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  1.  Very good.


    I replaced my creative gamer mouse with this after breaking the scroller ball, i have no problems with this mouse, except the speed button on the top. this button changes the sensitivity of the mouse and while playing games or using any programs, gets quite frustrating.
    otherwise an excellent mouse, easy to set up, good to use.

  2.  Cheap


    Was looking at the official xbox live prices, and that comes out at 40 quid, therefore saving a fiver to wait a day or 2 for delivery is free money in my eyes


  3.  WOW


    Best looking controller from any console, anywhere in the world :D

  4.  Brilliance


    Now, ill start with the bad points. The game is very like the Dark Crusade version, to be honest there isnt much change in units at all, bar the flying units been added for each team. Thats it. The game is brilliant, the introduction of the new Sisters of Battle and Dark Eldar have turned the game into a masterpiece. Although many people think the Dark Crusade game is better, I disagree and think that you should really test ride this game before turning it down. The game is alot more stable than the Dark Crusade game, and its not even easier to fight well in games. The game is more leveled out, so that low level units just dont pwn everything, and high level units still have weak points.
    A mention of the campaign, it has a new layout to the Dark Crusade campaign. It is alittle confusing, but instead of the one planet on Dark Crusade, there is now 4 on Soulstorm. Due to this, there is now 32 (i think) new maps for the Soulstorm game, which makes replay time high.
    Overall, I have been playing this game 3 days now and I think its utter brilliance.
    Would give more stars if possible, and would definetly reccomend.

  5.  Criminal Damage


    Great shirt, definetly makes you stand out, and everyone wants to see exactly what it says.
    The quality of the shirt is high and i would definetly reccomend as the pink and black go great together.
    100 Stars ++++

  6.  Funeral For A Friend


    Really is a great shirt, high quality and well made. The logo on the front is great, and if you are a fan of Funeral For A Friend, it is a must buy.

  7.  Sandisk Micro SD 2GB


    Am really happy with this. Although you can get the play.com varient which is slightly cheaper, I bought this and was so happy with it, bought another for a friend.
    Is a great way to turn your phone into a music player or camera and a cheap way to expand.
    Cannot be found anywhere cheaper, definetly reccomend to anyone.

  8.  Silk Girls Reflection Mouse Pad


    This is the first mouse pad that i have bought that actually sticks to desk without using any form of fixture. It really is great, and works very well with both types of mice.
    Plus you cant say the girl doesnt look pretty :p

    Would definetly reccomend :)

  9.  Age Of Empires: Collector's Edition


    All the age of empires realised below AOE 3. Great little box set for a person wanting to get into age of empires, as the games are brill.
    4 games for 8 quid, i wouldnt say no.

    Would definetly reccomend. Great games :)

  10.  Spa Hot Rocks


    Great product for a present, feels really nice once you have warmed the stones.
    Be careful, can get very warm, so take care once you have dried them. (They are warmed by boiling water)

    Great stones, would reccomend :)