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  1.  good game


    i think that this is a good game but not perfect. the graphics arent up there with the best of the best (eg uncharted, call of duty mw2 ect)i have a gaming pc so maybe thats why im a bit dissapointed??the scenery looks good but i think the characters are pretty poor so overall they are ok. i think the storyline is fantastic and keeps you interested until the end. the multiplayer is ok but i dont think as much fun as the call of dutys or battlefields, but i havent played it too much online and i hope there is a hardcore mode for this as enemies take loads of bullets to die!!!having said that it is quite good fun and an overall worthy addition to my collection so its 4 stars from me!!

  2.  impressive


    i love this game more than the first 2 and they are also great!!!! but what does it for me is the earthquakes and tornadoes and stuff like that. i was really impressed with the graphics and how smooth it plays with allsorts of action going on......probably the most fun driving game ever!!! well done sony 5 star

  3.  wowzers


    great game and outstanding in 3d 5 stars for me!! the detail is incredible and certainly has the wow factor.

  4.  great game just give it a chance!!


    the first time i put this game on i was unsure as the level unfolded i thought....graphics arent as clear as the modern warfare games (but not too bad like some people are saying!!) but after progressing further into the campaign my opinion changed to "yeah this game is really good". online was exactly the same...at first i thought it was pants but after playing for some time i think it plays fantastic!! im not a fan of the zombies so i cant really comment on this one.......so ok admittedly the graphics arent top notch but they are far better than many other games out there, the campaign is great and im finding the online great fun too!!!! i would have give this 5 stars if the graphics were just a bit more wow factor.....people giving this game 1 star baffles me as its a very good game!!!!!(maybe just infinity ward employees????) ps i loved modern warfare 1 + 2 , waw also as well as this one so all is good!!!

  5.  good but very short


    it took me two nights of about two hours to finish so that is quite dissapointing. graphics are good and i like the way it plays . i am gonna try it online now and hope that it is as good as cod4 cos online is what makes these games so fingers crossed.

  6.  a good game!


    I dont understand why people say this game is rubbish and modern warfare is the bees knees?? apart from one being set in ww2 and one in modern times they are a very similar game. So will all you treyarch haters give them a break as i love both these games and play em alot online!!! there both fantastic games!!

  7.  Good game but too short!!!


    Good game, Great graphics. Enjoyed playing this one only let down by the fact that i finished it in around 3 hours in hard mode. Because of this it is only gettinf four stars. Cmon developers a longer game next time as £40 per 3 hours play seems a little steep to me!!!