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  1.  rockinplf3. THIS MUSIC IS STILL SO RADICAL!!!


    42 Years on from when 'i'm waitin for my man' was cut it stills sounds really 'edgy', and as for 'sister ray', if you ever want music to accompany a 'crack up' this is it! 17 Minutes worth of musical mayhem that's never been bettered. I can't recommend this cd highly enough to any one who still wants to push back the boundaries. (Death metal excluded, and i wouldn't go there, i really wouldn't, for your ears sake if nothing else; metalica is the worst band in the world.)

  2.  rockinplf3, blue guitars till you're blue in the face.


    If this marathon bore fest had been only two CDs in length, Chris Rea might have pulled it off; I've only played the first 6 of the 11 and I've lost the will to play any more, I find this collection boring and self indulgent, I've now got to try and offload it on to somebody else.



    Well some of it does anyway, and this 37 minute long album still sounds as fresh as ever; i'm sure they could've fitted 'the legendary gold star /golden glass cd on this cd (which i used to have but it got nicked) to fill up its 80 minute potential. I can't understand why all this old music's so expensive, is it because it's supposed to be rare? It's all on you tube nowadays. For free.

  4.  rockinplf3 IT'S A BIT OF A DESERT BORE NOW.


    Yes, once again I bought this LP when it first came out, I used to love it, especially Janitor of Lunacy. John Pell described Nico's music as 'from beyond the grave', maybe he's chatting to her as I write? (they're both dead.) I still love 'Desert Shore' and its beckoning message, but I don't think I'd like to meet the original 'ice maiden' if I ever got to the other side.

  5. Neu!


    Neu! - CD

    18 New from  £6.96  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.72



    I bought the original LP when it came out around 1970, and now I've bought this cd. For my money the first two tracks are the best for ancient ambience, it gets a bit harsh after these, and the last track is well worth avoiding unless you like giving your nerves a hard time.

  6.  rockinplf3 ONLY 5 WORDS TO SAY MAYBE..


    A couple of nice tunes in the shape of River Man and The Cello Song.

  7.  rockinplf3 SACRILEGE!!!


    On first hearing I found this cd boring and self indulgent, there were some nice bits of guitar plucking but a lot of the stuff was reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Bert Jansch.

  8.  rockinplf3 I CAN'T TOP THAT 1st REVIEW.


    I'd just like to add that 'Mirror In The Bathroom' and 'Save It For Later' are my 2 favourite tracks.

  9.  rockinplf3. mind enhancing music.


    This cd is worth buying for Suite Judy Blue Eyes alone; there should be a degree course that young people can do on the music of the psychedelic 60s because the choice of music they have nowadays is so limited and unhealthy.

  10.  rockinplf3 words are not enough


    Words are not enough to describe this LP that came out 40 years ago. 40 years for me that have passed in the blink of an eye; this music was at the heart of psychedelia, it came out of the summer of love and can never be equalled by the indie music of today, listen to Eastern Jam and take my word for it.