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  1.  Hmmmm


    Right from the outset this looks like a big budget production, and promises an awful lot for the money. A great deal of time, money and effort have obviously gone into the cgi, effect and special sets: And there are some real visual treats for the viewer, with some top class cgi

    Unfortunately it appears that the rest of the money went to a bunch of people who didn't really know what they wanted to do with it. The script and the story line (if you could call it that) was at best weak and jerky. Action scenes would pop-up from thin air, and vanish just as quick as they came. The saving grace, outwith the cgi, (for me) was the closing credit music: Florence and the machine, "breath of life"

    Not sure what the hysterical hype was all about, quite frankly. It's good but not that good that i'd want to see it again for a while. Overall it was worth a watch for the visual effects, but if you want a "good story" this might not appeal to everyone

  2.  Immense


    This is a must have collection for fans of spy action thrillers. Seems the CIA want to put a lid on a past mistake, and will go to any lengths to make it all go away. All the films are jam-packed with fast action adventure and double dealing "operatives", which barely allows you time to catch your breath before it goes careering off once more. If Daniel Craig's Bond is your kind of thing, you'll enjoy this. Great stuff. What more can I say?

  3.  So Very Nearly


    If you haven't read the first book, this story might seem a little jerky and disjointed. If you have read it, it misses out a number of important pieces of Ender's developement and the relationship with his brother Peter. As a standalone film it is glossy, slick and nicely acted without being too much. It might have had to be longer to get all the relevant detail in, but it's still well worth a watch

  4.  Even Better...


    Seems the establishment, or more precisely the President, were not amused by the result of the 74th Hunger Games. Apparently they offered the "commons" too much hope. Now they want the winners DEAD. More unexpected twists and turns, more blood-letting, some very good action sequences. Sets the whole franchise up for the revolution in part 3. Can't wait!

  5.  Oh Yes!


    Perhaps a little slow to start with, but the story ticks along nicely right up to the selection of the Tributes. The plot becomes more obvious to the viewer as we follow them to the Capitol, a place of oppulance and luxury they could never have imagined. The Hunger Games themselves are straightforward enough - Kill or be killed, anything to survive. Loved the film and the cast. Bring on part 2

  6.  Franchise Buster


    Good to see the bugs back and getting fried, plus the cheesey TV clips we all know and love. But even loyal fans of Starship Troopers will see why this will be the last 'real actor' installment. The story is very weak, and the whole movie lacks any kind of atmosphere or drama of the first two films. If you like rubbish singing and have 'god' you might like it, if not then one word... Poor! Sadly this is a complete bomb

  7.  Utterly Brilliant


    At the price this is incredible value for nearly 9,000 minutes (c. 150 hours) of entertainment. The set comes with the TV pilot, 200+ episodes and the first film (the link between series 5 and 6). Simply put, it's so good and so much in one box that X-Files fans will be glued to their screen for weeks or months to get through them all (terrible, isn't it?)

    As you might expect from a 9 series run, there are a couple of ropey episodes; But on the whole this is a gripping and addictive program which has been rightly dubbed one of the best ever

  8. Lungs


    Florence & The Machine - CD

    25 New from  £3.63  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.53

     Just Go With The Flo


    Absolutely Incredible - The most aptly titled album ever! Florence Welch has the most incredible set of lungs, and the range and power of her voice is simply stunning. Every track is different, every track is supurbly written and performed. There are NO average songs here, they're ALL total class.

    Flo's vocals are something special and the band are very, very good. I dare anyone (except boy band fans) to say that this is not one of the best albums in the last 10-15 years. Get it, or regret it.

  9.  Action All The Way


    Resident Evil:
    Close enough, and true enough to the game that few could complain - and yet they did. Alice does the biz

    Rsident Evil: Apocalypse:
    Better than the game in so much as it's all action, and those who never played the game would really enjoy the movie. Lots of zombies, short skirts, bullets and blood

    Resident Evil: Extinction:
    By now the average 'gamer' is gonna hate this - they still live in the last century (or something?). It's a great action movie, but you know it's not over yet

    Love the movies? Good! Love the game? So play away

  10.  Alice In Her Party Dress


    Let's get it straight - Ram your olde-worlde, decrepit old game, this is an action movie; And pretty class at that. Parts 1 n 2 were both filled with great action scenes and supurb gci too, following on from the game - all be it for the viewing public, not the gamers

    Part 3 is pure action film, and will appeal to those who have followed the series so far. Here Alice is being 'followed' by the project manager, who has his own agenda, using Umbrella's resources, to perfect his goals. There are a couple of twists in the movie, and I'd recommend it to all 'Alice-fans', simply because it's great entertainment presented and done well

    Still want a game? Get Quake or Quake 2