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  1.  awesome!


    A nicely packaged collection of George Harrison's Dark Horse albums, the music is great and the re-mastering of the albums is done tastefully. There are plenty of bonus tracks and the dvd is brilliant. A must for any George fans!

  2.  awesome


    Great show, witty, funny and dramatic. A real bargain at £12.99!

  3.  colours


    I got the grey blue and red one too, instead of the one pictured. Which is why i gave it four stars not five. The jumper itself fits well (i had a medium) and isn't itchy at all infact it's quite soft. Worth the price, just a shame about the colours really

  4.  meh


    I agree with the comments about it just being full of crude one liners, weak story, weak jokes.

  5.  average


    From what i've heard from this album it's another dull one from the Kaiser Chiefs. Nothing inspiring, same old dad rock riffs with lyrics that go nowhere.

  6. Version


    Mark Ronson - CD

    28 New from  £1.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13



    This has got to be one of the most over rated bad albums of all time. The album doesn't contain much that's even slightly inventive, Covering songs that are already popular and then adding famous people to come in and do the vocal tracks. Clearly nothing but an corporate money maker, do yourself a favour and just listen to the originals.

  7.  .


    Be Kind Rewind is a great film full, the cast is great and Michel Gondry is (as always) creative and fascinating in his directing. Most of the complaints come from Jack Black fans who were expecting a comedy film and nothing else. The ending is surprisingly touching and ties well into the rest of the narrative. This is a must see for Gondry fans.

  8.  Rushmore


    If you're not familiar with Wes Anderson but you like directors like Michel Gondry, this film is for you. Rushmore is an offbeat dark comedy but like all of Wes Anderson's film's there are elements of drama in there too. It's a great film and for this price you can't lose.

  9.  ok....


    The actual mp3 player works ok but i've got several problems with it. Firstly you have to charge it through a usb port as there is no adaptor supplied. Secondly, the port that the micro sd card goes into broke and shot my card out of the mp3 player, and now it won't go back in. I wouldn't really recommend it to serious music lovers, if you want something cheap and simple then this is for you.

  10.  Brilliant


    Great album with some amazing songs like 'Nausea' and 'Think I'm in Love', the stickers that come with the album are great too. Can't wait for modern guilt!