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  1.  44 minutes wasted


    Apart from the all too brief periods of great acting from John Hurt, Ray Winstone & Ian Mc Shane there is very little to recommend this film, if you are hoping for another superb film like Sexy Beast from the same writer I think you'll be disapointed.
    The storyline about revenge on a captive has been done so many times before and far better.

  2.  As a goat would say 'Baah'


    Well this was a disappointment for me, I hope the book was better. Jeff Bridges & George Clooney did the lions share of holding the film together but the meandering story just wasn't funny or interesting enough, best part of the disk is the short extras film about the real army unit story behind the book.

  3.  Could have been good..


    If you have read the description of the film on the back of the cover you'd be expecting a good film set in a fantastic location, the film has the location but sadly not the story or the acting to complement it.
    Kate Beckinsale is totally unbelievable in her role as an FBI agent, stomping around in minus 40 degrees without a hair out of place, as are the internal sets of the science station which look more like a 4 star hotel, the one actor that stands out is Tom Skerritt in his brief appearances as the doc.
    As for the quality of the Blu-ray, the extras on the disc really show the colours and brightness of Antarctica but the main film quality is average.

    'The Thing' is a far better end of the world film..

  4.  Great game, but really bad online


    Well this is a bit of a frustrating game...the single player game is a good solid affair with lots of good graphics, impressive zones to fight in, lots of weapon upgrades, good A.I. etc but its a whole different story with the online game, loads of lag (not my connection) hardly any online games and too few maps to play on, if their wanting to sell games with an multiplayer game option the've got to make sure that option works if not just stick to a good solid single player game.

  5.  Bit pricey for an average game


    For a new title on the PS3 this game has sadly missed the boat, it does have some good game play in areas but sadly not enough to recommend it as a good purchase, the graphics are average for a new title & the A.I. is poor.
    Took me 3 days to complete on hard, so for me it had no replay value at all.

  6.  Duke Nukem where are you?..


    A good light hearted game worth a punt or rental, hilarious trophies i.e. pause the game get a trophy!, some original gameplay and baddies if you liked Duke I think you'll like Matt, and don't forget "IT'S HAZARD TIME !" lol

  7.  Temporarily out of stock...hope it stays that way


    What a poor game, whole game looks like a hurried release to tie in with the film everything is wrong from the poor AI to the interaction with the scenery through to the graphics and the poor addition of the trophies.
    Took me around 4 hours on hard to finish hardly a challenge...

  8.  If you buy this your more than foolish! - rent


    How could they have got a new title so badly wrong!, well this was a let down for me, from the in game things like repetitive combining equipment and hot wiring cars to the graphic issues like 'screen tearing' (where you have things like a completely black section rather than say a landscape) and vague third person camera angles and movement controls and not to mention the numerous game crashes where you have to completely re-set the PS3.
    It took me two (frustrating!) days to get the platinum trophy and can't say it left me with any sense of achievement or want to play the game again, maybe worth a rental but avoid buying IMO.

  9.  Maybe a rental.


    Not a film I'd recommend, for most of the film I was just frustrated at the acting & actions on screen, being a long time fan of Tim Roth after seeing him in 'Made in Britain', I was so disappointed in his acting in this film I traded it in the next day. I won't spoil the story but the bit with the remote control is totally out of context with the film and just makes you feel as if they lost the plot or script.

  10. BioShock



    1 New from  £29.90  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £20.98

     IMO Still one of the best - if not the best...


    Well after playing this through on the 360, I just had to get it and give it another go on the PS3 and yes its still one of the best titles you can get if you like FPS with some role playing thrown in for good measure. Everything in this game has been well thought through from the superb graphics and soundtrack to the enemy A.I. & weapons, also the storyline is engrossing all the way through, who can't forget their first encounter with 'a little sister' ! .The PS3 version has trophy support so that gives it some more replay value plus there is downloadable content from PSN, there's also a 244 Mb downloadable upgrade for the game but it will still play if you can't wait to do it.
    If they manage to have the same quality of game in Bioshock 2 that they have achieved here that will also be a essential purchase.