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  1.  80s Noir done right.


    This was always one of those movies that i always flicked past and never sat and watched it through, so finally the other night it was on TV and i watched it all. Its a good show, slow paced in parts but stick with it as there's a surprising twist or two. The late Raul Julia steals this with his performance as he always does, hes got such great screen presence and was an actor who died well before his time. Some beautiful scenic shots in this movie and a pretty good soundtrack. It's 80s, cocaine, good music, good cast, give it a go!

  2.  Michael Rooker is great


    One of my fav films ever. Michael Rooker won me over with his performance as Henry and the support cast were excellent. This is a great, real gritty movie that feels the way this type of movie should feel. Recommended to anyone who likes this genre.

  3.  Terrible


    Terrible Wrestlemania not even the Rock (who WWE have toned down way too much, he isnt the same) could save this event. Not worth the money avoid it at all costs.

  4.  Pretty Good


    This is a decent batman outing but nothing like mask of the phantasm and sub-zero. Keeps you guessing until the end. A decent addition to the animated movies.

  5.  Not worth the price tag.


    Nice top but maybe could have done with a size smaller. The sleeves are very long and easily wrinkled. I knew the material was going to be thin but its actually very thin which makes me question the 30.00 price tag. All in all a trendy top that you should like though you might wanna go for a size smaller than what you actually are.

  6.  Good film


    Good gritty film, shot on real locations which really made it i thought. Very good acting and definitely worth a watch.

  7.  Buy it!


    All WOW fans who appreciate good storytelling should buy this book now! The author Richard A Knaak did a splendid job detailing the characters of the WOW universe. Makes you want to read all three in one sitting its that gripping. For those who dont know its 3 books combined, the well of eternity, the demon soul and the sundering in-case you're wondering. BUY IT!

  8.  omg this hasnt been reviewed????


    You cant explain awesomeness, just listen to this album.

  9.  Old school at its best


    Just got done watching this first volume and as my first experience of the x-men i was very pleased. I remember this show as a kid from the early 90s and never managed to watch it properly always knowing it looked cool. Highly recommended, im 25 and could watch these cartoons all day over any other crap on tv these days. If you like this be sure to check out spiderman the animated series from the same time period. This is when Marvel started to get serious about their characters in cartoons and had a host of shows from this era that really kick started the marvel franchise IMO, spidey, hulk, iron man, fantastic four and ofcourse x-men.

  10.  Brilliant


    Im 25 and just got watching these after my mum lent me one to watch and i must say ive been hooked since. Just awesome tv that is much better than half the junk hollywood movies are made of.