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  1.  Excellent


    This works absolutely stunning as a computer monitor I hooked it up to my macbook and it looked great. I would maybe give it a 4 star rating based on performance when I hooked it up to my Xbox 360, I didn't know what settings to put the xbox on really and I couldn't tell if it was right or not but the quality is stil very good and better than my 32 inch HDTV so generally better for xboxing, hope I can sort out the setting problem :)

  2.  May have saved the batman game franchise


    After a series of not-so-successful games including batman begins this game gives fans of batman and video game fans a like the exact thing you want to look for in a super hero game, it combines steal, action/fighting and adventure giving you plenty of things to do, fight and find in your journey through the quest in getting all the villains back to arkham asylum. The only thing i found wrong with this game was the saving function. This is because the game doesn't actually tell you when its saving, it just saves it at random points and you cannot manually save either so the way i found out was to pause and click return to last checkpoint to see where it would take me and just hope that it was not too far back which turns out to be a bit of a problem really however the game is very good the action is awesome, the graphics are top notch I would give the combat system and the graphics both 9's out of 10. A great improvement on any batman games to fall before this one. Good job Eidos.

  3.  Pants of Persia


    For me this game was as i've titled it...Pants. It was a complete let down after having played through the previous games in the series which were always fun. This one however is a lot more repetitive and I think that the idea of using the concept art style of graphics was a move in the wrong direction by the creators because it makes everything look slightly fuzzy and I just generally think it wasn't such a smart move, the story is kind of boring and there isn't really anything new that you can do that you couldn't do in the previous version. It seems like they made this game to target it at a younger audience to try and reel in a new demographic. But in the process of this i feel they may have put off a lot of the supporters of the older games in the series. Probably worth a rental or if you can grab it for around a tenner it might be worth it but i was completely let down after having paid £30 for the game. Hope this helps.

  4.  Appauling!


    This game is such a pathetic attempt to create a world war version of assassins creed and not a patch on it. This game is so bad and confusing and the graphics are not also up to scratch and it becomes very tedious trying to work out where to go and trying to stay hidden.

  5.  Awful


    I expected this to be like a futuristic prince of persia and the back of the box made the game look awesome, but fighting robots who take a tonneful of bullets before they die becomes boring and repetitive after about ten minutes play. Also sometimes it is really hard to find where your supposed to be going!

  6.  Brilliant!!


    This game you will absolutely love if you like spiderman OR Assassins Creed! Or even better if you like both of them then this game suits all your needs!! However I cannot write this review comparing playing value to how much it cost because I borrowed it off a friend and didn't pay for it myself, but it is a wicked game so far! The moves are awesome you can shape shift and all sorts of awesome stuff!



    There are so many different routes that you can take in completing any race. 75 cars for you to unlock and drive. Huge landscape, Awesome graphics, great fun to freeburn online and join races. I have to say one of the best things about this game is setting the Road Rule times on a road (basically the quickest time someone can go along a road) and then you and your friends can compete to try and own all the different roads, brings a lot more competition into the game. Me and my friend have been fighting for the record on angus wharfe for DAYS! doesnt get boring even if all you're doing is driving around getting the smash and billboard collectibles!

  8. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07

    Xbox 360

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     Brief Description


    No Leagues, Good fun with mates playing on the same screen. Terrible achievements.

  9.  Meh


    I suggest that if you want to buy this you head over to the marketplace and play the demo first. If you dont like the demo you won't like the game because it is boring and repetitive. The enemies take so much shooting to kill them and the storyline is pretty poor with no real introduction to what is going on. The review video above makes the game seem so much more smooth and better than it is while taking a gun from and enemy and killing his teammates is not all as easy as it looks as you have to shoot the hell out of them to kill them.
    Probably wouldnt want to pay more than £5 for this game if you pay more then you, like I, will be very disappointed.

  10.  Better Than Expected


    When i ordered this game i had read some pretty bad reviews but upon playing the demo multiple times i decided that for £12 this game might be worth the price i paid. When the game arrived and i first played it the outlines of the characters looked fuzzy but i wasn't fuss as the game blatently isn't trying to advertise itself to have amazing graphics. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive but the achievements are quite flowing and you unlock them at a steady pace although the last few take a lot of wandering around collecting items.