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  1.  Avatar


    Well it was much awaited and in the end it was good,great even but i'm not 100% sure if it was worth all the money and the years of making. Anyway I went to see it in 3D and after it had finished I thought it was pretty good,but now I think about it,ok it look ed great and everything but the story wasn't as good as the picture. For a neat 3 hour movie it didn't seem to go much in to the main characters past enough for me. In my opinion there should have been a movie before this one this could have been a better movie as a sequel. Whether or not they'll be a second Avatr is to be seen but if there is to be they should really put more thought into the storyline.

    Overall great technology and picture and everything but not so great storyline.

    By Scott aged 13

  2.  Football Manager Handheld 2010


    FMH 2010 is an addivtive game. It doesn't have many flaws but there is certainly room for improvement. I've never played FMH 2010 on PC so I sadly can't compare this with that,but we all know that the PSP can;t do as much as the PC and for what it can do the PSP does it well. The good parts are the ability to change your wage budget with your transfer budget,your ability to interact with players,your monthly player awards,manager awards and board confidence update.There is also a team report,good scouting and you can check at any time how the board think you are doing in every aspect from player harmony to your finances and how well the team are perfroming on the pitch. On matchday's you can choose to use the standard commentary or a brief 2D match engine.

    Now to get down to the improvements,although FMH 2010 is a great game it isn't as in-depth as hoped in things like press conferences,player interaction maybe even a half-time team talk could be introduced. Manager contract negotiations are unheard of in the game which is another thing that could be introduced. Obvioulsy not all of this is possible due to the PSP's small memory but maybe some of it could give the guy's at SEGA something to think about.

    By Scott aged 13.

  3.  Need For Speed:Undercover


    Graphics?Ther's nothing wrong with the graphics,I didn't buy my game from play.com if it makes any difference but the graphics are great.Comparing this game to need for speed:pro street,it's great pro street on ps2 put me off need for speed and car racing games.Any way this game is great career mode is good,you can do the missions or just run away from the police.Don't be put off by the other reviews I think thew graphics are good,good cars,easy to drive,Great game!
    By Scott aged 12

  4. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


    3 New from  €14.84  Free delivery

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     Fifa 08


    Great game I can't stop playing it!I have never played fifa 07 so I can't say it's better or worse.The only thing im not happy woth is where is the champions league? And the uefa cup? And Euro 2008? And the World cup? And why don't you get to play as international teams? And where are is divisions 1,2, and 3? The rest of the game is great though great graphics great gameplay great manager mode and great multiplayer.It just needs a bit more leagues and tournaments and internaional teams then it would be the best footie game ever!
    By Scott aged 11

  5.  Neville longbottom figure


    Neville is quite tall about the same ize as fred and george maybe just a bit smaller and just a bit smaller than malfoy and he is just a bit taller than ron.He is very detailed and articulated and his wand stays on very well.He comes with a wand and a ccatus ona drawer that doesn't come off,the cactus is supposed to spray water when put in water but doesn't work very well.
    By Scott aged 11

  6.  Ron Weasley Figure


    Ron is quite tall taller than harry and hermoine anyway.Smaller than Neville by just a bit but other that that he's quite tall.His body is very detailed except for hids face it just looks a little off and not just like ron.His wand stays in his hand perfectly.Ron comes with a wand,a magical blast and a dog patromous.
    By Scott aged 11.

  7.  Mad Eye Moody


    Mad Eye Moody is just a bit smaller that Dumbledore but quite fat he has great detail and articulation his wand stays fairly well in his hand.He comes with a four wands,a broomstick which he can be attached to and a stand which attaches to the back of his broomstick.
    By Scott aged 11

  8.  Fred and George Weasley


    Fred and George are fairly tall the same size as Draco Malfoy and are fairly detailed and ok articulation there wands can sometimes fall out of there hands even though the wands are not flimsy.They come with two wands,a suitcase and two boxes.
    By Scott aged 11

  9.  Draco Malfoy Figure


    Draco is taller than Harry and Hermione but about the same size as Fred and George he is very well articulated and fairly good detail his wand stays in his hand fairly well.He comes with a wand,three proclomations that can be put in the one frame that comes with Draco.
    By Scott aged 11

  10.  Death Eater Figure


    The Death Eater is another one of my favourites his articulation is good he is fairly tall and detailed well.He comes with a wand and a smoke base.
    By Scott aged 11