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  1.  Better then you think


    A lot of people are saying that it's bad and boring but let me say why it's good. Firstly, it was made by a few university students which had a small budget, which means they couldn't afford to have super major special effects and if you belive in the paranormal and ghosts, then this is the right choice for you, it's creepy at times and hard to look away. As most people will say, watch it first before reading reviews and you be the judge if you like it or not.

  2.  Best shooter in my opinion


    I have been playing this game since it came out and haven't got bored of it since, mainly because playing online is fun and very unpredictable. There is a great difference with the killstreak rewards compred to the previous one and for those os you making complaints, you are wrong, to the person saying that there should be arenas for the really good players, well, there are hardcore modes which are challenging so be sure to try all modes before saying this game is rubbish and the graphics aren't bad, especially in the story mode, they are great, the controls are very easy to handle and the storyline is solid. I recommend this game to every gamer and it's worth every penny.

  3.  Great movie and great performance


    Watching this film the first time made me laugh so much. I wasn't expecting it to be that good but Seth Rogen gave his best performance as a stoner and James Franco pretty much made this film a success. The storyline is very simple and hilarious, I recommend you watch it for yourself before judging it.

  4.  The best season yet


    Season 9 is my favourite one out of the lot because it has really funny episodes. My personal favourite episode in this season is Stewroids. Each episode will have you laughing and wanting more.

  5.  Laughed all the way


    This has to be the comedy of the year, the plot is just pure gold and the acting makes it brilliant. The thing that makes this movie funny is that none of the guys remember what happened that one night and as they slowly discover what happened, that's when it gets really funny, they did things they never imagined they would do and they have huge regrets. I really recommend you watch this.

  6. 2012



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     Best disaster movie so far


    This is the kind of movie that I just couldn't miss at the cinema and as I was watching it, the special effects did keep me entertained but there were lots of parts in the movie where you see the main characters surviving a massacre of falling buildings and all sort of destruction which is obviously unlikely for anyone to survive if it was real. The storyline was very simple and easy to follow on and the cast was a good choice, although I think a few changes could have been better.

  7.  A game worth playing


    Prototype is a very gruesome and violent game which keeps you playing until you've had enough. I was quite disappointed with the graphics since they look like PS2 graphics. To me the storyline isn't particularly interesting but it's playing the game that keeps me entertained and what's great is that the whole of New York is your playground.

  8.  Fantastic movie


    I watched this movie 2 days ago and I thought that it as absolutely amazing. The storyline is very complicated, so you might have to read the plot before watching this film. It was really good to see Verne Troyer to have a serious role and Heath Ledger's performance is really great. The whole idea of Tony's transormation worked really well and this movie was written by Terry Gilliam so expect some Monty Python styled themes such as backgrounds. I would recommend you watch this film because it is really worth it and acting is really good.

  9.  Average game


    Although the game has really good graphics, the gameplay wasn't particularly enjoyable. I was expecting a really fun racing game but instead I ended up with a tough challenge. The various ammounts of vehicles which you can use are good but the bikes are the worst because they just aren't easy to handle and you end up crashing a lot. Another thing that really let me down was that the game isn't a 2 player game and I was expecting it to be since most racing games are. The first few races are easy to win but they get harder as you progress through the game.

  10.  This is a must have


    I've been playing this game for a few days now and I really like it. The graphics are so good and gameplay is fun. There are lots weapons which most have great secondary fire. Some boss fights are pretty hard but they're all fun and you get a trophie for each boss you defeat. The storyline is pretty good and is what makes the gameplay more fun.