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  1.  Ignore the bad reviews!!!


    This is a great Hitman! People are saying its not hitman anymore because you can choose to not be stealthy. But if your not stealthy you don't get get any points. Your rewarded for taking your time with each kill but if you cba you can do what you want.

  2.  Good but didn't live up to the hype


    the graphics were very impressive, the story is engaging and the cinematic are great, however the game-play is very repatative and lacks variety and can get boring after a while. The main character also isn't very likeable as i cared more about his friend barry than i did about him. The end also sort of just stopped and didn't really answer much which annoyed me a bit after 15 + hours of gameplay!. However i did enjoy it and it had a sizeable campaign, beating splinter cell by miles. If your a horror fan and love narrative based games, BUY IT!, but to be totally honest i'd rent it!! save it for a weekend in and you won't be complaining.

  3.  Dont no what the others are on about!!


    the performances from ben barnes and Rebecca hall is great but colin firth however is fantastic!, the story is very interesting but sometimes feels like there is something missing, overall really enjoyable and defiantly recommend

    P.S really great picture and the audio just as gd



    this is a great game, good story, great ending, feels so much like a movie experience, graphics as good as assassins creed, get used to the controls quickly, really good trust me!!

  5.  Entertaining but the acting let it down for me!!


    Without doubt Clint Eastwood is a great director this film is good and the subject matter is strong, nice use of humor throughout, interesting to see how his character changes throughout but!!! whenever he gets angry which is most of the time he just doesnt carry it off well, with his lip trembling and that weird smile it just looks bit over the top in certain parts but over all OK and also the kid he mentors 'Thao', his acting is terrible really laughable in parts especially when he gets angry as-well,
    This film is good but it is defiantly not up there with unforgivon or million dollar baby, this film is so overrated and has had to much hype all because its his last lead role.

  6.  VERY GOOD!! wrong advertising


    when most people see this film advertised or think of it they assume its a pure action film it isn't, its an intelligent thriller with bits of action and a great shot out near the end, beautifully shot, nice locations and great acting and the idiot bellow saying naomi watts was awful is wrong, she's a great actress. Clive owen is near to his best in this as usually he is very wooden in my opinion , but he was also great in closer and duplicity. To enjoy this film you will need patience and may need to see it twice to understand the story. But i liked it and understood it first time around

  7.  Really, good very well shot


    The camera angles are very stylish the acting in it is fantastic, in my opinion is superb, chris pine is great and ryan reynolds is amazing at the end, the soundtrack (clint mansell) is great, yes the story is confusing but watch it twice and u will get it, i loved it

    P.s its not the same director as love actually and its not british lol

  8.  OMG its so funny


    when i found out this was seth rogens lowest grossing film he had been in i was amazed as it is so good way better than 'Pineapple Express' which was pretty bad to be honest yeah it had a few laughs in over 2 hours and it made 3 times as much money ( what are the public doing) unbelievable anyway it is so good, great performance from all the cast very well done and lots of innuendo's hahaha and plus really good blu ray picture is top notch



    The graphics are not good there amazing really wow, the story is wicked and a cool cliffhanger at the end. Yes its repetitive but its so fun, defiantly with in my top 3 games i have ever played, i love it!!!!!!!

  10.  Its not Bond anymore its Jason Bourne!!!!! Why


    This isn't a bond film its a bourne film.
    1 there is hardly any classic bond music
    2 at least 2 scene are so like the bourne ultimatum the motor bike 1 at the start and the close fighting scene in the hotel room at the start
    3 there are no classic bond lines like the names bond james bond
    4 the actions scenes are good but they are so short

    Im so annoyed to right this Bad review as i love daniel craig and i love marc forster. he is a truly talented director doing films like (monsters ball, the kite runner, finding neverland) etc. There was no bond charm or humor.
    The story lacked in depth and it was also was a bit confusing
    Not good get Martin Campbell back the casino royale director