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  1.  Turn based RPG


    I was very suprised by this game in a number of ways. Firstly the story is fanstastic and there is plenty to do in the game when its gets going! It uses the traditional turn based system for the battles used in contless other games but that is no bad thing because the battles are challenging and there are many games which try to use a fancy battle system and it just doesnt work!

    Overall this is a very old game now, but if your looking for a good solid RPG to pass the time then get this! Really this is only a 4 star game but for less than a tenner off play.com this is an absolute bargain!!!

  2.  Please give it time!


    Scanning the reviews of this game and its easy to see why a few people gave it a low score. The first half of this game is very linear and very simple both in the battles and how it is layed out. After the 1st couple of chapters in the game i can honestly say that i was very dissapointed but i am so glad i stuck with it!

    So far i am on chapter 12 (out of 13) and i am glad to say that things change massively when you hit chapter 11. The first 10 chapters are very linear and dont take very long to get through at all simply because there is nothing to sink hours into. But now that im reaching the end of the game there is simply lots of things that must be done! Ive just hit the 40h mark and i thought would of completed the game ages ago simply on the basis that the 1st disc took only 8h to complete. Main reason for this is the battles do become quite challenging and there is room for exploration.

    The graphics are self explanetry in my eyes. just beautiful and only bettered by mass effect 2! Overall stick with it because i can promise by the end of the game you will be deeply satisfied that you didnt just put this game down after 10h play.

  3.  Very enjoyable RPG


    This game is very easy to pick up and play from the get go and does not take long for you to be completely engrossed in the game for quite a long time. It plays similar to two worlds in where you can walk about the world at your leisure and kill any enemies you may come accross. There are a lot of characters to interact with with various dialogue options all superbly voice acted in my opinion.

    The Good
    this game world takes ages to explore every nook and cranny and really does pay off for the people willing to look in every bit of the map.
    the skills are neatly laid out into catagories so you can easily decide what sort of character you want to develop into. The stats are also neatly laid out and has text next to them showing how good that stat relates to into the game. For example when you first start and have low strength it will describe your character being weaker than a granny in an amwrestle which i quite liked.
    There are many side quests to do in the game all are interesting and varied which makes a nice change in an RPG.
    After a certain point in the game your character can transform into a dragon which is cool and the aerial battles are quite challenging and rewarding.

    The Bad
    When you recieve the dragon form the game world seems very very small. Almost as if they have missed out a couple of areas, altho the areas are rich with exploration and hidden caves for you to explore there doesnt appear to be many areas.
    The difficulty is increadibly frustrating!!!! not because the game is hard but because of the dodgy mechanics in the game. let me explain, for instance if you are fighting enemies a few levels higher than you, you can easily die in 2 hits for some reason, but if you fight enemies that are 4 levels lower than you then they simply cannot hurt you... even if your a wizard with no armour amd little hit points it just doesnt matter. This scaling can cause quite a few problems as i found the earlier parts of the game 10x harder than the end...
    Not really a bad point but the enemies dont respawn in this game so once they are dead thats it. You could litterally kill all enemies in the game and have nothing left to do because the land would be bare lol

    All in all this is a great game and i fully enjoyed playing it. Aside from the varied difficulty of enemies this game is fairly polished with pretty good graphics and a good amount of character customisation as well as a decent amount of exploration to be done, I just wish there was a few more hours i could put into it. The game lasted me just over 30hours to complete and that involved completing most of the side quests. Now thats its done though i dont think i would enjoy a second playthrough

  4.  Best racing game i have played....


    ....but have not played GT5 so cant compare the two.

    On to Forza 3 tho, this game is definatly the best racing game on the 360 by miles. There is just so much to do its sometimes hard to know where to start! The handling is very realistic as it was on Forza 2 and the graphics are noticably better than the 2nd which i did not think was possible. For me the biggest improvement is the in car view, this really transforms the game!!!! Took me awhile to get used to but im glad i stuck at it as you really do get a good feel like you could actually be racing that car.

    I will agree with what i read in one of the other reviews though, i thought getting a veyron at lvl 30 was a little bad, i really would of liked to of saved up for that car than get given it on a plate. Also the auto tune feature i really dont like, it basically puts the perfect mods on your car for that class so it cant be any better, thats just lazy, i like knowing what mods im putting on my car but thats just me.

    There are a lot of things im pleased with about this game, i feel its a big step up from Forza 2 and the game is MASSIVE!! there are 220 events compared with 100 in forza 2. Not a perfect game but doesnt deserve to be anything less than 5* in my opinion as there is just so much to it.

  5.  very very good! 4.5/5


    First things first the good points!
    The story in this game is excellent, certainly the best in a long while and has a few plot twists that i never saw coming, which is a very rare thing in RPG style games these days. Another plus is the battle system. It is very similar to FF12 in where the enemies are on the field in real time and you can attack when you move closer. The main difference is that you cant button mash, the battles can be extremely tactical and there is a fair bit to them to make them fun! (big must in any RPG when your faced with thousands of enemies lol) Another plus with the game is the voice acting which is consistently good from start to finish making the interaction between your characters realistic and really draws you into the game very quickly.

    Now the not so good stuff!
    The story progression is pretty linear and you usually have a few side quests to do in between the story parts. For example progress the story a bit, do 2 side quests, bit more main story then 2 more side quests... does get predictable but doesnt really take anything from the game. Also the game world is not the biggest, you can pretty much explore all of it in a few hours if you just run around not fighting any monsters which draws me onto the game length, i completed it in 36 hours and that was including 85% of the side quests.

    Overall this is a decent game which to be honest i was completely addicted to for a week. I work a 40hour job and still managed over 36hours into this game it really does draw you into the game world and you really feel for the characters. I would recommend this game to any RPG fan as its brilliant, just wish there was another 20 hours in it somewhere!

  6.  As good as the 1st!


    This film is amazing. I really loved how the story unravelled even though i knew pretty much what was going to happen because the story is already told in the previous 2 films but that doesnt take anything away from this great film. It kept me and my gf (who didnt like the previous 2 films) entertained from start to finish.

    My only gripe is that it has not got kate in this film.

  7.  not my sort of game but...


    To start off i love my RPG games and sometimes a good racing game. I have never really been a fan of the shootem up genre as they are normally pretty basic, get the biggest gun and kill everything, this game is very different....

    I bought this game on the strength of theres 143 reviews on play.com with an average of 5stars. They are not wrong this game is epic!! You start off stranded on a ship which you soon discover has been infected with alien life and your main objective is to escape alive... sounds easy, but along the way you will definatly jump a few times! The sound effects are amazing and really do help you imagine you are inside the ship fighting for your life.

    I dont want to give too much away but trust me at this low price from play.com you will not be dissapointed! Only gripe is possibly only 15-20 hours to complete the story. Other than that i can definatly see why this game was rated the best in its class!

  8.  Maybe the last true great game on ps2?


    I was a little reluctant in buying this game as i really didnt know a lot about it as i have never played any of the series prior to this.

    The first 2 1/2 possibly 3 hours to this game are very slow. It basically introduces you to the fairly complex story and what you have to do in the game. After that you really are left to your own devices, you can build relations with your allies in town, explore the dungeon or build up some of your none combat stats (such as going to school to build intelligence)

    the battles are pretty basic in their format by using just the simple turn based system as used in many RPG games. one thing you will notice is that there some of the battles offer a good level of challenge (im on normal difficulty and lost the party a few times)

    The basic plot is you have to uncover the mystery of why people are dying in the small town of Inaba, but you only have a limited amount of time to get to the truth, theres no way you can do it all in a single play through, there are multiple endings to this game and you could easily spend 100hours in getting 2 of the endings!

    The characters are typical japanese Anime style types but are all likeable and i was really laughing my head off in certain parts of the game! only downside is the annoying music throughout... other than that a brilliant title to grace the ps2 i was certainly suprised by it! definatly worth a try!

  9.  Lots of fun!


    This game is similar to midnight club, only difference is you got an entire island to explore (over 1000miles of road)

    The cars are fantastic each with their own sounds from a golf r32 to top of the range lambos as well as bikes!. You can purchase real estate to store your cars/bikes in as well. You can modify the cars as well although this is very limited.

    Quite an old game on the 360 now but can still offer a huge amount of fun and at this price buy now especially if your into racing games!

  10.  A good solid game


    As soon as i started playing the first thing i thought was "is she attacking enemies with an umbrella? what the hell?" i didnt really like it to be honest and it took me a good hour to finally get to grips with the game.

    The battle system is fantastic, it starts out where you have 5 seconds to control your character which doesnt start going down untill you move, perfect for beginners to think what to do next. By the end of it you have to act instantly and you will be combining special attacks like no-ones business. Definatly the strongest point of the game!

    The bad thing is that there is absolutly no exploration at all, you follow set paths through the story and you cant really do anything other than continue the story! not really that bad because by the end of it i had enough of just the continous battles and the story isnt great.

    Some of the characters are not really likable just annoying but the voice acting wasnt too bad. Overall its a decent enough game just doesnt have much depth. I bought it for a tenner off play and what a bargain, kept me happy for 30+ hours lol