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  1.  Masterpiece of all times................


    This is a classic hit of all times. They have reached the skies in this album and far beyond. I think this is a must have album for all rock fans, and a good connoiseur of music cannot escape TEN. PEARL JAM rocks forever... This is a legendary all time classic hit album in its true sense. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes rock. They outbeat any other band in grunge.
    In fact they have always rocked and are always going to.
    Songs like Jeremy, Black, Once and Gardens are just purely rocking. I have heard most albums of Pearl Jam but TEN is incomparable to anything in grunge or rock music itself.
    Words are not enough to describe the greatness of this album. I'll only say, TEN ROCKS....

  2.  Pure Black Sabbath


    This is another one of the most awesome albums of Black Sabbath. They are truly the Gods of rock and metal. There is and never will be anyone to compare with Black Sabbath. Totally unique and always rocking, these guys are the pioneers of heavy metal and were truly the top bands in their times. I have always loved their music and this album contains Lord of this world, Sweetleaf, Into the void and other classic songs.
    One can get addicted to Black Sabbath more than anything and justifiably so because of their musicality. They are truly a band worth collecting and I would recommend to pick up all albums of Sabbath. It puts one into the Sabbath Sound and you can never leave it.
    They are a combination of great guys, all things are extraordinarily good in this band, including the vocals, the guitars, the drums, the bass, everything is awesome!!!!
    Fully recommended!!!!

  3.  Classic


    This is one of the most fantastic albums of Korn of all times in my opinion. In fact, its got some of the most rarest sounds and percussions one can hear. Korn is a mix of new age metal and pure rock. I have listened to the first five albums of korn and some other tracks and I beleive they haven't rocked as much as Issues ever. There is nothing that matches this album in the korn list. This is pure rock,instrumental, heavy metal stuff with a lot of creativity. They are truly rocking and raw. I got completely immersed in it once I heard it. I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to try some new age, metal and rock music.