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  1.  blast from the past


    to be honest i dident even know this game was out till i was browsing the net 18th may 2012 and apparently it was released in on 27th of april 2010. After acquiring the game and playing it i found it to be one of the best ideas ever brought to the console. the game play is fantastic christipher lloyd as the voice of doc and a cameo voice over from the man himself micheal j fox. make this game totaly addictive. the graphics are fantastic and the puzzles are fun to solve and if there is a puzzle your having trouble with then the game as a built in hints bar you can use. the sounds of the car are exact to the movie. It gets a 5 star review score from me and a whole lotta thumbs up. You wont be dissapointed once you start playing its very hard to put it down. the only glitch it has is the controls are hard to get accurate but once you get the hang of them its all just fun . fun . fun.. i loved every minute of it so make sure its one for your shopping basket before they sell out.

  2.  shirt ripping entertainment


    Another good few episode`s.Yet again this set is displayed in a nice box for all hulk fan`s new or old like your`s truely.This set still keep`s the episode`s going strong.If you`ve tried shopping around for these classic`s you would probably like me notice how hard it`s been to find them.Id take this chance to grab the 4 series set`s as the next season comes out in september.The menu`s are kept easy & basic to use includes all the episode`s from the full 4th series.Still great entertainment & you get everything that you pay for.

  3.  a true couple of legend`s


    Im realy pleased that the incredible hulk is now on dvd.Ive been trying to get hold of thing`s from my childhood for year`s but when dvd`s came out it got harder.Im pleased as punch that the guys here at play can get hold of classic`s such as these.The late bill bixby & the still running lou ferigno are truely a couple of legend`s.The 70s bell bottom trouser`s that was don`t stop it from looking as good as they were back then.

    a nice set of dvd`s stored in a well displayed box , easy to use menu`s & one or 2 extra feature`s.I will certainly be getting series 4 to go with my other`s.Keep these classic`s coming play we wouldent be able to get hold of them without you.

  4.  a very good film


    This is a fantastic movie and well worth waiting for.Not all game based films are able to connect has well as this has.The casting was right on who plays 47 timothy olyphant plays a great version of 47. The film gives a better explaination into who he is where he comes from his training ect.

    Any fan of the hitman game/s should get this and i do also beleave that the 5th game in the franchise is currently in production. OOOhhh yes you will be mine.

  5.  going green


    I used to whatch this as a young nipper that garbage c.g.i invented green thing that was past as a film forget that.This is what you want in your dvd cupboard. I ordered this from these good guys here at play & it bought back a few childhood memorys. They certainly dont make em like they used to do they.

    Series 1 is displayed in a nice collector`s box set that contain`s 4 dvd`s in total. Disc 1/2 in one box & disc 3/4 in the other.Nice pictures on the front of the box`s of the main character`s bill bixby on box 1 & the green guy on the other.

    On the reverse side of the dvd cases are the 3-4 story`s that is contained on the disc`s & the story selector on the title menu has been made easy to use & isent complicated. If your a fan of the tv show`s of the late 70`s early 80`s that you think you`ll never be able to get hold of then put this toward your collection.

    Im getting series 2 without a doubt "i wouldent wanna make him angry".

  6.  a true classic


    Real life brothers charlie sheen & emilio estevez have joined together in this superb comedy.

    they both play garbage men & get involved in a murder through peeping on a neighbour they notice that her husband beats on her & they take it upon themselves to end their dispute.

    They decide to have a little fun & shoot him in the backside with a pellit gun.Theres comedy all the way from here when they find his body in a garbage can the next day waiting to be emptied.

    With quite alot of wit & funny one liners this is a great family comedy.

  7.  confusing


    Im unsure as to what it was i was whatching with this was it alien, preditor or a spin off from john carpenters the thing ?.Ok weve got a newly found discovery of a pyramid built yeons ago that our experditionists accidently activate.Then weve got preditors coming in doing their invisibillity bit then aliens as normal from the franchise bursting out of the hosts bodies.Heres where i got totaly lost because the preditors started killing the humans then the aliens started doing the same then the humans helped the preditors then the preditors helped the humans.Has everyone followed that so far ?.

    With enough said i dont recommend this at all & i certainly wont be whatching the next. Sorry but its bad try to avoid.

  8. Crank



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     a work of heart


    A great story from start to finnish with actionman (jason statham).A lethal injection has been placed into his body of a drug that is used to stop a horses heart.He must keep his heart pumping at a fast pace so it doesent slow down & kill him.At the same time catching up with & killing the men that did it.

    Truely brilliant action , great stunts & a fantastic story another master piece from the man himself.

  9.  nice touch


    A nice light piece of kit that is a good way to bring the feel of the arcade into your home.The pads original design was to include the rumble like the standard ps2 duel shock but i think this is alot lighter & better.

    It works well in flight games & goes together well i think with the game `lair`.Its a neat idea with enjoyable effects really simple to use with games its compatible with just tilt or turn the pad instead of button pushing or stick moving.

  10.  hits the boogyman


    This is a fantastic version of halloween made by rob zombie.Im glad he got the all clear to make a renewed more detailed story of the franchise by the man himself (john carpenter)

    This is the way the first halloween should have gone.Its a more detailed version as to why micheal went bonkers to to start off with.Hes managed to explain how micheal escapes from the mental institute he was placed in & where the mask & knife was originally stored on his return home he also explains the appearance of the mechanics suit.

    All the unanswered qustions that left you puzzled way back when halloween was released even had me scratching my head is all explained.I cant give the ins & outs to the story because i think it would spoil it.Alls i can say is if your a mickey fan then this is for your collection plonk it in your shopping cart before you leave.