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Product Reviews

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  1.  Great


    This is short, EA have been lazy...but, this is just too much fun! Get a mate round, or get one online, and just have a great time! Weapon custimisation is excellent, cover system works well, AI isn't too hot, but good enough. This game could have been everything had EA not cut bits out here and there...but saying that...it really is too much fun.

  2.  Great


    Good, sturdy, well designed game pad. Granted that the Sixaxis isn't being used much yet, but that will change in the future.

  3.  Get it


    Great campaign, greater multiplayer. £29.99...get it. The graphics are top notch, (HD has to be seen to appreciated) and the enemy AI is superb. A must for a PS3 owner.

  4.  From The Demo


    I didn't buy the game, as i saw the quality of this game coming. Great characters, great story, poor controls and poor AI. This will be a great film when they get around to making it. For the die hard fans of gritty shooters (The Getaway etc) only.

  5.  Outstanding


    A blow your head off, eyes wide open, jaw dropping game. Really, really....really excellent!

  6.  Top Notch


    Brought this cable to connect my new LCD television to my PS3, and the picture is amazing! I highly recommend this cable, it looks really good quality, really well made. These cables are a must!

  7.  Excellent


    The guy below me is obviously a 360 owner, looking to bash the PS3. Anyway, the PS3 is great, i like it a lot. I have the 60GB version. I've had mine for...4 months now, and not had a single problem with it. Online works great, if you set it up right, which is obvious really. I don't have a 360, so am not going to say that it's rubbish and that the PS3 is better, but, in my opinion, the PS3 is a very good console, and i'm very happy with it.

  8.  Demo


    When i downloaded the demo from the Playstation Store, i didn't know what to expect. After playing it though, i was hooked. It's the only demo i've not deleted after playing! I'm constantly playing the demo, so the game is going to be as addictive as hell! Really good game, graphics, gameplay and the sounds of the immense battles are amazing. Lots of choice of units too, archers/cavalry/swords and shields/longswords...that's just the demo, i know for a fact that the real game is going to hold a lot more. Can't wait until November 2nd, it's going to be a great game. BUY IT!

  9.  Really, Really Good!


    This film has it all, action, comedy and quality actors. Brad Pitt as Mickey deserves an award, and you can't go wrong with Jason Statham. The writing for this film is top notch, i suggest you buy it, only £5 for a 2 disc edition...bargain!

  10.  Worth Buying!


    This film is really good, the acting has come on leaps and bounds since the 1st film. The action sequences will leave you astounded. Really good!