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  1.  Return to Form


    After the two previous titles in the series this is right back on form. Don't get me wrong, Legion was good and revealed more about the motivation of the Alpha Legion and why they fight, but this is right bang in the middle of the war itself, not background fluff, no matter how important.

    Its the Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Word Bearers, World Eaters and the Thousand Sons all in one book! Its the very belated entry of the Sons of Russ that makes this a read and a half. Forget the 'Spartan' Ultramarines, what really makes this book is the drunken and savage Sons of Fenris. It's like what you'd expect after a night out on the razz if you were a superhuman killing machine drunk on Wolfsmeade. Buy the book if you're any kind of military sci-fi follower. You won't be disappointed. Only slight gripe is we don't get any of the Primarch characters directly included in the book but what the heck, it makes up for it through sheer unadulterated action. Buy now

  2.  Outstanding piece of history


    This is one of the best books I have read in a long, long time, and provides the perfect companion to the television series, going into a lot more detail and showing a lot more than even the brilliant series couldn't. The men of Easy Company were a truly remarkable bunch of men, and their pivotal roles in some of the most important battles in the Western Front is amde clear.

    Read before watching the series, it will make the viewing experience better

  3.  Typical Sandler


    Watched this film with the missue who for some reason seems to think the sun shines out of this guys you know where. I may have laughed a few times during the course of the movie but it was way to little an amount to give this any credibility as a comedy.

    Why Steve Buscemi pops up in this movie I'll never know. On the whole it is homophobic in the extreme and the little dovetailed ending where Sandler says it isn't funny to laugh at homosexuals seems tacked on.

    Avoid like the plague

  4. Dune



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     Absolutely enthralling


    Quite simply one of the best sci-fi novels you are ever likely to read. The plot is fantastic, the action absorbing and the characters well created and thought out. The best in the Dune series as after this one they do get quite mislaid in what they are trying to achieve. The prequel novels are worth a read if only to find out what happened to lead us up to this novel.

    All in all a worthy addition to any bookshelf

  5.  Aha!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Quite simply one the funniest British comedy shows ever. Alan Patridge is one of the most socially inept losers ever to grace the screen. And not only is his character fantastic, the other's on screen are just as good, especially his crazy Geordie mate Mike.

    All of the Partridge stuff is pure gold, and you won't be disappointed if you buy this.

  6.  Cringetastic


    This is one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time, and knocks the pants off anything starring Adam Sandler by a country mile.

    Steve Carrell's character in this film is like Steve Coogan's in Alan Partridge. While not quite up to Coogan's level as that character he is the kind of socially inept loser that you have to learn to love.

    Anyway, I'm away off to feel up some mounds of sand

  7.  Better than Saving Private Ryan


    This has to be one of the best series I have ever seen on TV. Because of the WWII scenario and the fact that Tom Hanks was heavily involved in this it will draw comparisons with SPR, but in my opinion it doesn't deserve to be.

    SPR is not as many people would claim, the best war movie of all time. It's good, but not great, and there are better films on war out there.

    This series is however great, dealing with the experiences of one of the most elite fighting units the US army ever produced. Just pick up a copy of Ambrose's book on which this whole series is based and you will see why. In fact if you can read the book before watching the series because you will appreciate it more.

    All in all a solid five star effort.

  8.  One of the classics


    This is another of those war movies that while it may be old, still stands the test of time against some of the new kids on the block. It's the classic story of a small commando team infilitrating the lair of the Nazi's ala Guns of Navarone and basically kicking the c*** out of anything that goosesteps.

    If the body count of this movie was representative of every engagement fought in WWII then they should have just cloned Clint's character and set him loose because he pretty much wipes out a small army.

    Leaving the Ramboesque moments of Clint's character aside we still have a great turn by Richard Burton, one of the classical old school actors and a movie full of guns, gals and explosions. What's not to love?

  9.  Amazing war film


    The Dirty Dozen is quite possibly one of the best war films ever made and ranks up there with the movies released today and in many cases surpasses them.

    The story is quite unique; a team of convicts forced into a penal unit with the chance of having their necks saved(literally in most cases since they are to be hung!) if they complete a dangerous mission in occupied France.

    The cast includes a number of Hollywood heavy hitters such as Telly Savalas, Charles Bronson and the iron hard Lee Marvin as the unit's Major. The film itself is a great action movie, with plenty of gunfire at the end, but perhaps the best part of the film is the training in the middle where we see this motley band of criminals being turned into a crack fighting force by Marvin's character.

    A great war movie and at this price, definitely worth a buy.

  10.  Excellent Movie


    This is one of Paul Verhoeven's better movies, reminding us more of Total Recall than Basic Instinct, a film I just didn't get.

    The story is based on a vastly superior novel, and had Verhoeven been able to secure a greater budget to actually make the Mobile Infantry appear as they did in the book then this may have been one of the best sci-fi films you'll ever see.

    The whole Nazi-like Federation is brilliantly represented here, with that guy from Dougie Howser, child prodigy, looking swell as the psy-ops specialist in his trench-coat.

    The action is fast and furious, the heroes all square jawed GI Joe types and the ladies quite attractive on the eye, in most cases that is.

    If you just turn of your mind for most of the film and enjoy it for the slapstick no brain actioner it is then there's nothing about this movie you won't enjoy.