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  1.  I love it


    The only thing I don't like about this game is that it shows how inactive I am!

    I brought this after recently putting on quite a bit of weight, and although I belong to a gym I never go as I thought I had quite an active lifestyle anyway! After using this for a 2 days I realised that this wasn't the case, and although I'm busy I'm not doing as many 'steps' as I thought. Now I feel bad everytime I think about not going to the gym, or taking the car to the local shops instead of walking.

    Its really easy to use, it talks you through the set up process which takes a matter of minutes and then you're away. Its easy to enter all your daily food intake, you can either choose from the quick entry menu, search by word, or enter your own details from the nutrional information found on most food packets. Although this last option may seem time consuming once they are in there you can select them again so becomes much quicker.

    I think the game could be a little more involved with more analysis from 'Carol' however I have only been using this a few days so maybe there is more as the game goes on.
    Overall I am very pleased with this and would recommend it to anyone looking to try and lose weight.

  2.  Excellent


    This game is absolutely excellent, was lucky to get a copy for Christmas and find it really hard to put it down. Some of the games can be a bit challenging but can be worked through. I love it.

  3.  Not bad


    This is a good therory, but in practice the game is a bit of a disappointment. The handy free pedometer is slightly large and bulky and only counts steps. Would be better designed if this counted calories as well. The game itself has some good pricipals, hints and tips, but I found it very time consuming compared to what had been promised and although it recommends you update this every day, I have found myself only using it once or twice a week.

    Overall i think this could have been a great game, but some more thought and planning should have gone into it before release.

  4.  You'll laugh and cry


    This book follows on brilliently from the previous book and is just as good. One minute you'll be laughing, the next you'll be crying. Doesn't have as many funny bits as some of the others, but I think this is because the books touches on some more serious issues, but it is excellently written and well thought out, so overall another brillient read!

  5.  Really Good


    At first I couldn't get into this one as well as the other shopaholic books, but after the first few chapters I was hooked. Things in Becky's life begin to go wrong for her, and you start to feel sorry for her, but then as usual she manages to turn everything around. Another fantastic read from Sophie Kinsella.

  6.  So funny!


    I loved this book! The next in the series after Shopaholic Abroad, this book is just as good and entertaining as the others. Becky Bloomwood is getting married and somehow ends up with 2 weddings being organised for her on both sides of the Atlantic and somehow has to choose between the two.

    I did feel that this book was more sincere and thoughtful than the others but the situations that Becky gets herself into are just as hilarious!

  7. Dogz 2

    Dogz 2

    Nintendo DS

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     Maybe its me...


    Maybe I haven't given this game enough time, but I'm not that into it. The graphics are not as good as some other types of these games (Nintendogs) and the game seems confusing.

    The only thing I do like about this game is the mini games you have to play to win items and food. They break the game up and give you a different type of game.

    Overall not bad, but not great.

  8.  Another fantastic read


    The second on the shopaholic series, I laughed, I cried and then I laughed again with this book. I finished it in 2 days as I just had to know what was going to happen next and what Becky was going to buy next.

    Highly recommended.

  9.  This is great


    This game of scrabble is exactly what it says it is.... a game of scrabble! I am addicted to it, and have managed to win a few games as well. As you play more games and get more points you unlock more characters that are hearder to beat, which makes your brian work harder.

    You can play against the computer, and you can also play against other people via the wireless link even if they don't have the game. I played my dad and beat him, then had to buy him a copy of the game!

    Excellent for long train or plane journeys, or for a quiet evening in.

  10.  Really Good


    I really liked this film, lived up to the all hype that made. Did feel that the ending was slightly rushed, however, overall an enjoyable film.