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  1.  Gripping


    I really liked this film, It is intense and quite graphic in places and its a true story. Set in the trenches you don't see that much of the actual fighting, which would have been nice but that was not the main focus of the film.
    It is about the Australian miners who tunnelled beneath German trenches to plant explosives dealing with little air and the risk of cave ins. It is a very gripping film and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. There aren't many films about WW1 or not to my knowledge so it is makes a change from the usual WW2 films that have been done to death. I think any fan of war films will enjoy this.

  2.  Nails on a chalk board


    I don't understand how this film is so popular, i hated it from start to finish it didn't help either that i can't stand Tom Cruise and that cheesy smile of his. The main problem i had was the acting, it was so.......cheesy and homo erotic if you ask me. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but it was cringing and like nails on a chalk board for me.

  3.  worth a watch


    I wasn't sure what to make of this film, it was good but one that will fall into the abyss that is my dvd shelf and be forgotten. It has a good plot and the acting is brilliant it was nice seeing Ian Mchane in it. But it built up to an ending to that dragged the whole film down. It is worth seeing and it keeps you entertained and the girl is very creepy and really freaked me out in parts. It is better then a lot of recent movies of this type to come out.

  4.  French Zombies!!!


    An excellent film if you can get over the fact that is a French film. It has everything you could want in a zombie flick. Recently a lot of really good films have been coming out of Europe and showing the Americans how its done.
    This film keeps your heart racing as it is relentless as are the zombies. It keeps you hooked from start to finish and emmerses you in the action.

  5.  Great Sequel


    REC 2 is an amazing film as is the first one they manage to stand apart from most movies of this type and doesn't fall into the abyss of mediocrity which so many others tend to do.
    It takes the usual criteria for a zombie movie and puts its own spin on in the form of an interesting twist which is touched on in the first one. I loved this film it has a nice build up that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for that first scare. I would recomend this to anyone.

  6.  hmmmm....


    I love Resident Evil both films and games but this latest film i'm still struggling to decide whether i liked it or not.
    Firstly for a zombie film it seemed to lack the zombies as it focused mainly on Alice and her battle with the Umbrella corporation and don't get me wrong i do enjoy the stories developments but not at the cost of what the films central focus should be and that being zombies.
    I did like the fact that they incorporated aspects of the latest game with new zombies but then it excluded parts of the game which explain them. I just feel the film had a lot more potential then what it delivered and that can't be hidden with any amount of special effects and 3d cinema

  7.  Denzel did it agan


    There are very few films i will buy purely based on the actor but Denzel is one of those actors and he doesn't dissappoint. Set in a post apocalyptic world it has all the usual aspects, the desolate landscape, the roving gangs and the lone wanderer.

    I loved this film, it was completely different to what i expected. From start to finish i was hooked my brother came in about 10 mins into it just to say goodnight saw a clip of it and an hour and 40 minutes later he finally went to bed. The ending...well you'll just have to see for yourself it is a twist you wouldn't have guessed. Definately one of my favourite films to come out this year and if you don't have it you are missing out.

  8.  slow and boring


    I saw the trailer to this film and it did look very promising but it was very disappointing. The makers cashed in on the success of Chris Pine in Star Trek (this film was made before Star Trek) which i have to admit was one of the factors why i considered buying it.

    I spent the whole movie waiting for that moment where the film suddenly takes off. But it never came, it was a zombie movie without the zombies essentially it was just slow and boring i thought. which followed four people on a road trip.

  9.  hilarious


    One of the best comedies and zombie films i have ever seen. it just keeps everything simple which works so well. Where most zombie films try to do something new and outrageous which ultimately makes it look ridiculous this film doesn't so you can appreciate the horror side.

    Woody Harrelson was a great choice he is hilarious . Following 4 of the most unlikeiest of companions through the most ridiculous journey for a twinkie and a theme park. If you haven't seem it your missing out, i have watched 3 times since it was released and it still makes me laugh.

  10.  good but limited


    I did enjoy this game but i was expecting a bit more. In the end of the world games i think Fallout set the benchmark with something for everyone and every style of play, maybe thats why i didn't like it as much.

    The graphics and gameplay were brilliant, the main problems i had were that the game never really evolved you fought the same soldiers and monsters throughout. Also you had for the majority of the game a set route and were not free to explore (the limitations of the underground i suppose). I found it too short aswell.

    It was sill a very good game i just found it very limited in a time where games are opening up gameplay and freedom.