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  1.  Amazing TV!


    Ordered this TV in the sale, and to get a 37 inch BRAVIA for less than 500 pounds was unheard of. I use my TV for Playstaion 3 and Blu-ray films. This delivers in both them departments, I can play all my PS3 games in 1080p now so games like FIFA, Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo look amazing.
    With my Blu-rays again I can watch in full HD and they look so crips and clear and the colour is fantastic.
    Also love how the interface is, its almost not a TV but a computer as when you press the homescreen you bring up all its sync features to sync with a Wi-Fi/ethernet network or a VAIO compute/laptop.
    I can stream images, videos and files to my BRAVIA TV through my VAIO laptop.
    The Interent TV feature requires a USB adapter to work but if you are ok with using an ethernet cable then thats another great feature, you can get youtube, iplayer, 4od and facebook on your TV
    My favourite feature is the Freeview HD, being able to watch match of the day, champions league, FA cup and international games in HD for free, just puts the icing on the cake.

  2.  Great Price, Great Quality


    Ordered this for under £20, was pulled in by the price when you have to pay good money for good quality iPod docks. Lovely finish, charges iPhone 3G, plays all tracks through the speakers. Best part being the sound quality, really loud at the same time very clear. Alarm function great, can have 2 pre-set alarms, 20 pre-set radio stations. wake up to the radio or favourite iPod track. One of the best iPod docks for its price. If your looking for quality for a great price this is it.

  3.  Really Pleased With My LG Secret


    The first thing that pulled me in on this phone was the price, for that money you are getting one of the nicest, if not thee nicest looking phone, and to have a 5Mp camera on a phone that slim is really a bonus. I recieved my phone within 4 days and ever since I got it out of the box it hasn't failed to impress me. The picture and espeacially the video quality is excellent, keypad is really easy to txt on, also the touch system is just right, sound quality is at the highest. Overall I am really pleased with this phone its my 3rd LG mobile and in my opinion I think they are making the best phones at this moment in time.

  4.  Great Buy, for the XBOX 360


    Ordered this cable for My XBOX 360 on Friday, arrived Wednesday, Couldn't believe the price when I found this one, because others I had looked for starting at £34.99. In all worked perfect for my XBOX 360 have loads of wire left, and the price is great.

  5.  Not as good as you thought it would be...


    I was really excited for this game the moment it came out, but after an hour of playing I couldn't help but notice that the game was really bad. The story was terrible, the levels themselves were so pointless. It was unlike the 2 games before which was what everyone loved, Halo 3 was a real letdown, the only good thing that is actually worth the buy is the online. that will last you a 4-6 months, the main campain 4-6 minutes.

  6.  Best FIFA so far, by miles


    I have always preferred FIFA over Pro Evo, and always gave Pro Evo a chance to prove itslef, but every time I play it, its like playing an arcade machine at the bowling alley. You can't even say the game is realistic because the way players move is still 2001 computer robot movements, FIFA uses real human movements to capture real human interactions, so Pro being more realistic is out the window, because the Players and the dynamics of the ball all are not realistic.

    Graphics FIFA wins that category by far, even though Pro Evo is on the XBOX 360 which can play games in HD, Pro Evo still looks like Play Station 2 graphics, FIFA 98 to be honest, graphics are really brutal there not fooling no one.

    FIFA is truley the better game, if you want next generation gameplay, with "real" ball dynamics, a massive choice of leagues and teams, a great manager mode, realistic and creative skills, etc.