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  1.  Master Chief would be extremely proud.


    What a fantastic job they have done of remaking Halo. This game brought back a great sense of nostalgia and reminded me of how Halo - Combat Evolved was a truly revolutionary game and one of the best FPS ever. I was a bit concerned how the game would feel and look but as soon as I started playing I was delighted. It's still as good today as it was 10 years ago. Also at any time during the game you can press select to switch back to the Original graphics and with this you can really see the brillaint job they have done with the new graphics. It's well worth the 35 pound and is a must buy for true Halo fans. For anyone with a bit of doubt, I guarantee you will not be dissapointed. 5 Stars for sure.

  2.  Shockingly Poor.


    After much of the hype I decided to pay 40GBP for this game thinking it was going to be well worth it. I started off with the single player campaign. Instantly I noticed stuttering with the gameplay, this became extremely annoying as the game went on. I noticed some really poor glitches also, the worst one being where the game kind of crashed half way through the level. So, I restarted but the same thing happened again. So, ultimately I had to restart the campaign from the beginning. After about 4 or 5 hours in the campaign it ended, extremely short and a really poor ending. It does seem that DICE seem to concentrate on the Online Multiplayer experience rather than the single player perspective which is dissapointing. Shooting and aiming is OK but it's not exactly a challenge, even on the hardest setting it's so easy. Graphics are OK nothing special, they can look a bit rough sometimes though. This game looks like it's been rushed so much and DICE have left so many things wrong with it in the game. It really is shockingly poor.

    Online Mutiplayer is OK which is why I'll give it 2 stars instead of the one but even then there is problems with online play. Maps are really small and unintersting and all online missions are just a case of run and gun.

    If you're thinking about getting this game having played Battlefield 2 or COD MW2, then seriously leave this game well alone or rent it. If you haven't played Battlefield 2 then get that instead.

  3. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


    8 New from  £2.83  Free delivery

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    A year on from what was a huge step in terms of development for the Fifa Series and I am bit dissapointed. I had high hopes for Fifa 10 considering 09 was a quality game.

    I'll start with Gameplay. There is an improvement from Fifa 09 but definitely not a significanrt one. 360 Dribbling is a good addition and works really well with players like Messi, Walcott, Nani, Ronaldo and many others. Passing is a tad more refined, especially in the air passing, it feels alot better than Fifa 09. This year you have to play and think a bit more than you would of in Fifa 09. You can't just pass the ball down the wings and breeze past defenders anymore, you have to create spaces and gaps in your opponents defense. If you can't find a way through then you need to hold up the ball and pass it around for a bit until your opponent comes at you and leaves spaces for your players to run into. This can make for an excellent game of Football. Shooting has improved(Mainly the Chipping) but only marginally not too different from Fifa 09. Infact it almost is Fifa 09 but it's just been polished up a bit. That is why I am dissapointed, EA have nowhere near done enough to warrant releasing a game at £39.99 when it's basically the same as the last installment of Fifa. Manager Mode has improved but it has it's flaws. Take your Board Members for example, just say your Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool you literally have to win 38 out of 38 Premier League or you will get the sack but unlike Fifa 09 your career doesn't end there. You get the chance to build your career again but you can't just move to any club you want. You generally get an offer from a side like Hereford United or an Irish League team or a lowly based team. A word of caution, please make sure you turn off your Assistant Manager, he's useless. For instance he might possibly put an outfield player on goal! the AM really is that ridiculous.

    The Weather in Fifa this year has improved. Rain looks great and makes for a nice experience. You can actually see the rain teeming down on the pitch this year and you can also see snow more often too. There is a glitch though, if your playing the Premier League or even the German Bundesliga then you will find it generally rains most of the time. Hopefully there might be a patch for this problem.

    Now a quick word about Be-A-Pro and Virual Pro. Be-A-Pro is just as boring as last year there is no change apart from you can play at a club with your Virtual Pro. It's still just 4 Seasons with no Domestic or European Cups, just pointless international friendlies. This year you can download your own face and apply it to your Fifa Virtual Pro which is a nice little addition. You can also grow your Virtual Pro by unlocking different achievements and play online in a 10 Vs 10 Virtual Pro Match.

    Graphically there is no improvement from Fifa 09. Pitches look absolutely dreadful infact worse than Fifa 09. There is something wrong about the kits too which is dissapointing, just take Man City for Example, the light blue really does look awful. The Dynamic Lighting System in the game is quite poor. Now, I play in Tele View and and every player with long hair looks the same in Tele Cam, for example play with Werder Bremen and put Claudio Pizarro and Marcelo Moreno upfront and they both look the same.Check out players like Rene Adler(Leverkusen), Manuel Neuer(Schalke), Lucho Gonzales(Marseille) and Diego(Juventus) it looks like they all have mushroom haircuts. For some reason detail gets lost when zooming out from a player. Compared to PES 2010 it really is shameful graphically.

    Overall, it's like EA just could not be bothered. The game is not worth £40. I have to say there is also alot of bugs and glitches.

  4.  Dismal


    It really is that bad. Firstly, graphics were unacceptable, especially for a PS3 release, it looks rubbish. Gameplay is OK and seems fun at first, but soon becomes extremely repetitive. I would not recommend this game at all.

  5.  Quality Blu-Ray Transfer


    The film itself isn't that good but it is watchable, the Predator Vs. Alien Battle is great. However, the picture is absolutely brilliant. Deep blacks, Vibrant colour and bags of detail. The soundtrack which is in DTS HD Master Audio is excellent. If you have a capable amp and some decent speakers, the sound will blow you away.

  6.  Move over Ipod!!


    I got this MP3 player for Christmas. I have to say it is of a high quality. It's really small but not too small! and has a really nice black finish to it. It's extremely easy to use, transferring song's was simple, the drop down menu's are ideal. The Zen produces fantastic sound, which surprised me as it is so small, I am currently using Shure SE110 Isolating Earphones with the Zen and I am really pleased with what I hear. Video playback is excellent too, great sound and picture quality with nice colour too. It has an SD Card slot too, so I bought a 4gb SD Card and doubled my memory, brillaint. I paid alot more for an Ipod last year and it did not even come close to being as good as this Zen. Only flaw is the tiny USB cable that came with it, but I bought another USB Cable with a longer length, so problem solved.

    Easily 5 out of 5 Stars.

  7.  Dissapointing.


    I was dissapointed mainly because of the of the fact the game is based on the end of WW2. I was hoping for more modern day warfare like the last COD, it would of nice to see a Black Hawk Down type of COD. I am sick of WW2 games.

    The gameplay is fairly similar to COD4 but it does look good blowing body parts of your enemy, which is the only thing I got a slight bit of enjoyment from. Other than that, it's just like all the other boring war games based around WW2. I just can't believe they have went back to the whole World War thing. It's boring.

  8.  WALL-E!!


    I must admit i am 24 and even i liked this film not liked it loved it!, my son who is only 3 loved it even more, he giggled all the way through. Wall-e is a great loveable little character, a great storyline too with a very fitting happy ending, wall-e is all alone on planet earth until he discovers other beings and grows a loving friendship with eve(another little great character) which is touching, bless. Pixar have really excelled themselves with this film and i cannot wait to see it in blu-ray, the animation is of a very high quality. 5 Out of 5 easy! One of the animations i have ever seen.

  9.  Quality Oasis!


    Only people who want to hear Definitely Maybe will bash this album, infact everytime Oasis bring a new album out, people come out with the same old 'It's No Defintely Maybe'. Give it a rest. I love this album, Times change, Bands change and Oasis are no expection. I will give a few songs a review below. It really is that good, any genuine Oasis Fan who really loves them will appreciate this album.

    'The Shock Of Lighting' is a Pacey, energized delivery from Liam, coupled with a performance that recalls 1995's Morning Glory. As a result, probably the song most likely to find favour with fans of "vintage" Oasis. The there is Liams' first and I think best song on the album 'I'm Outta Time' which includes a sample of John Lennon's interview at the end, which gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it, it has plenty of Lennon-esque style of musicshere. 'Waiting For The Rapture' instantly reminds of The Doors 'five to one' and is Noel's third-person account of being ensnared by a predatory woman. 'The Turning' is definitely one of Oasis's most atmospheric recordings. The Moody electric piano gives way to affirmative come-ons on a series of increasingly rock-tastic choruses. Then the last track 'Soldier On' Reflective paean to perseverance oscillates soberly between a single titular mantra and bursts of keening melodica from Noel, until both dissipate, as if to leave room for closing credits. Again, in my opinion is further evidence of Oasis's new-found mature ability to create sympathetic settings for the their older more thoughtful selves. As such, a fitting conclusion.

    A stunning album overall with a more heavy rock approach which is a damn good thing! 5 outta 5 Easy! Mad fer it!

  10.  Quality!


    I have been a Kings of Leon fan since the begining and I have to say once I fully listened to this album, It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. This is defintely the defining album for the King's Of Leon, song's like 'Knocked Up' and 'On Call' have a great ghostly atmospheric sound, the album has a much more polished and cleaner sound compared to the previous offerings(All Excellent). This album shows they can change their music and create fresh new sounds, definitely a 5 out of 5 for me.