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  1.  It's just Gran Turismo 4 with 200 "premium" cars tacked on


    I had high hopes for this game. I was blown away by Forza 3 and was expecting GT5 to blow it out the water, especially given the fact it spent 5 years in development. There are 200 "premium" cars in the game which are phenominal, but a vast majority of the game's cars genuinely seem like they're from GT4. Race in the Dodge Ram and just look at the jaggedy graphics. I was also expecting alot from the damage engine but that was one major disappointment. Top Gear Rally for the N64 honestly features better damage modelling.
    Although wholly let down by the game I do partially forgive it simply for the fact it is a great simulation. I'd definetely say that it's the smallest leap the series has seen. Why not just make all the car the so called "premium". Bring on GT6...

  2.  A must for any Gran Turismo fan!


    What an underrated game! I can't believe it only has so few reviews on here! I'm even more surprised that all of them aren't 5 stars because this truly is a brilliant game! The way the cars handle is fabulous and the sound effects are probably the best I've ever heard in a driving game! You can even be tutored by legend Tiff Needell!! The rumble feedback is so accurate and allows you to feel when the car is oversteering etc. The lack of multiplayer and online play functions is such a disappointment. The graphics are also not that great but I'll forgive it because it is the Wii. But the quality of the driving experience more than make up for these shortfalls. If it wasn't for Mario Kart I'd say it's the best racing game on the Wii. But I would say it is the best realistic racing game on the system. Bring on the forthcoming F1 game!

  3.  Great heli at a great price.


    This really is a great peice of kit, and a must for anyone who lives indoors and likes having fun (so everyone practically)!!! The constant forward motion means you can go anywhere round the house, once you mastered the controls. As other reviews say the controls are difficult at first, so don't be shocked when the helicopter shoots to the ceiling when you first use it. My girlfriend even loves it! The only downside is that the rotors (front and rear) tend to attract hairs which ends up get tangled. Otherwise a must have buy! At a tenner you can't go wrong.

  4.  Excellent Mario game.


    This game is simply great. The gameplay is fabulous and it plays just like a classic Mario game from the early 90s. The graphics are great and switching between 3d and 2d is well executed, innovative and fun.

    However, the amount of text that appears in the cut scenes is infuriating and becomes so tiresome that you end up skipping most of it anyway.

    Overall a great game which will appeal to anyone used to the originals. A must have ! ! !