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  1.  The best Looter ever is back and still amazing.


    What a game truly amazing in every way. Graphics are amazing without the need for a supercomputer to run the game. Sure its only 4 acts long (Probally only count 3 as act 4 takes 10 minutes to beat) but with the never ending treasure hunt for gear it is vitually endless and who dosnt love a treasure hunt????. Me personally liked the game before all the patches they introduced which basiclly made the game super easy (back when in inferno the hardest setting stuff killed you with 1 or 2 hits).
    They added a Real money action house to buy and sell your gear on this gets a slating but i like it. (There aint to many games out where u can make 10 times the cost of the game on). It basiclly means if you get stuck at some of the higher MP levels with a small amount of real life currency you can get some real top quality gear not for everyone but noboby forces any one to use it.
    Overall it is easily a 5 star game with 100s of hours worth of play.

  2.  Only Thing Like It on The 360 or PS3.


    Qualtiy game it really is a good game and prety cheap now as well. I dont want to compare it with Empire total war cause that is an absolute world class game but that is the only thing comparable to this game. You get a little of everything with this game some amazing sim city style building bits where u build up the towns u take. (this game is made by the people who did tropico and these bits feel similar to that i.e building your cotton plants to make cotton for the textile factories etc.). Some really good ship battles now these are almost exactly the same as ETW only made alot more simple for consoles but i really like them easy to control and as u can only use 3 ships you can micromange them all real easy and for some reason hitting anther ship with full broadside never gets old. The trading is also very simple and easy to pick up.
    There are a ton of cities on the map about 50ish with 2 main ways to win the game by military or by trading both are equally good. This game wont be every ones cup of tea as it a bit slow paced but if you like stragey games this is probally bar the new xcom game the best the 360 has to offer and at the price a no brainer 5 star.

  3.  Huge let down was expecting much better.


    First Off this game had Obsidion involved which makes you think straight away KOTOR, Neverwinter nights and fallout new vegas, 3 Heavyweight RPG games however this mess is no where near any of those games. As the title says ive been looking for a game which can match Baulders gate 1,2 for the ps2 for a long time i thought this would be it how wrong i was. I call them looter games i.e. build your characther look for gear to make them better. On that note this compares almost idellticlly to KUF: circle of doom (i actually think that is slightly better than this number) And Sacred 2: fallen angel both better games than this.
    Seriously you start out follow a road which is about an inch wide on the screen hit A a few times to kill a few bad guys then fight a boss. Ok this was fine it was only 1 hour into the game however this forumla never changes throughout the game the maps are tiny and you always follow a very narrow road. The only saving grace are the graphics which rescue this mess from 1 star. Once youve completed the game you carnt do a new game + with your charatcher and equipment a joke for this type of game. Seriouslly if your looking for this type of game i highly recommend sticking to Kingdom under fire circle of doom or Sacred 2 fallen angel. Also Too Human all 3 much much better than this. I spent 40 pound on this and feel so robbed it aint true. I would highly recommend rented or waiting for a few weeks till it drops in price.

  4.  Not the best not the worst


    A bit boring and slow paced. The story is the saving grace truly holywood style plot to this game with amazing graphics. I found the walking hard to control carnt quite put my finger on it i just found that getting whichever person you were it was hard to walk them exactly where you wanted. I keept thinking of the episode of American Dad the warcraft spoof one where the geezers walking into the wall all the time.
    This type of game is not ground breaking they realised games like this 20 years ago i forgot the name of it but it was really really terrible it was about a group of students being hunted by vampires i think.
    Back tot he plot i dont want to put any spoilers in but unless your some CSI investigator there is one massive swing as to who the Origami Killer is which i never saw coming and when you think the story back it all makes perfectly brilliant sense.

  5.  Genius Best Game Of All Time?????.


    As the title says this for me is up there with the very very best games made ever in my opinon its up there with my all time favorites Rome Total war, fallout 2, goldeneye and perfect dark and any of the footy manager games. You only have to look at the string of awards it has won.
    The gameplay is unmatched in terms of action in its genre miles ahead of tomb raider and a fair bit ahead of resident evil 5 where u carnt move and shoot which ruined that a bit. The gun play/cover is also up there with the very best, Gears 2. The plot could be straight out of a hollywood movie its really has got it all good plot some well funny one liners i.e. the classic is that an acient tibetan ritual sword in your pocket, maybe im just pleased to see you.
    Then theres the multiplayer i thought this would be thrown in as a token gesture to try and bulk the game as the single player only takes roughly 6 hours to finish even on crushing. But how i was wrong this is one of my favorite games to play online even more than COD 4, Killzone 2. They sorted the frags out from the first one where u dont have to use the stupid six axis rubbish to aim the greanade just a simple tap of L2. Good balance of weaponary to scrap over and some very well designed maps.
    To sum up this game is easily woth full RRP and considering the junk they release with 40 pound asking prices this game will last a long long time and i doudbt you will find it second hand its that good.

  6.  Theres a player called Mclovin Legendary.


    If you buy this game look in the South African team for Mclovin made me giggle like a school girl. I Think it is supposed to be all rounder Ryan Mclaren not 100% but carnt see who else it could be as the players names are only licended for England and Austrila. (On that note the makers of this game recon Austraila better than England yeah right get a grip). This is my only gripe with the game but its not major as you can change the names in the edit mode if you much about cricket the names arnt much different i.e Umir Ghol = Umar gul, K Admal = K Akmal, M Multilaham = Muttiah Muralithram e.t.c.
    Plays the same pretty much as The Ashes 2009 with one major change to the bowling in which the arrow which showed you which way the ball was going to spin/Seam has gone which makes it much much harder to bat which i love. The batting has had a overhaul with this game so now you carnt hit every single ball for 6. You have to actually build the batters confidence and pick the deliverys to slog very carefully or you will be bowled out ALOT. I talking about Hard difficulty as i read a review before this about a test taking 4 hours on easy well thats nonsense because on easy you can bowl ANY team on the game out for less than 20 runs every innings without fail takes about 5 minutes but wheres the fun in that.
    It goes without saying if you dont like cricket you wont like this game if you do youll love it. Seriouslly good cricket action.

  7.  What does a Tenner Buy these days.


    20 Benson, A couple of pints, 1 Litre of diesel all good options that will last a few minutes at best. Or you could buy this game which will be a classic for years and years to come. Serioulslly the best 10 pound you will ever spend without any exceptions att all. Well thats not exacttly true you can get bioshock 1 for a tenner so joint best tenner you will ever spend. Even if you dont like the game which is allmost unthinkable you could trade it in and probally get near to your money back.
    To the game it self it is very much more of the same from the first with a few minor changes and 1 major the addition of duel wielding your gun and plasmids (You also play a big daddy but it still pretty much plays the same).
    The online is ok but i personally found it glitchy as hell and crashed my xbox a few times with freezing issues so i dint play it too much but the single player alone would be enough to warrant 5 star easlly for this game.

  8.  Its Good In short bursts.


    As the title says it is Good for a while then the novalty wears off and it is pretty tame. After all your just killing hordes of zombies time and time again. The campaign is really rubbish 6 chapters that take about 1 hour each with no story whatsoever, unless you play on the hardest setting then it gets insanely difficult to the point where your probally stop playing i did.
    The online at first is sheer brilliance but its mainly being the infected that sets it out i.e. the jockey,tank,hunter e.t.c. i laghed like a school girl the first time i waited behind a door for the surviours to come then launched at there face to drag them off into some shady corner seriouslly funny stuff. But soon this novelty wears off and your back to my first point the same thing over and over again.
    3 Stars is probally a bit harsh for 15 pound but i didnt play it long maybe 15 - 20 hours max before selling it on.

  9. Blur


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £999.00  Free delivery

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     Rock And Roll Racing for 2010


    If any one has played rock and roll racing for the snes if memory serves me right this game will be an instant sucsess. Took me back a few years playing this game. I personlly loved that game as a kid and this is very very similar just with much much sexier graphics and the addition of the online play. Something about cars and weapons that is an instant hit add in to the mix the competion of a race you carnt really go wrong. Probally wont get a looking when gran turismo comes out (But what racing game will, scrap that what game will). A good buy for 25 pound for 15 or less in a few months a no brainer 5 star purchase.

  10.  Step down from Rome and Medieval But its Total war.


    The title is just a personal point of view as i like the time periods better Roman and Medieval. That out of the way you need a super computer to run this game pay no notice of the mimium specs at the bottom of the screen i would say double these to run even of the lowest graphic settings i.e. a min Duel core processor (probally go as far as to say quad core bare min) 4GB memory any less will be notacble and painfully slow. 1Gb graphics card again any less will be very noticble on screen/refresh rates during big battles. Basiclly A very high End PC to play it on medium graphics.
    If you have all these things and have played a Total war game before this is very much of the addictive play youve come to expect. Quite a few major changes. 3 Different THEATES i.e. Euorpe, Eastern America and the Indian subcontinent. The trade and diplomatic system have had a big overhaul. No more diplomats just instant acess to foriegn relations. Cites now how Accual Farms and Colleges outside of the main citys instead of just building them in the cities themselfs. You can now reseach weaponary and other stuff. Reseach Banoynetts and multi line firing early (i forget the proper names of these reseachs).
    For the first time in the series they have added sea battles i have only played 1 of these and auto calced the rest as my PC carnt handle them. This is a pain cause as youll know when u auto calc you will lose double the amount of men you would if you did the battle yourself.
    As the title says it is a total war game easilly the best staragy game series there is. And this game is a brillant addition. I would still say Rome is my favorite as you need only a very basic simple PC to play it and i love the roman period of history and also the game is different levels of good.