, Stace - Wass Occurring? At the end of the day, when all's said an' done gavin and stacey is the best comedy series for a long time, you know wah i mean?

    For £6.99, you get a cracking value series, for 7 quid you pay £1 for each eppy and a 99p for the box, you can't really sniff at that.

    This comedy series details the relationship of Essex IT worker Gavin and Stacey from Barry Island in Wales as they go from meeting each other for the first time to getting married in episode 6 along with all their friends, family, Gav and Stace attempt a long distance cross country relationship and go through many hilarious situations as they fall in love.

    The performances of writers Ruth Jones, James Corden as Nessa and Smithy as well as Rob Brydon as Bryn make the show 5 star quality.

    Two top quotes from Gavin and Stacey:

    'You can buy me all the chocolate and chow mein you like, but it won't wash dave and you knows why.... you're riddled'

    'I don't wan't anyone in here getting raped, myself included... and if you come back on suday raped and i've shown you the alarm i'll rest easy in my bed, if you come back raped on sunday the blame will lie solely at your door'

  3.  Perfect Sequal, New; Fresh; Fun & Original


    As a stand-alone game, Vice City is a monumental achievement in gaming of its' time, as part of the collossal GTA franchise Vic City serves as a vital stepping stone through the era of GTA III. Wedged between the monsterous San Andreas and GTA III (the one that started it all), the 'middle child' proves more than worthy of respect and admiration in a franchise that has already proved so much.

    The setting and date of the game is exeptionally brilliant, Florida in all of its' flamboyant 80's glory serves as a beautifully vibrant and colourful background to the crime, drugs and money running rampant across the town. As southern, sunny 80's Miami suggests, there are many palm trees, bright pinks, purples and yellows, hawaiian shirts and sandy beaches giving the game an original, fresh, new setting in perfect contrast to the busy concrete city life of GTA III.

    Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist, is driven to find whoever stole his money and cocaine from right under his nose, stopping along the way to shape the world of Vice City through many different character missions along the way.

    As a sequal, this game gives more to the player, introducing a location map for the first time in the franchise, motorbikes and scooters are also introduced, as are helicopters. There are also many more important improvements made in this game that fit nicely to the series as it continues.

    Essential game for all GTA lovers, if you've never played this game it's a bargain price for the quality of game you receive.

  4.  The One That Started The ERA


    This game kicked off my facination with the collosal series, i understand that it had its' predecessors and they deserve their respect, but this game turned it up by several notches.

    Obviously, being the first game of GTA that dropped the birds-eye game play, this game looks and feels so much better as a power house of a game, there are so many possibilities and things to see and do as a result of this landmark of the GTA III era.

    Fair enough, you may complain of the story being too short and the lack of two-wheel automotives, however improvements and ammendments have been made to the four successors of the GTA III era (VC; SA; LCS & VCS), so this game should be viewed for what it IS and not what later games did better.

    The gameplay and graphics are amazing and technically sound for its' time and the improvement from GTA 2 and III is ten-fold, the silence and lack of emotion of Claude is a bit disapointing as he has no reactions to the story but the story line itself more than makes up for it using revenge and payback to drive and define the story.

    If you have never played this game, you need to as this game started it all and is essential to all and every wannabe GTA buff out there.

  5.  Stands The Test Of Time


    This game is the best and will be the best PS2 game EVER! As the PS2 takes a step back for its' successor, i think it is plain to see that this game easily holds this grandiose title.

    It has everything a great game should have, it builds immensely on the foundations set by its' predecessors GTA3 and Vice City.

    The game focuses on so much space varying vastly from large farm and country land; desolate desert areas; large main cities; mountain range and small town hick villages. The landscape also focuses on three main cities, using many of their real-life landmarks and buildings, they are Los Angeles (CA); San Fransisco (CA) and Las Vegas (NV); these culturaly diverse cities offer varying different gameplay for the player making gameplay extremely different and original.

    As usual the game involves a diverse and well-written story line, focusing on 90's hip-hop west coast gangster rap criminals, expanding to include corrupt (Los Angeles) police officers; triads; mexicans and other well thought out and greatly written characters.

    The music used on the various radio stations are well chosen, LSR gives the best in 90's gangsta rap (such as NWA) whereas Radio X gives the best in the rock music of the time. Other stations give country and western; pop; electronic and talk radio music to the soundtrack, allowing 90's music for everyone and something to everyone's taste.

    The side missions include all the clasic favourites such as Paramedic; Vigilante; Fire Fighter and Taxi as well as new missions such as Spray Tagging; Photo Opportunties; Horseshoes; Oysters and countless others.

    You also work on may different gameplay skills such as muscle; fat; stamina by going to the gym and driving'flying/bike and boat skills by going to the respective schools. As well as dating girlfriends; betting in casinos and on horse races; dancing; races and many, many more!

    If you've read all this, you're probably either really bored or really uninterested by now, but i can't begin to scratch the surface of the possibilities of this game and how ultimately enjoyable this game, and franchise is, a must have for any gamer of any kind!!!

  6.  Underrated


    I can't disagree more with people who say this is basically the same game as GTA III; the game is, i think better, through its' detail and leone-centric story line. I enjoyed the conflict between rival Mafia families (which i think should have been more involved in GTA3) and watching the stories unfold to see the contrast between Cipriani centered LCS and the setting; events and characters of GTA3 for Claude as Toni dramatically changes LC through the game, showing where it came from, from 1997 to 2001.

    I think it would be interesting to play LCS then GTA3 chronilogically to fully appreciate this very underrated prequal to the game that started the worlds fixation with GTA.

  7.  Dexter


    i watched s1 on FX and couldnt get enough, currently watching it on ITV1 and i know im going to want to watch it again, its a must buy and i cant wait for season 2, the Jeff Lindsay books are also well worth a look for a deeper insight into the twisted world of Dexter!!! an overall monster of a show that could easily run for many series'.

  8.  The best there is, was or ever will be!


    Halloween is undoubtedly the best horror film ever made, period. It speaks volumes that we still watch this film 29 years after its' making.

    The original, and best, Michael Myers installment sees Haddonfield, Illenois turned from a friendly small American town into the site of a massacre of epic proportion as Myers breaks free from his incarceration at a mental institution for his return home.

    Myers, incarcerated as a child for the murder of his older sister, returns and plagues the life of Lori (Jamie Lee Curtis) culminating in the Haddonfield massacre on Halloween.

    A must have for any serious horror buff, especially on the verge of an imminent remake, Halloween has come a long way since the silver painted William Shatner masks of 1978.

  9.  Saw brings it A-game once more!


    This trilogy of Saw that we have now been given may be the best and most watchable franchise for its' genre whatsoever, it really does rival that of the old all time greats and could one day take the crown.

    Although i do believe the first two installments were marginally better than this new chapter in the series, Saw III still highly deserves a 5 star rating, which speaks volumes for the complete Saw collection!

    Once again we are treated to the sick and twisted mindset of Jigsaw, now joined by his protege and only survivor Amanda. Bedridden; he enlist the help of a Doctor to keep him alive while other souls are tortured by his sadistic games.

    On a visual level this is the best film of the trilogy, as the Saw 'ball' keeps on rolling and more money is brought in; therefore the new 'games' look fantastic and are as always psychologically brilliant.

    Bring on Saw IV!

  10.  In close competition with the original


    Saw II is the brilliant follow up to the first Lionsgate masterpiece, from the sequal we can already gather that this juggernaut of a film series is fast-tracked to becoming a hell of a franchise, up there with the legends of horror such as Freddy, Jason and Michael.

    Just as psychologically tyring as the first insallment of Saw, the films just keep you guessing constantly as every attention to detail has been perfecting such as characters, plots and sets.

    Saw II broadens its' setting by taking place in a big house full of new characters (such asex-cons and a policeman's son); the legend of Saw is carried on in this structurally perfect sequal as it retains the thought-provoking, sick, disgusting twists and turns of Jigsaw's sick games.

    If you have never seen this filmbefore, i urge you to buy it and let the games begin!