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  1.  Discreet


    This is a really good phone holder for the Galaxy S4 in the car. It grips the S4 tightly and when the phone is not in the holder i don't even know it's there. Only negative thing i will say about it is that it doesn't seem to grip the smaller sized phone tightly enough. My Girlfriend has the iphone 4 and it doesn't feel as safely fitted as the galaxy does. That being said. The iphone 4 hasn't fallen out yet.

  2.  Stylish


    This case adds a bit more style to the S4. I've had just as much compliments on the case as of the phone. Easy to pop the phone in. Hard to get it back out. It almost feels as if I'm going to break the phone by getting it out of the case. Also the other let down is that you have to have the flap open to charge the phone as there is no hole by the charging port when closed.

  3.  Smooth and bendy


    This case is bendy like a gel case but smooth like a hard plastic case so you don't have to fight with the phone to get it out of your pocket as gel covers would normally grip your clothing. This case looks nice on the phone. It doesn't bulk up the already big phone at all. But I'm only giving it a 3 star because it totally covers the the volume and power button and you have to put a bit of effort in to it when you try to press these buttons. Also to get the phone in to the case is a bit of a battle when the case is cold as the edge of the phone can stick out by it not fitting so well. I advise warming it up in your hand by bending the edges back and forth. I find it slips on better this way and none of the phone edges are on show. Good for the price though

  4.  Good buy, Keeps her quiet


    My 1.5 year old daughter loved these small books. She likes to sit there and babble as if she's reading them to me. Very cute. the back of the books are a puzzle too where you can lay them out on the floor to make a picture.

  5.  Stays hot for 1 hour


    Glad the pink one came as it was for the MRS for work.Thought it would stay hotter for longer but The MRS tested it when it arrived with boiled water and 1 hour was the result. you could probably get a better one from your local camping store

  6.  Not what it's advertised as


    In the description, it clearly states this charger is for Nokia N8 among other phones. It is not for the Nokia N8. the N8 has a small almost needle like charging plug. this is too big to fit the N8. Not worth the fuss of sending back for the price i paid so will keep it for the USB wall plug adapter.

  7.  Just what i needed


    Nice sleek style case. Easy to assemble and works great. Bought this for a Hard drive that i had in my PS3 that i won't be using anymore. So I will use the HDD for extra storage on my PC.

  8.  Will always be a great movie


    Before i watched this on blu-ray, the last time i watched this movie was on VHS. so obviously i thought the quality on the blu-ray was superb. But i lent this to my friend so he could compare the DVD with the blu-ray and he tells me they are exactly the same if you've got a blu-ray player that can upscale DVD's well enough. I still don't feel as if I've wasted my money though as i want to fill my blu-ray collection with my favorite movies.

  9.  Amazing


    If i could speak Chinese i would give this 5 stars. There are English subtitles. But that takes nothing away from the fact i think this was a great movie. Amazing fight scenes in this movie. I cant compare this to normal DVD quality as i only seen the blu-ray. But with such fast movement in the fight scene's I'm guessing this benefits more from being on blu-ray. But i can say the picture, color and sound was excellent on my PS 3.

  10.  Best Sci-fi series ever


    Watched this recently and brought back some memories. i remember watching this when it was on TV and i was 11 years old. my dad used to record it for me as it was on late at night. i remember feeling a little emptiness inside when they discontinued the series. I'm not normally one for TV series programs but this one is amazing. i always wished they would continue it but i doubt it would be the same with a different production team and different cast.