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  1.  I liked it!


    Ok so the monsters look like plastic figures, and the acting isnt the best, but i cant help liking this film. It reminds me of the Sinbad films i used to watch as a kid. Good storyline, good characters, and overall a good film. For 2.99, its a bargain

  2.  Zombieland hits the spot


    I loved this movie. Great story, funny dialogue and a wicked cameo appearance from the king BM! Just go buy it. Im not too good with good-byes so...that'll do pig.

  3.  Mind blowing game...love it


    This is the first GOW game i have played and OMG, what a game! I played the demo and really loved it so i got the game and havent been able to put it down since. The graphics are excellent, fights are fast and furious, puzzles keep your brain ticking over, along with a great story and mindless violence it has it all. If you havent played the GOW series before i wouldnt worry, i just picked it up and played. With the GOW collection soon to be out you can catch up on the full story later. Just enjoy the game for what it is. The opening scenes were absolutely jaw-dropping, and the boss battles are just crazy. Cant big this game up enough, will go down as a PS3 classic

  4.  Intelligent book


    If like me, you seen the film advertised and wanted to try the book first then you wont be disappointed. I loved this book, really intelligent story. The way he writes it keeps you interested and i couldnt keep the book down, finished it in a few days. Your always wondering what is going to happen next, who is this guy, what did he do etc. etc. The climax really explains everything and such a good idea. Would definately recommend this book

  5.  Quite good, even only it were true!


    I found this book quite interesting. Its not 'jump out of your skin' scary but if the events told were true, it will really give you the creeps. I went into the book having read some reports it wasnt true, which may have spoilt it a bit for me. Good read though, would recommend it if your interested in spooks

  6.  Excellent!!


    Have to say i never took an interest in the series from the start, but since i watched the xmas special i thought id give it a go. Excellent comedy, with great characters, would highly recommend to anyone.

  7.  Great game!!


    I was hesitant to buy this game because of lack of reviews, but I went ahead and got it anyway and im not disappinted!! It is bascially GTA WW2 style.

    Graphics are great. Gameplay keeps you engaged, you can climb practically any building, including the eiffel tower (and basejump into a pool). Brawling, shooting and sneaking are all well executed.

    The main missions will hold your attention, but there a side missions a plenty. If you couldnt be bothered doing missions, you can go around the place and blow up Nazis cannons, petrol pumps and raid bases, which earn you contraband in which to trade for weapons, ammo, explosives etc.

    Another great thing is if you take out a Nazis sniper tower before attempting a mission, that same tower will not be there during the mission, making your getaway easier. You can be tactical.

    The only thing letting it down is the awful voice acting, but it rele doesnt bother me now.

    I would recommend this game to anyone

  8.  Brilliant....


    Absolutely fantastic!! Been a long time since ive seen Dylan live and i forgot how side splittingly funny he is. One of the funniest comedians about at the moment. Buy this, you wont regret it

  9.  Brilliant fun


    Ok, i waited until this game was at discounted price because i liked the demo but i knew it wasnt going to be a game that i could spend hours on the career mode or whatever. The graphics are excellent, it has nearly all recognised UFC figthers except Clay Guida (for clipping reasons) and controls are fairly simple to get used to. Its much more than a button basher, if your not careful you can get knocked out with one swift punch. The ground game controls take time to master but bring great success. Great game if your in the mind for a few fights