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  1.  'Dances With Thundercats' - Awesome!


    There are no original stories anymore. Everything, to some degree, has been done before. So in the modern milieu it's not about if your tale is original, rather how you tell it, that counts.

    And 'Avatar' is beautifully told.

    It's basically 'Dances With Wolves' relocated to an alien world, with Thundercat-like natives and a strong enviromental message.

    Sure, the dialogue is ropey in places. Yes, it's an effects-heavy movie and the pacing could be better. But James Cameron is a master film-maker and passion for the world he's created blazes through every single frame of digitally rendered footage.

    Both the Blu-Ray and DVD transfers are absolutley stunning. 3D is a dismissable gimmick after all; you'll be pleased to hear that none of the film's sense of wonder is diminished on a half-decent 2D TV screen.

    Is 'Avatar' the greatest sci-fi film ever? Of course not. That accolade arguably goes to 'Aliens', an earlier James Cameron movie.

    'Avatar' is, however, one of the best sci-fi flicks of the last two decades and it sooooo deserves a place in your DVD / Blu-Ray collection. :-)

  2.  A very funny cult comic gem.


    Lab Rats is accessible surrealist humour set in a University science lab - kind of an adult version of 'The Beano' comic. One of those wonderful comedies that, misunderstood on it's original release, is destined to become late-night cult viewing for University students everywhere. The characters are well-written - the Deane and the scatty lab assistant are particularly funny. The jokes, on the whole, work extremely well. And the fact that every episode ends in the unfinished line "Oh, for fu-" is worth twelve quid of anyone's hard-earned! Check it out - you'll be pleasantly surprised. And to all the nay-sayers who didn't 'get it' the first time around? "Oh, for fu-"...!

  3.  Very pretty. That's about it.


    Very pretty to look at. The effects, costumes and set design are awesome. Really, really awesome! But the story is no great shakes and the music score is totally annoying and repetitive. The acting is... so-so. Quinto is good as Spock. Oh, and Kirk seems to have this odd, constant deux-ex-machina thing going on throughout the whole film. It all feels a little bit... flat, really. A bit hollow, uninspired and dull. Rent, or borrow a friend's copy first - make sure you try before you buy. It isn't anywhere near as good as 'Wrath of Khan' or 'First Contact' and you could be disappointed.

  4.  Big fun!


    Better than the first one by a long margin, but still not perfect. Once you get past the Peter Sellers thing, Martin's Clouseau is a work of genius in it's own right. The film is laugh-out-loud funny, well acted and fast-moving. The main problem is the plot, which is very slight. An eagle-eyed viewer will figure out who the villain is by the half-way point - but it doesn't necessarily detract that much from the movie. Watch it with an open mind - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

  5.  This is a total blast!!!


    Written by Kevin "Troops" Rubio, Tag and Bink's hilarious misadventures weave through all six of the Star Wars movies. These idiots are constantly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    If you like comedy science fiction and enjoy Star Wars, you really should order a copy of this comic-book.

    Watch out for the Manny Abothan joke. Wonderful...