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  1.  quality lcd


    i brought this to replace my 32" sony s3000 lcd i wanted to upgrade because the blacks on my previous Sony weren't that good. AND let me tell you the difference with v5500 compared to my 2008 sony bravia s series is alest 50% improvement in colour depth, sharpness. picture quality is amazing and that's with only using standard definition, cant believes Sony have improved there picture quality in there lcds to the point that some SD material looks HD. Bravia engine 3 is a big improvement over my old Sony bravia engine 1. there is no colour bleed and no clouding this TV has too many features to list, i like the picture frame function and watching two channels at the same time, Internet widgets are a bonus but more off a gimmick, sound quality is a improvement over last years models but is average. overall this is a quality lcd and I've had a few. picture quality on all inputs is excellent and a tv should be judged on that. This lcd ticks all the boxes for the casual viewer and the gadget fan coupled by excellent build quality and a sony 3 year warranty you cant lose.

  2.  ultimate music database


    I've had this for month now and I'm so happy i brought this, its the ultimate music database, I've stored most off my music albums on to the hdd off the giga juke its so easy to use, simply put a CD in the drive press hdd transfer and its done although it copies at 4x speed which is bit slow, i find transferring music from usb stick is easier and faster and you can create music folders on your PC and this will be stored as albums on the unit. the screen is very clear and track/ albums are clearly displayed, sound quality is good for the size off the speakers and the unit allows basic adjustments off treble and bass although i would have liked to have more sound options. The unit has a database off 40,000 songs and it found all the track names and albums i put on, but you can update the units database by using a usb stick to add extra track data. The days off shuffling around the house looking for that special cd or album are now over, at a touch off a button you could be listening to Jackson five or ub40 its that simple not to mention that the dab tuner is good quality and you can record dab radio programmes to the hdd using the timer. It Evan has a ipod dock. Sony has put a lot off tech and features into this unit all tucked in a well built highly polished unit well done sony.

  3.  quality at a budget price


    ive had a few surround systems over the past 5 years from the original davs 300 to the is50 i installed and setup the Sony dz630 for a friend and was amazed at the clarity off the sound i wanted to test the 5.1 surround on this system so i put in saving private Ryan a good test for any system. I was amazed how the systems sound separation was so accurate you could hear every crackle bullet ricochet, explosion in detail the subwoofer was very intense and worked well althogh i would advise on setting it higher in the sound menu. dz630 auto calibration worked well and set all the speaker distances correctly i would still set the rear speakers at higher decibels in sound menu. inportantanly i was most impressed with the upscaled image to 1080p by the dz620 the picture quality was almost like hd. playing music through the system was average but can be improved by using the diffrent sound setting, the speakers look slim and sexy and you can wall mount them if you want, build quality is the usual high quality you expect from Sony. overall you wont be disappointed does everything you need upscales all your old DVD collection to 1080p and does it good. just 1 minor flaw is there is no optical input just analogue input.

  4.  best security software on the market


    Ive been using the Internet since 2001 and since then Ive used avg, bullguard, mcafee and Norton, Norton uses to much off your computer resources and is slow to detect viruses, mcafee wouldn't pick up more then 60% off spy ware and Trojans when downloading from bit torrents, the only security software that picked up 100% was kaspersky . Ive been using kaspersky since 2006 it updates every hour so there little chance off infection if a new virus was released kaspersky would have it in there virus database within hours were Norton/ mcafee it would be day or so to late. kaspersky uses only a fraction off your computers ram, i found Norton constantly using 30% off my ram. i will never use Norton or mcafee again they are overrated and a pain to use, most professional PC users will tell you to use kaspersky they have won many awards from PC mags and have the highest detection rates.

  5.  quality LCD


    Ive seen many lcds from many manufacturers , i own a Sony s3000 myself, i waited for some time to get that perfect TV, i skipped the w3000 as it had few issues, now that i have this TV I'm blown away with its performance, the blacks can easily rival most off the plasma in the market, there is no backlight bleed, no clouding issues like many other sets on the market. The SD picture quality is good nice vibrant colours, good detail. blue ray will blow you away picture is so detailed and sharp, whites are just as good as the blacks, Call Off Duty 4 on the ps3 is brilliant no motion blur to report and no input lag issues. Overall this set is probably the best LCD on the market and it is under £1000, i think that bravia engine 2 is a big improvement over the old engine. The only TV i would consider 2ND place would be the Panasonic LZ85 which is was considering to buy.

  6.  quality at budget price


    I installed this TV and wall mounted it for a friend, connected the ariel and auto tune kicked in, i have to say the free view picture was stunning the clarity and detail was amazing i would recommend this TV to any one looking for bravia TV at a budget price. I connected this to a ps3 and the picture in hd was excellent, also this TV accepts 1080p signals which at this price is very good many sets from LG and Hitachi cant. Also this Sony came 1st in a group test of 8 32" LCD tvs tested in the march issue off WHAT HI FI which gave a it 5 star rating , beating sets from LG, samsung, Panasonic. Ive seen many lcds from different manufacturers but i would say Sony bravia are ahead in terms off performance due to there superior picture processing technology. A LCD panel alone is nothing without the right electronics to drive the panel this is were the bravia engine improves the incoming signal and filters it
    to give that excellent picture. panasonic's v real 2 pic processing is also very good to. At £470 you cant go wrong unless your loaded with cash you could always go for the higher W and V series, but for Joe public this set will be fine consider the 37" version bit more screen and still good value.

  7.  good value


    ive been looking for a laptop for 8 months when the n38 appeared i couldn't believe the price a Sony vaio for £500. I ran down PC world and currys and they had sold out did a search online and play.com were selling it for £480 what bargain well done play.com. If you want to surf net do basic photo editing, emails and word documents this laptop will slice thro the job, it can handle basic games like rise of nations, overall a quality machine from a reputable brand and good specification list what else do you want for £480 i highly recommend