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  1.  one word great


    i just got this headset and boy am i blown away by the quality only a tenner and u get so much for you're money amazing microphone and earphones are great i can hear everything people say on teamspeak and they said i sound like i'm in the room with them very happy with this product recommended it to my friends and family hope this review helps people buy this headset totally awesome 10/10

  2.  was good while it lasted


    i bought this headset about 2 weeks ago and when i first got em i thought they were the best headset i've ever owned and then after just a week the microphone broke so i sent them back and got myself something a bit more expensive if it wern't for them breaking they would've been the best headset i owned guess i was just unlucky that mine broke hope my review helps guys

  3.  loved it


    i watched this film at the cinemas when it first came out i was only young when i saw it and have to say even though i'm 18 now i still find the film entertaining i've seen it about 10 times and still love it and my little sister loves this aswell u should buy this at this gr8 price of 4 pound it's a steal i give it 10/10 {recess geek} lol

  4.  Catherine Cookson at it's best


    this is the best drama Catherine Cookson did out of the lot it's got romance betrale and loades of if i see him again i'll kill him lines lol they do get old after a while though lmao but still this is the best drama i've ever seen in my life loved it from start to finish i give it 10/10

  5.  a great film


    although it's not as good as the first it was still a fun and enjoyable film there were some great bits in the movie that were better than the first but most bits in the film wasn't as good as the first i liked it but the story didn't grasp me as much as the first but still it has a special place in my DVD collection overall 9.5/10

  6.  this was season was awesome


    wow this season was probably the best season out of the lot it made me lol i didn't get bored with any of the episodes and i watched all of the season in 1 day thats how much i love this season anyone who loves south park should get this and at this cheap price you should grab it while you can Eric Cartman rocks 10/10

  7.  omg what a game


    i had this after a few months when it came out and i must say it is one of the best games i have ever played you start off as a sarcastic ego maniac geohound called Ryudo and learn about a dark god called valmar you have to help Elena a songstress of a church who at the beginning gets possessed by the wings of Valmar and then you have to take her to a cathedral to rid her of the wings but you have to go through the other peaces of Valmar before you can save Elana absolutely loved this game 10/10

  8.  stan of arabia


    this is an awesome series will have u clued to the telly the moment it comes on so funny it should be illegal lol personally i think so of the episodes are even better than family guy and at this gr8 price u should grab it now 10/10 XD

  9.  gr8 card


    bought this a couple of days ago and couldnt be happier not only is it a fantastic price but also a very good card i saw this card in pcworld and it was about 45 pound and on here for 23 pound so thx play.com for a fab deal will buy from here again 5/5 XD

  10.  why did a buy this game


    i had this game when i bought my ps3 and i have to say its one of the most boring games i have ever played do yourself and favour and save your money and wait for something amazing to come out like mgs4 even though this is at a good price i still would say give this game a miss