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  1.  additional battery is always handy


    with all these smart phones - the battery hardly lasts on general use long which is very fustrating especially if out for day/night! So a spare battery in your back pocket when you know you will need it is a good idea :) Although at the reduced price of 12 pound on here - its a good buy but could be a bit cheaper..

  2.  Chemical brothers here we come :)


    I saw this at the cinema in London a few months ago - didnt see much of it though as we were all raving on the screen stage :) So looking forward to this 100% - so all i can say its AWESOME!!!! The start was cool with some good mixing , but died down for a few songs (i sat down to watch) - but then kicked back in and with lights off, a few beers, and Blue-ray music set high - great music DVD and spent an happy amount of time having a dance and bouncing up and down :) But a few minor points which should really put this to 4 stars (but i wont):

    1) this was advertised more as a movie - hence the cinema? there is hardly no difference between this and a normal concert dvd (i just got Faithless: Passing the Baton) which i went to see.

    2) no idea why this is only a blue-ray?????? could easily just be a dvd - and a lot cheaper!!!

    erm thats it..... if you love chemical brothers then even at 16 pound - its a must...... maybe later they will put this dvd?????

    so - if you have a blue-ray player and love CB - then go and get this..... turn the lights off..... have a few beers ;) and have a good rave to this great music blue-ray !

  3.  faithless and Brixton = Heaven


    I might be a bit biased here as i've seen Faithless quite a few times and them at Brixton a few times - but this is ace:) If ur a fan then you must get this! If you have seen them at Brixton then its just brings back so many excellent memories :)

    The song choice is a bit more mellower but never mind - have a few beers , turn lights off, ramp up the music and have a good rave :)

  4.  Inbetween rubbish and boredom!


    As a big fan of the series which is one of the most funny comedies around.... this is predictable, boring and unfunny. A few funny moments but now this is an 18 the writers could have really gone to town on this but what we get in a tame effort in the mold of Kevin & Perry Go large...... boring attempts to capture some girls at the end so that they happily live forever...... very tame effort!!!

  5.  The Lord of the Blue-Ray........


    I've just started to watch this last night and have finished the first disc of the Fellowship and all I can say is..... WOW!!!! The transer to blue-ray is fab and brings a complete new angle to the film...... this will impress anyone watching it ! You will no doubt realise why they have put this over 2 discs per film - the quality well justifies this. A few moments not so good - but that is a very minor issue. A bit of a gamble decision to use 2 discs but well worth it. For those lazy fat asses complaining about this - seriously..... go get a life... or go get some more junk food from the kitchen!!! If the rest of the discs are as good - its going to be one hell of a treat! Not sure we need all the additional stuff though and could have been priced lower. But if you can afford this - you MUST get this ...FULLSTOP!!!!

  6.  What a Job they have done with this


    With Micheal Caines other 1960's film (Zulu) - they have done a brilliant transfer on to blue-ray. Picture is A1 fab (not as good as Zulu though). Although this film has been on Tv a million times and have probably failed to watch it through all way - I actually was rivitted to the film due to the difference the blue-ray has made. This is a great film - only flaw (which is obvious) is that it is rather dated (hence only 4 starts). But overall - if you like the original then go and get this - you wont be dissappointed... I wasn't :)

  7. 300



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     Not what blue-ray was made for.....


    No idea why this is being given 4 or 5 stars..... the dvd yes - 4 or 5 start - but on blue-ray????? why you may ask... well - this has to be one of the worst transfers onto blue-ray in my collection! People who say this is a great quality picture are joking!

    It dull, graining and dark - there is NO clear crytsal quality here FULLSTOP! A previous reviewer has said this is how they filmed it. As a result this is not a blue-ray movie.

    There is no difference between dvd on an upscaler and a blue-ray here. If you like me - upgraded this movie to blue-ray then DONT! Save your money.

    If you going to get this - dont show ur mates as they will laugh until the chicken come home!

  8.  Fight you too this movie....


    10 years old and still a great movie - original and great acting. Everyone knows what thi sfilm is about so if this isnt in ur collection - why not ? A great twist in the end too......

  9.  The Dogs......


    What a great example of a cult british horror / comedy. And there are werewolves :) If u not seen this film - you should. Well worth it.

  10.  Bite me.... this is still good :)


    Over 20 years old and this is still an very enjoyable vampire move. Great story and sound-track. Its not violent but this is one film that didnt need it. A good enjoyable romp.....

    I wouldnt pay over a tenner though.