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  1.  Fantastic. Deserved every oscar it got.


    What can i say that hasn't already been said. My dad went to see this film at the cinema, and he told me it was excellent. He said Colin Firth was brilliant in it. I watched this the other night for the first time. It's superb. Watching Colin Firth in this, you truly believe he has a stammer. I found it a little upsetting to watch him in this... he was that convincing. He deserved the oscar for it. Every other cast member was brilliant too. Geoffrey Rush was terrific, as was Helena Bonham Carter. You really owe it to yourself to watch this film. It's first class brilliance.

  2.  Dark ballet


    When i first heard about this film, i just assumed it was a womans film. I got that wrong slightly. I like to watch films that are popular at the time, so i rented this out. It's brilliant. There's so much more to it than just ballet. Natalie Portman is stunning in the role, really fantastic actress. I she gets more roles after this. What i love about this film, is it sort of loses you in places. You lose grip with whats dream and whats reality. You will want to watch it again because it is so good. And to try and understand it a little more.
    Like i said, this is not just a ballet film, there more to it than that. It's quite dark, quite sexy. It demands a watch. I really was sucked into it. Loved it.

  3.  Superb.


    I have to be honest here, i never really watched anything of Charlie Chaplin's before. I was brought up on Laurel and Hardy. But i had seen a few of his films. I remember this film being on tv one night so i decided to give it a watch. Let me tell you, it's fantastic. Robert Downey Jr nailed the role. He has got Charlie's body language, voice, facial expressions down to a T. The story is great, seeing the ups and downs of Charlie's life. The acting from everyone is amazing, the music is wonderful. It's just a truly brilliant film, Loved it. It should be watched by everyone.

  4.  Really good.


    To be honest, i never used to be a fan of Harry Potter. When the first film came out, i was dragged to go see it. I've not read the books, just watched the films. I have to say, as the films have gone on, i've loved them. I think the first 2 i can take or leave but when Prisoner of Azkaban came out and things started getting darker. Thats when my interest peaked. Goblet of Fire is still one of my favourites.
    Now having not read the books i don't know what stuff gets left out or what. I just take the films for what they are. But looking at the size of The Deathly Hallows book, i think splitting it into 2 films is a very smart move.
    The Deathly Hallows Part 1 is a really good film. One of the things i love is how it's out of hogwarts now. The main cast are better to watch now they are older. This is another dark edition to the series. You compare this to the first, they are like totally different films. The blu-ray picture is great. The ending leaves you wanting more. What this film does is really set everything up for the explosive final battle. Even though theres a lot going on in this film, Part 2 will most likely blow this one away. Bring on july.

  5.  Christopher Nolan... Genius


    Christopher Nolan has become my favourite director. He's just so talented in what he does. He knows how to entertain the audience. Inception is one of those films that demands several views, one because it's brilliant, and two because you'll need to watch it again to fully understand it. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the film. It's one you need to sit down and really concentrate on it. What Chris Nolan has done here, is proved that an action film is not just about big explosions and ott action etc... He has shown that an action film can be really intellignet, smart and entertaining. The cast are all great. Dicaprio is as good as ever as are the rest. The picture is stunning on Blu-ray, the effects are mind blowing. The special features i can't say as i've not watched them yet.
    So if you want a really smart entertaining film that delivers, get Inception. If you want a brainless ott action film which requires no thought, watch Transformers 2.

  6.  The return of ghost face.


    I think i agree with one of the other reviews below. It's a great film, not as good as the original though, but better than the 3rd. The opening is clever but got a little tedious. Made me and my mates laugh as we were confused at the begining.
    This film is typical scream formula, you are guessing all the way through as to who the killer is. I kept picking people as the killer but as each of them got killed off, i crossed them off my list. When you do find out the killers identity, you will be surprised. I was. You won't know who it is... trust me, unless you just make a random guess. But the way the film plays out, you may think you know like i did. But you'll be proved wrong. (Just like the other 3 films). Thats what's great about the scream films. I think they are such fun to watch. The films aren't scary, they just make you jump. Really enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it yet and you're a fan then go watch it now. I give it my thumbs up. Looking forward to it's release. My moneys on a September release date. We'll see if i can guess that right. Hold on my phones ringing......

  7.  Better than GTA IV


    Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, is better than GTA IV in my opinion. Or any other GTA game for that matter. I've never completed a GTA game before. What i tend to do is start on the missions, do a few then just mess around until i get bored. Then i hardly play the game.
    With Red Dead it's different, i can't explain it, because like a few reviews have said, it's GTA in the wild west. The way the map is lay out, and the controls are very similar to GTA. So even though it pretty much is GTA in the wild west, i'm so addicted to this game. I love it. Over this last weekend, i've played it for 16 hours. I think i've completed the main story aspect of the game, but there is still loads to do. Outfits to unlock, strangers to help, poker to play, along with black jack, horse shoes, arm wrestling and more.
    The graphics are stunning, the map looks so lush and vibrant, it's so nice to just ride through on horse back. There's only one thing i don't like about this game, some of the people i've been doing missions for, have a certain time or certain point in the day before you can strat your mission. Like there was one character where you had to be there between 7am and 6pm i think, and when i arrived there it was 9pm. So unless you want to go off and do other stuff to pass the time, i didn't want to have to ride off to somewhere on the other side of the map, to then come back when the time was right. So i ended up just waiting in one spot until the time was 7am. An hour on the game is a couple of minutes i think, but if you're waiting for a mission to get going, that 10 minute wait can be really tedious. So thats my only nit pick. Other than that, it's brilliant.
    Oh, i forgot to mention theres the online lol. It's awesome. It's not like Call Of Duty for example where you just keep having matches on maps and waiting in a lobby. The online on Red Dead puts you in free roam, which is the map from the single player. Each free roam session contains 16 online players plus A.I characters. You can just do whatever you want in free roam, go shoot the online players, or go and attack a gang hideout filled with A.I characters. Or just go hunting if you really want to lol. You can form a posse, and just explore the map. Do what you want. It's such good fun. The other night me and one of my mates formed a posse, and we headed down to the Armadillo town, and there were 14 online players just holding us off from the saloon, they were on the saloon roof, opening fire on us if we got close. So we had to figure out how to get into the town undetected and take the saloon back. We did it i the end lol.
    What i love about the online, is how much freedom there is. It's like a breath of fresh air.
    If any of you out there are thinking of buying this game, go for it. Western themed games, or films for that matter have never bothered me before in the past, but i'm having a blast with this game.
    Thanks for reading, hope this helped. "Draw!!!"

  8.  Pandora on Blu-ray


    This and The Dark Knight are in my opinion the best looking blu-rays on the market. Watching AVATAR on blu-ray, is just an amazing experience, the picture is so sharp and clear. Everything looks so real and life like.
    I think this film will make blu-ray player sales go up over the next couple of months. The film really needs to be seen in this format. A bit of friendly advice to those of you who just own a dvd player at this time. Buy the blu-ray anyway beacuse you get the dvd version too on another disc. So you might as well buy the blu-ray version, because i know that in the future everyone will own a blu-ray player and if you have bought this before hand, then you can just stop watching the dvd disc, and start watching it on blu-ray.
    As a few reviews have pointed out, there are no special features what so ever. My only guess is we will get an ultimate 3d copy of it at the end of the year maybe. James Cameron said he was re-releasing AVATAR in cinemas this summer with an added 6mins, so when that version of the film is released, thats the one that will have all the special features. But for now, go out and get this blu-ray, and enjoy it. You won't regret it.

  9.  An unbiased PS3 review


    I have reviewed the xbox 360, now i will give an honset review on the PS3. This really is a great console, that can do a great deal, and is reasonably cheap compared to how much they were when they first came out. I think they were 400 pound or close to. You basically have a machine that can play games, can surf the internet, store music etc. Oh and is a blu ray player.
    One thing i have noticed with the ps3 slim, is yes its really quiet, but it seems to get a little warm, and this causes it to make a crack sound maybe after its been on for an hour or so, and after you have switched it off. The console seems fine though.
    Now if there are any of you out there that are looking for a console for online gaming, i'd say xbox 360 has the edge. You see the playstation network is free of charge, and is great for anyone who wants to play games online. But what i have noticed is, the only games that play with no problem what so ever are the ps3 exclusives. Where as games like modern warfare 2 or anything that you can get for the 360 too, play ok on the ps3 online, but the headset can cut off when talking sometimes, or the servers can be a little temperamental. The ps3 exclusives don't get this, they are always fine. If that doesn't bother any of you, then a ps3 is a good choice for online gaming as it is free, and you don't need to purchase any wireless adapters because it has wifi built into it.
    Now onto graphics. The ps3 has more power, and the use of blu ray discs can make games look amazing. The ps3 exclusives are superb quality. But games you can get for both systems, there is really no difference at all. You would have to put the 360 and ps3 on 2 tvs side by side to spot the difference... if any.
    So in a nut shell, if you want a console that has reasonable online gameplay, then the ps3 is a great choice. But if you want an online service that has more features, then a 360 is for you.
    The ps3 works out cheaper in the end as you dont require any extras to take it online ie network adapter, online subscription etc..
    And it has a blu ray player built into it too.
    So have a read of both my console reviews, to help make up your own mind. Thank you for taking the time to read. And enjoy your console.

  10.  Amazing. Just a bit of friendly advice though.


    I own both PS3 and Xbox 360, and lets get this straight. I love them both. But this review is for the 360 not the PS3. I love this machine, the way everything is setup and the service. I've just got to mention a few things to buyers though that should help you.
    I've only had this console a week so its one of the newer models, so the power brick is smaller so hopefully this should help prevent rrod, or better yet stop it altogether. But i'm a bit of a skeptic about certain things, so what i've done with mine is saved my games to my hard drive. Being a 120gb its possible to do this, then just delete games you dont play anymore to make more room if you need it. The reason i do this, is because the machine runs a lot quieter, and a lot cooler. I played modern warfare 2 the other day for about 4 hours straight, and the disc came out as cool as it was when i inserted it 4 hours before. So doing this, plus the smaller power brick should make the 360 last a long long time. If rrod still happens, then microsoft really have to sort that.
    Now another point you should know is, when i opened the box, it came with the power lead obviously, but it only supplied me with the standard av cables (red, white and yellow) no component cables at all. Now luckily i had this lead from my old 360 console so i'm using that, but had i not of had that, i'd have been really annoyed. So thats just a heads up to those of you out there who maybe purchasing their very first xbox 360 console and will be wanting it in HD. Well you will need to buy the component lead separately. The xbox consoles last year and years before it used to supply this lead, why they don't anymore i do not know. So hope this helps any of you out there thinking of buying an xbox.
    I'll just close buy saying one thing, i don't agree with the whole console war nonsense. They are all great in their own way. As i own both an xbox and a ps3 i will say this. Ok xbox live is 40 pound a year, but its a lot better. The playstation network is very good don't get me wrong but it seems that only ps3 exclusive games work really well online ie no lag, and headset doesn't cut out while talking. But games that you can get for both consoles, work so much better on xbox live.
    So there you go. Hope this review has helped any of you out.