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  1.  Comedy Genius


    This movie is comedy genius. Just buy it, and enjoy it.

  2.  A Sexy Piece Of Kit


    Good looks, good features, good sound, good video, these, ladies and gentleman, are what makes the Apple Ipod touch 64gb a must have. The sexiest piece of kit you don't need but must have. By the way,did I say it was sexy????

  3.  Another Great Sony product


    As a noob to blu-ray I was looking for a cheap, entry level player with a good spec. After reading review after review of this player I parted with my hard earned cash, purchased this machine and guess what? this is better than I expected. A feature packed player which offers great sound and picture quality on blu-ray and dvd upscaling. The only downside is I will now be kissing my wages goodbye on blu-ray discs. Highly recommended.

  4.  An absolute classic.


    I saw this movie at the cinema when it first came out, and loved it so much I subsequently wore out my VHS copy of it, as I kept coming back to it again and again. Everything about it is perfect, the acting, the plot, the soundtrack by Eric Serra, everything. Its good to see a contemporary movie with which you get emotionally attached to the characters.
    Jean Reno is perfect as the assassin,Leon; Gary Oldman is as mental as ever as the corrupt DEA cop; and Natalie Portman is excellent as Matilda. Credit though must go to Luc Besson, who puts all of the parts together admirably to create a modern classic.
    Quentin Tarantino should take some time to watch this movie, if he hasn't allready, as it shows how a good movie should be made.

  5.  Top peice of software


    I have used Window Washer for nearly four years now and have never been disappointed by it. I've just upgraded to windows 7, and am pleased that webroot have brought it out for the new operating system. An essential purchase for anyone who owns a pc and surfs the net a lot.

  6. Moon



    24 New from  £5.22  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.24

     fantastic movie.


    Have just watched this and thought what a fantastic movie this is. The acting, sfx, story are all first rate. Why this was ignored at the cinema is anyones guess. Watch and enjoy.

  7.  Buy this NOW!


    I played WOW for a few months before I saw this in my local gamestore. Needless to say I have now uninstalled WOW and have spent many an hour playing what I feel is WOWs successor.
    It betters WOW in all departments graphically, socially and just the fact that it immerses you in a familiar enviroment (to lotr fans anyway)
    The only gripes I have are you are stuck with five measly bags to put trophys, tools and weapons in, and you can't make any more. The only other gripe is that when you buy the gold edition you are able to get access to horses earlier than if you bought the standard version. Surely a patch could have been made availabel to standardise things?

    Apart from these minor quibbles a top game for novices and experienced games alike.