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  1.  Better than the T.V show


    I got the box collection of these from my brother for Christmas last year. I had heard all the hype of the show being made so decided to read the first book couple of months back. Its by far one of the best reads I ever read the characters are so stong and clear and the plot is amazing too, wont give anything away you just have to read it ha. I saw a couple of episodes after reading it and it wasnt the same, the book is what you make of it in your own head and its your own fantsy. Very well done George R. R. Martin

  2.  don't look at the pages


    I don't understand why people who don't really read pick up a book and the first thing they do is look how many pages is in it???? a good read is suppose to be enjoyable not a burden. This book is one for the archives don't be put off by the pages, the story starts off with an air born disease that basically wipes out mankind, BUT that's only the first 300 pages keep reading people and everything will unfold for you. This book is a master class by King and its one of the top 20 books you should read before you die FACT.

  3. It



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     First King book it will be hard to beat :)


    I wrote a review on this a couple years back but wasn't finished the book at the time so I took it down. Now I have read all of it and I'm on "the stand" at the minute, I'm so hooked on King now that I have "under the dome" and "needful things" already bought and I'm gonna read them after The Stand, back to this book and it is an amazing read, please don't watch the film cause it does this no justice at all. The book is impossible to put down and you feel for every one of the Characters (my favorite is Ben) and the detail in which king tells the story will put your own image of how the movie was suppose to be. King is a genius :)

  4.  Cold as Ice


    I red this every night till about 3am for about 3 weeks and it was a hell of an eye opener. I am obsessed with learning about gangsters and can't get enough of them. From movies games and books I collect all of them, If you liked goodfella's The godfather and the Sopranos well then this is the book for you. Loved it.

  5.  Denzel is on fire


    I adore this film soooo much. Its based in the 50's and 60's during the Vietnam war. Denzel knows a mate who is in the war and who has access to the American planes, which he uses to flood America with heroin. Its only until he gets bigger than the mob that the police start investigating. The head detective is played by Russel Crowe ( and hence the chase is on ). Both Denzel and Crowe are amazing in this film, and in my opinion its the best gangster movie since goodfella's. What a film.

  6.  A classic


    I think the picture quality on this is very slick, I have the Sony Bravia and I have picture colour settings whacked up in the 80's. Cause as you know if you have a Bravia it shows the primary colour's beautifully. As for the sound its average but its not a tragedy if you love the film. That's why it gets 4 instead of 5 stars

  7.  good drama


    I bought this in the 3 for 2 special on the blu-ray. I had seen it before a few years back but had forgotten it. The transformation in the blu-ray is quality. as usual the picture is great but the sound in this is top notch really really loud. The plot is about a woman being awarded for the medal of honor who is played by Meg Ryan. But she is KIA and the character played by Denzel Washington has to investigate weather or not she deserves it. So he has to interview her soldiers who fought with her, but each one has a different story to tell. The movie is done mostly in flashback, but it a very entertaining war drama.

  8.  Movie of 08


    I don't really like writing a review on things when so many other people have done so already because everyone has a different opinion and rightly so. Anyway this movie in the my opinion is the best film of 2008 and by far. ( Last year it was transformers ) if you have not seen it its a must to watch before you die, heath ledger runs the whole show and it was a joy to watch his last act in style, as for the picture and sound quality on blu-ray it gets 10 out of 10. I have a sony bravia and the colour is beautiful ( heath is nearly in the sitting room with you ) whack up the sound as much as you can and sit back and enjoy. ( Did i mention heath is amazing haha )

  9.  Scary


    You must be in the right frame of mind to read this book. If your easily scared of get upset when your gold fish dies don't even bother picking this up. But in my opinion it is one of the best reads out there and if u like true crime books you will LOVE this book. I'm not saying a word about it, you just have to buy it.

  10.  Brain Candy


    I didn't like the 2003 version of this at all. But I brought my nephew to see this one in the cinema and I really enjoyed it. On Blu-Ray however its AMAZING. There isn't much of a story to this film but it doesn't matter the action scenes are amazing as is the special effects, and wait till you hear him say HULK SMAAASH. Great Blu-Ray flick