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  1.  Great book


    Never read a book by Clive Cussler until i picked this beauty up off the shelf.

    There are a number or series of book that Clive Cussler has written. The is a Fargo adventure which is the first in a new series of books.

    Sam and Remi Fargo are one of those teams that are heard to beat and you are glad that they are together.

    Hard book to get into at the beginning but after a while it got going. Slightly boring prologue but when you get into the first few chapters you really get the go on why Clive Cussler is branded "The Grandmaster of Adventure".

    The action can really get going and leaves the reader wanting to read more and more. I couldn't put this book down and would highly recommend to anybody that has the time and the focus to get through the prologue.

    However some of the chapters can be boring but the best way of minimising this is to just stick with it and carry on reading.

    Adventure - 9/10

    Wanting to carry on reading and can't wait to get the next book in the Fargo series.

    Would highly recommend.

  2.  Great read


    Im one of those people that will only pick a book up if the front cover looks interesting. after that i proceed to the back and read the blub.

    Exactly what i did with this book. The book is different from anything that i have read before. Very dark beginning which was a little slow to begin with but soon got going for me. Interesting plot without leaving you going "when is this going to end".

    Thomas Cale, Kliest and Vague Henry all make quite a good team even though they are not a team (they are just a trio). Cale is an interesting character to follow and it leaves you wanting to know more about him at the end of the book. You can certainly tell that he is a dark character.

    The Redeemers are a dark group who leave you wanting to know more about them.

    This is a well written book which really makes you want to read on and then you come to the end of the book and are like "WHAT!!! Now ive got to wait for the next book!"

    Difficult review to write as i have just read this book for the second time and am reading through the follow up titled "The Last Four Things" and am trying to not spoil anything.

    This book is a bit dark, but has some humour in (or at least i think so).

    *Great storyline and Plot
    * Great Place to leave the book
    * Awesome characters that you want to know more about

    Great read and would highly recommend if you are into a book that is quite dark in areas.

  3.  such a laugh is so powerful sometimes


    this is a really good film, and there were definitely some laughs in this film, just like the first two films.

    more of a complicated plot, as several of my friends tod me that they found it confusing to them.

    the plot is a little unsuspecting, especially with elizabeth,

    great film worth 5 stars

    a must but for any depp fan, or for anybody wanting to collect the films

    a must buy

  4.  Great value for money :D


    this is such a good game with brilliant graphics.
    it also has a really good story line

    love the weapons and some great vehicles

    well worth £30

    recommended to everyone

    should be 1000 stars

  5.  a little poor


    i found this film pretty bad. I really like shrek one and shrek 2 and thinking that this could be an all time great when somebody has made a trilogy like star wars (episodes 4,5,6), BUT i was SADLY MISTAKEN.

    i would only recommend waiting for the price to drop, as the dvd isn't worth that much.

  6.  it was really good


    even though i own this on dvd i never have had the urge to watch this film more than once.

    The acting is brilliant and the film has a great story line

    a must buy for for people who want a little action and adventure

  7.  I love this film !!!!


    I don't know whether it is me, but this dvd is really good. Better than that, it is brilliant.

    Elliot Ness (Kevin Kostner) is such a good actor and is such a good choice to have in this film.

    This film has such a great story line, about Al Capone and trying to get him sent down.
    Brilliant acting by most actors in the film

    I recommend that this is a must buy

    should be 100 stars though

  8.  good but ...


    i prefer medal of honor heroes 1 as i think thge gameplay is better

    what this game has to offer:
    -Good solid missions which are quite difficult
    -Lengthy missions
    Excellent graphics

    what is disappointing:
    -Not enought missions ( 7 )
    -these missions can get boring

    why MOH Heroes 1 is better:
    -better gameplay
    -more missions
    -the chance for more online areas to battle

    this will NOT hold up against Medal of honor: Airborne for PS 3

    still a must buy to complete the series

  9.  fantastic


    got this for christmas and at some parts of the film are just hilarious

    a must buy if wanting to buy something to keep yourself occupied over a period of time.

  10.  good / excellent film


    i was amazed at how good this film was. i received for my birthday and just put it on my shelf and watched dust gather on it.

    went to watch it and was instantly hooked when i was just testing a DVD player.

    brilliant graphics when things happen and great storyline

    brilliant realism but too great acting