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  1.  Very disappointing I'm afraid...


    From the offset, if you are a fan of the Horus Heresy then you might as well get this. For 3.99 you can't really complain. However, be under no illusions book 15 from Dan Abnett is probably one of the worst in the series in my opinion.

    The first 150-200 pages are a complete washout. I love books and have read pretty much everything in the fantasy genre but the first half of this book was a real chore to read. There is no shape to it. The introduction to the story is so bland and uninteresting it is untrue. The worst part about this is that you find that this actually has no impact on the rest of the novel.

    I have read the first Space Wolf trilogy by William King and I must say that he does a far better job of trying to describe the enigmatic Space Wolves Legion. I do not know what Abnett was thinking in the first half of this novel as I always thought he was a fairly decent writer. He goes way over the top in trying to overly describe certain people, places and items that simply do not need such a long description. To top this off, when you finally get to read something decent and you really want an over elaborate description, such as when you first meet the Primarch Lehman Russ, Abnett barely uses and adjective! Incredible.

    There are some good things in the latter part of this book. You get some small sense of the machinations behind the council of Nikea and the hand that Chaos plays in trying to manipulate events. However, one of the most disappointing facets of this book is the equivocal title of this work.

    Let me assure you that this book in no way covers the battle of Propspero. There may well be 10-20 pages of the main characters "account" in which he describes in a very diluted way what occurs on the planet of Magnus.

    So, all in all, you really do not see anything new of the Space Wolves or any opposite point of the great battle of Prospero. What on earth was the main point of this book then.

    Of course, you will want to read this as another part of the Horus Heresy series but, to be perfectly honest, you will not be missing anything if you do not read this book. That is tragic with the wealth of options, characters and stories available to this author.

  2.  Best HH book so far...


    I have just finished Prospero Burns and have read all the other HH series and this is the best book so far by some way. James Swallow is by far the best author the Black Library has in my opinion. In this novel he continues to write with the same authoritative prose, descriptive genius and character driven style that typifies his early works on the Blood Angels legion. He captures the might and physicality of a space marine whilst ensuring that we also see glimpses of their inner strength and somewhat emotional volatility. Nathaniel Garro is a real character to add to the Warhammer universe and one that I hope continues to be involved with the Horus Heresy in some way. Highly recommended.

  3.  awesome game


    Already played DMC1 and it was pretty good. Was really looking forward to 4 on the 360 and.....wow. Thanks to Play I got it Thursday. Very impressive indeed. The gameplay is exactly the same as the others and is still great. Graphics are awesome and rival GoW, if not better!
    All in all, if you like your action games with guns and swords and plenty of thumb blistering action this is surely one of the best out there.