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  1.  WOW!


    Wow what a great documentary on Michael Jacksons life. It includes everything about him - how he lived in his younger years, his time at Motown, his solo career, the Jackson 5, the accusations made against him, his death n long interviews about him.

    I had just wished that they had added a few music videos in the blu-ray edition as some extras such as Billie Jean n Thriller.

    Ne ways, if your interested in documentaries, then this is really a great one to watch.

  2.  I hope they make another 1 like this!


    This OMG Top 50 set was GREAT! Though I think that the order of the Incidents wasn't quite right . Of course the 1st one was unthinkable! Although the time Macho Man was bitten by the King Cobra Snake in the ring... that I think should hav been in the Top 5 seeing that it was a real snake going wild!

    My favorite one had to be when DX had made their way to WCW - The Wraslin' as Triple H had put it! lol! Though they didn't show all the comments made by Nitro fans around the area like those made on Confidential Volume 1 though again that was my favorite n I rekon it should have been somewhere in the Top 10 n not be at No 43!

    Im still not sure about No.10 - Big Shows fathers funeral! I mean it looked so fake n yet it was at No. 10!

  3.  My first favourite FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE Match watched added!


    Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Crush!!!!

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hit Man Hart - GREAT MATCH !
    Test vs. Shane McMahon
    Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H - Wicked

    N lots of other great footage!!!

  4.  Worth every penny!


    Great set; worth buying for all WWE fans!

    I just wish that Owen Hart, the King of Harts could have been added to the front cover too with the other KOTR winners ;)

    Though the set was fantastic!

  5.  Great Blu-Ray, but boring content :(


    Finally, a set on Blu-Ray has come out for the peoples champ, the corporate champ! But it wasn't what I had expected :( It should have been a 3Disc set like Austin's!

    The quality was great but the content could have been better then just The Rock Vs Cena on the 2nd Disc :(



    Not exactly a horror or a thriller but FUN n it had the perfect cast!

  7.  My 2nd favorite movie in the world!


    I was so happy when they had released this on Blu-Ray! This is my 2nd favourite movie in the world and I have to say that the start was a little grainy, although it got much better towards the scene where 'The Bodyguard' was being asked 4 the job :) The sound and scenes are all great for this movie of 1992 :)

    Enjoy it! It has the same Special Features as the Special Edition DVD version.

  8.  AAHHH!!!!!! Some SCREAM!


    Okay - to all the people that have seen the movie now.. (those of u who haven't ceen it, shouldn't read unless u wish 2 spoil the movie)!! I hav 2 say that I was surprised everytime in the 2/3 fake start scenes of the movie as well as a little jumpy in 1 of them, though this movie was far more better then SCREAM 3, which I saw in the cinema).

    I have 2 recommend to all SCREAM fans 2 watch this movie on the BIG SCREEN!!! n I can't wait to buy it on Blu-Ray (I just hope it has enough Special Features with it as well as the perfect Blu Ray quality stuck to it too)!

  9.  WOW!


    At first, it seemed a little boring, though after the first few nights just when the girl starts doing a walkabout and stands besides her boyfriend for god knows how many hours, etc, etc.... it all gets all the more interesting! As for the blu-ray - I don't know much about sound quality but the picture is just about right for a blu ray which makes it just a little less than a perfect transfer from the DVD version! Enjoy!

  10.  The cheapest Blu Ray I've brought...


    Yet I'd say that it was worth the price. It may be just a tiny bit better then the actual DVD print, though its always worth it along with a half dozen extra Special Features added to it!